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Found 12 results

  1. Screenshots and downloads at the bottom. I can't seem to upload screenshots on this website. ====================================================================== While looting the Everett Family Drugstore in Macon, some survivors found a working military radio. It would seem that the army tried to establish a safezone inside the drugstore, but got overrun. Abandoned by the National Guard, the survivors decide to hole up in the drugstore and make a final stand with the supplies the military left behind. After using the radio, they are informed the National Guard is on the way to save them, but they have countless hordes of the undead to slaughter in the meantime... ====================================================================== The map is based on a location in Georgia, Macon from The Walking Dead Game, Season 1. This survival map's difficulty is medium-hard. Strongly recommend 3-4+ players. Recommended settings: Classic Mode, Realism setting is up to the player. ====================================================================== Tips: Use the whiteboard in the Drugstore's Office to locate game important objectives. Use the few minutes you have before the horde arrives to loot the city. There are plenty of useful items to gather. You can use Mr Everett's cane to block the front door. This can keep the zombies out ! Defend the safezones. The barricade hammer is VITAL. There are plenty of barricades around the map, so MAINTAIN YOUR ZONES! Defend all the drugstore entry points and await evac. ====================================================================== Despite this being my first map, I've had an astonishing amount of help "from the shadows". This credit section is dedicated to the people who helped me during this project: Credits: Acrilyk - all Hammer work, optimization, building concepts and more Addasu, Ebon, TAWER and many more kind people for helping with testing, bugfixing and suggestions; The NMRiH discord server for answering numerous questions I had; Andra Parasca, for helping with numerous custom textures and assets; The devs of HL2 and NMRiH, for creating such brilliant games with useful preset content; And, at last, Telltale Games, for creating not only this excellent location, but also for creating The legendary Walking Dead Game. ====================================================================== I take no credit for the original concept of the Everett Drugstore. I only take credit for porting the building and the known environments to NMRiH;I also take credit for the game mechanics I came up with myself, the buildings I had to design from scratch and the custom assets created/remade. Download link (place archive contents in nmrih/nmrih/maps): https://www.mediafire.com/file/qcne23cjpfiks6b/nms_drugstore_v1.rar/file Workshop (download+screenshots): https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2320567640 Thank you for playing!
  2. !!!MAP IS IN OFFICIAL MAP LIST NOW, SO NO DOWNLOAD LINK!!! Hey guys, here is new update made by Extragamer and me. Old post: Extragamer and Drunk_Steep are busy now in real life, so I'll post their map here Screenshots : http://imgur.com/a/zP7rc Changelog: a10 a11 - Fixed bugs v1
  3. community maps

    Community NMO Map Pack [1.11] hello my fellow nmrih server operators 1.11 nmo map-pack is here with all the best nmo maps to date!! With the new 1.11 update comes with its own community update to pass community map-packs. I'm happy to compile this for server owners so they can find them all in one spot as we all know starting new servers finding adding maps testing them that takes time. Well with this map-pack there is no need to keep on looking for cool community maps to add to your server its all here Community Map Pack ---->>>> http:// https://drive.google.com/open?id=1PMuS66s9uYs2yfQk1b1RFc-C1oxZZuro add me on steam < HecticMorder > for map suggestions and updated map-packs map list: nmo_abandonment_v1 nmo_anxiety nmo_area_51_y9v2 nmo_bad_gas_3009 nmo_boowalk_2018 nmo_cold_black_b001 nmo_corpsington_1502 nmo_condemned_1094 nmo_cod_verruckt nmo_dataplace_y9v4 nmo_detroit_v3 nmo_downtown_v1 nmo_dodgeball_v5 nmo_dimension_b1 nmo_deviation nmo_emergency_2807 nmo_facility_b5 nmo_frostbite_b6_y9v19 nmo_flowingdisaster_b3_mcg_v3 nmo_genex nmo_gmihunt_ep1_v3 nmo_gmi_hunt_ep2_v2 nmo_gmi_hunt_ep3_v2 nmo_galleria_v13 nmo_ghostbuster_v1 nmo_hospitality_v2 nmo_hard_time_0802 nmo_in_the_darkv2 nmo_keystone_y9v3 nmo_khafre_v8 nmo_urbanhazard_v5 nmo_liner_static_v1 nmo_liner_dynamic_v1 nmo_mayday_v1 nmo_mansion_v1_eng nmo_miner_detour_v3 nmo_miner_detour_v11 nmo_miner_detour_v12_final nmo_ocwd_y9v2 nmo_oil_rig_v7 nmo_parish_v7 nmo_panel_0-1-2 nmo_ravenholm_v2 nmo_rockpit_v2 nmo_rigormortis nmo_resident_evil_revelation2_v4 nmo_scream_woods_v1 nmo_subside_v5 nmo_subway_troubles_y9v2 nmo_sweden1_v1 nmo_ug_lab_v2 nmo_vertigo_v12 nmo_xmas_0-1-0
