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Found 6 results

  1. Hey so i downloaded a skin mod from the steam workshop and im not sure how to enable it please help me!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Hi everyone. I have a survival server with unlimited waves and I need help to improving the !guns plugin on this server. Can someone make this plugin to spend respawn tokens for some items like a currency points? With fixing values if it's possible? Thanks!
  3. Hi ! I installed the game yesterday, played it for about 3 hours. Today when I want to play it, I launch it, it says "A source engine game is required to run mods" and then closes. What's strange is that I didnt touch the game since I closed it, I didnt mod it or anything. Any idea what could it be ? Thanks
  4. -A steam workshop to push mods maps guns for nmrih. -More character models such as wemon and costum chracters mod implemnted. -A map creator for nmrih. -Solid textures so when throw a grenade u can hide behind a wall and be safe. -Zombies should be able to grab u through the doors or walls. -free or easy server creation. -Basic Ui with health bar stamina bar and infection level bar no black white health system or being able to switch between them. -thirdperson should match up with firstperson animations so it dosent look wierd. -Walking and running animation should be more realistic instead of grandma shuffling when walking or running. -should be a wall animation when comeing in contact with it such as the gun or melee wepone going off screen and hand animations if no gun or melee there. -taking cover on a wall. -zombies should just stand still if they cannot reach such as a ledge or table if there near u. -the looking animation should match up where you are looking like when your looking straight the charecter is looking down. -Zombies should be able to get knocked down. -Zombies should be able to get cut up shuch as cutting an arm off or taking a leg out. -Zombies should be able to continue fighting without a head and where the lines are for the zombie decpation on the head should not be seen. -Many more zombies models such as leapers,runners that can crawl on walls,dogs,brutes. -More guns>rocket launcher,M14 grenade launcher,mini nuke launcher,bb gun AA12-12 Guage A91-7.62x39mm L96A1-7.62mm Ak-47-7.62x39 AMT AutoMag v- .50 Caliber Apache Reevolver- .7mm Aps-5.66x29mm Fn Fal-7.62x51mm Thompson Autorifle-7.62x54mm Thompson Submachine gun- .45 Barrett M82- .50 BMG>12.7x99mm Beretta M1951- .380 Acp Beretta Model 12- 9x19mm M1911- .45 Acp Desert Eagle- .357 Magnum Alien Pistol-Energy Cells Dual Pistols< -More melee wepons>kuni knifes,energy sword,slingshot,ninja throwing stars,Sword< -More Grenades> trip mine, mines, dynimate, smoke grenade, poision grande< >Plz feal free to a more ideas to the list<
  5. i need use custom player model (using the command) from TF2 (for sniper) in NMRiH. I am try use a "Skin Chooser", but the model list is empty. What else can you advise me? sry for my English
  6. I'm looking to host a server for my friends and then whoever else wants to join. I want some mods but I'm unsure how to code for the server or if there is already mods for this involving meta or sourcemod Things I want are the following: Admin commands - IE. Kick, Ban, Voting, Slay Survivor Perks - This could be a bit tricky. I wanted to do a perk system for survivors to choose at the begining of each round and each wave (for that game mode). Something along the lines of Heavy Hitter: Melee weapons deal additional damage Athletic: Run faster and longer Packmule: Can carry an additional % of things without being weighted down Thickskinned: Health increased by an additional amount Among other perks Announcements that pop up at certain intervals( I.E Aim for the Head announced at 5 minutes, and "Share ammo and health with your allies" at 7) Is there a way I can make these happen? Or can someone assist me in making them happen?