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Found 7 results

  1. You know, I'm a huge fan of this game, but playing with same weapons, same maps over and over is getting me bored. I play this game since 2012 i think, and thru all this time i was collecting weapon addons and other fixes for this game. Some of this were made myself, some of them i downloaded here, on this forum, some of them were requested by me, and only I have it. And today, I'm going to share all addons i have for this game. The impulse to this was the fact, that my friend Templar recently made 5 more models for me, then i polished them, and ready to upload. But i also have some old addons, such as AK47, p345, silenced mac10. I had them for a while, they were made by local nmrih community member - Demo aka CougarMagnum. He allowed me to upload them to public, but i did not then, it was almost 1 year ago. Now when i got even more skins, and probably I'm not going to make or request more, here it is. The biggest addon pack for nmrih of all time. But not to waste your time, just see this video demonstation i'v done for you today: https://youtu.be/uAO5VaKl0Iw most of, and best of addons I have is shown here. Link to download bellow. Have a good time "mowing em down" with brand new weapons, if I ever have more good stuff to upload I will do so in this thread. http://www.mediafire.com/file/zwcekak4ro83wec/Flammable+NMRiH+Addon+pack+2018.rar
  2. As example i will talk about Black Mesa Source. In BMS there is command cl_mdldetailfx_enable (1 = default) If set to 1 weapon and hands getting human or alien blood decals on the model. If set to 0 no human/alien blood decals will be on weapon model. If you do the: cl_mdldetailfx_enable 0;cl_mdldetailfx_enable 1 at once, you will not disable blood decals on hands and weapons, but instead you will clean it. The problem is, when i kill first few zombies my hands and weapon is covered in blood, that's exciting feel, with each kill you have more blood on your hands. But usually i kill like thousands of infected, and my weapon model is ALWAYS in blood. What i wanna do is clean it sometimes, let's say, every new wave during NMS maps. Is there any command to switch on/off blood decals for weapons?
  3. So yesterday me and my friend were trying to make a player model for NMRiH out of Left 4 Dead 2 model. Textures working fine, animations working fine, but the body looks terrifying. This is model that we used as source And after convertating this model to nmrih we got this... As you can see, everything is wrong about her. Long scary arms, no neck, she does not stand on her feet properly, her ass is inside of her. You got what i mean. I'm asking for help fixing this model, to make her look like a normal human being, because at the moment she looks like once upon a time she got to be in car crash accident... left4dead2 model, nmrih result model, and decompilted source could be downloaded here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/o09spvf40inf8hv/nmrih_jill_wip.rar?dl=0
  4. Hi , im new nmrih fan here , yesterday I managed to change player skin now i cant figure out how to change zombie skin server side, no basic tutorial in the forum
  5. Hey Guys! So recently I was playing NMRiH, I noticed that many maps, Whenever I tried to load them, showed this message: 'Bad inline model number 53'. I dont remember the last line exactly, but i think it said 'The world did not load properly' I played for a total of nearly 9~10 hours today and received the error in about 9~10 maps that I loaded. It isn't a lot, considering the time I played, But I just wanted to let the devs know. Also the error fixed itself when I relaunched the game.
  6. recently got into modding NMRiH and did a quick model replacement. This is the "Silverballer" from the Hitman games replacing the 1911 on default animations. Already released this for L4D2 and CSS and it's still one of my favorite models, so why not? Anyway, enjoy! Download This package includes a custom subdirectory, gameinfo.txt and sound script, so be sure to make backups. (It seems the game forces sounds to load from the VPK, which is why I needed the script.)
  7. All credits goes to S-low I have just recompiled the skin to work in NMRiH. Original Game; Fallout 3 Original Authors; S-low, Bethesda Softworks, Ubisoft Notes; All the light effects are animated This is dedicated server only skin what you will need is sourcemod, metamod and sm_skinchooser_hl2dm. I will later make a tutorial how to set up sm_skinchooser_hl2dm. Download Link: http://nmrih.gamebanana.com/skins/131300 Original Link For CSS: http://s-low.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=9&sid=a340d927a63882d73ace5749eeb03c04 Let Me Know If You Would Like To See Some More Skins That Would Motivate Me To Recompile More!