  4. --Edited at 20170814 1323 Hello, I was collecting maps for the past few months, and made those files as an try-to never lose good maps, which lots are only at server HTTPs, not easily found. So, as an NMRIH server owner, I am here to present some Community Map Packs, for server owners. Game version ****Thanks to Yomox9, because if isn't for him, this pack wouldn't be here. The official download link is follow: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0BxFQ19JuGfrjQmp4TUMxNzgwU2c It has 188 maps, includes the default maps for that version, 2344 MB into Peazip 7z ultra, which turns to 6.8 GB. The full map list is Anyway, if you don't want 188 maps, there is my own server packs, It has 71 maps, with total 927 MB compacted into Peazip 7z ultra: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0BxFQ19JuGfrjdkkzTUFYZ3FZX00 Download those: "Advanced Packs/NMRIH BRMateus2 Map Pack 1 - 41 maps ALL, FOR OWNERS.7z" "Advanced Packs/NMRIH BRMateus2 Map Pack 2.0 - 22 maps SMALL.7z" "NMRIH BRMateus2 Map Pack 2.1 - 6 maps ONLY TOO-BIG.7z" "NMRIH BRMateus2 Map Pack 2.2 - 2 maps ONLY TOO-BIG.7z" Auxiliary Mirror, ONLY if needed: (Yomox9) https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B9Zk_0HKMKNsdlAteHJxa3JiVW8
  5. Announcement As the darkness comes nearer and halloween approaches slower than ever i finally present you my map nmo_shelter. This map will be part of a campaign and i hope to release more maps in the near future with the same concept of having a shelter to it. I do really intend them to be connected in one way or another. The link is at the bottom if you don't want to read through all of this Previous post with some screenshots of progress: Concept and making of I tried making some stuff for the past 2 - 3 years now, but i didn't really have the time nor motivation to do so and i was just fucking around in hammer without having the intention to actually finish a map. I never thought i would be able to make a map as i didn't took mapping very seriously, but that kinda changed in the last half year - year. That's when i really got hooked onto mapping and started getting help to become a better map, so i asked mainly Nay0r and some other cool guys for help and i got this amazing guy called Atheist to help me with my map and i'm really grateful for the help so to say. That's when i mainly started changing my mindset on how to become better and smarter in life overall. If anyone is curious, this is kinda the progress of the last 3 years, it contains screenshots of all my projects and really comes to showcase how i have grown over the course. (see spoiler at the bottom) Story This map's story is basically you and 7 other survivors hide in a world war 2 shelter in Europe, to be specific in Belgium Wallonia at the border with France and you try to get from an old bomb shelter to a nuclear plant, but you encounter some problems on your way to the nuclear plant in order to destroy certain parts of the world which don't hold any survivors at all. Your only cure in order to survive is to get asap to the nuclear plant and nuke large parts of the world in order to save the world as the world slowly decays into madness. It is stated that you are in the year of 2042 and the apocalypse started 5 years ago when all the governments collapsed and suddenly someone thought he had made a medicine to cure everyone from every disease, but instead of curing it infected most of the people, they had tested the medicine on animals. Everything seemed to be in order at first glance, but as they tried it on a human, at first glance it worked perfectly, but after several months the medicine started to mutate with the brain cells and caused an effect which turned him into a zombie. Several months had passed and suddenly every city would collapse in no time and 4 years later from that point in 2042 the normal population was merely < 1000. Main areas and screenshots In this map you basically have 5 main areas: the shelter (old underground hideout that was made in the 2nd world war), the courtyard with a lot of children, the factory + the maintenance tunnels, the submain sewers and the arena + connector hall. The Shelter + courtyard: https://imgur.com/a/JPqFh The warehouse +the maintenance tunnels https://imgur.com/a/2TWMf The submain sewers https://imgur.com/a/c2OmC The arena + connector hall https://imgur.com/a/PnxDz Download link (gamebanana) https://gamebanana.com/maps/197278 (for a zipped file) Credits Special thanks to: Atheist for helping me make the map reality Nay0r for being awesome in general and helping me with level design clutter Durkhaz for giving out free vmfs for me to learn from Kevin for being the greatest playtester there is, you truly rock Jake for being jake i guess Mabalina for taking care of the baby (prop in game, in case people are getting confused) Der Vampir for playtesting yet another map Chris teh Clue for giving me clues Porkchops servers, ??? servers and dr's server for letting me playtest my map and basically anyone who helped me making this map become reality: Bab, Soulbrother99, Bobschke, Fiona, Zombie, Sammy, Blazzestrike, Green riding hood, Evie, Freud's cat, Sophia, Ping, Lilayy, Merzarime, SPLINTERMAX and everyone else enjoying or playing the map through one of these earlier mentioned servers.
  6. Hey, this is my first map, hope u will enjoy it! Screenshots: http://imgur.com/a/N6ue8 Map has 3 different places where u can extract, so be carefull! v2 Changelog: v4 Where is version 3? I gave v3 to my friend to test it, and he accidentally uploaded it on his own server, so some people could have third version. Changelog: v5 Changelog: Big thanks to all, who helped me!!! Map is available in NMRiH workshop
  7. I am repeatedly getting the map not found error. Is there a patch r download for maps I may not have downloaded? Thanks in advance.
  8. The map starts you out hunting , you start out in a truck driving to the hunting destination , the truck is having problems but no big deal (Foreshadowing) , once you park you have a choice between a Bow or rifle (Maybe a crossbow if that gets added) (I know you can't hunt with a bow and rifle in the same season , this is just my idea of a choice.) You walk a little bit and get up in a tree stand , you're waiting and then a deer comes up to the feeding hole . you shoot it and track it , once you get up to the deer there's a zombie eating it , you kill the zombie and depending on if you used a bow or not the gunshot attracts more along the way back , once you get back to your truck you listen to the radio and hear the news about the outbreak. You try to start the truck and it doesn't start so you have to go on foot. You encounter zombies in the forest until you get to a road , the road has a gas station and you can go in for supplies , you continue down the road until you stumble into a town which is pretty overrun but manageable. Not sure what the objective could be after this but I had that idea in my head and thought it would be cool , maybe when I get more time I'll finish the objectives and story parts.
  9. Hi there I have downloaded the community maps from here: http://www.nomoreroominhell.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=10623 (Compiled lasdist of 1.07 communasasdasdity maps) My problem is that when I changelevel to one of those, players are just kicked because they don't habe the map. (I remember that in CS the server automatically download dlls, maps, etc when the player didn't have them in their pcs). Is it there anyway to enable this? so that if the players doesn't have the map, they can just download it from the server? Thanks in advanced!
  10. I was thinking maybe a survival map based on an off-shore oil rig, players have to survive until a boat comes to pick them up? The oil rig would be disused but some survivors used it as a safe haven, in the hope that the infected wouldn't be able to get to them from the mainland. Unfortunately for them a single infected got onto the rig and turned the whole populous. Could have some nice little physics based events in there like a crane that can pick up containers and drop them on groups of zombies (and other players if they are stupid enough). It would be kind of like that bit in HL2 where you have to use the electromagnet crane to build a bridge in order to traverse the huge gap between ports. [not sure how feasible this idea is] Naturally the existing fire trap mechanisms could be also used in tighter areas of the map. I think that because oil rigs are multi-storey, this could make it a very interesting yet difficult map to survive!
  11. Post your abandoned projects here, with screenshots, videos, details, and the reason why you abandoned the project. Map: nmo_labofdecay Type: Objective Players: 8 (suggested 4 to 5) Objectives: Locate the Shadow, Eliminate the Shadow, Escape lab before self destruct system goes off. Size: Small Time: 5 to 10 minutes estimated Description: Reason For Abandonment: Scaling issues, nav issues, objective problems, lack of interest, felt was a waste of time. Screenshots: Videos: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=12Jvt4upg2w&feature=youtu.be -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  12. These are a few safe-spots that I found that I think should be taken care of.