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Found 37 results

  1. - cop zombies - gun jams - airport map - fast zombies can catch up to you - another kid zombie model hopefully you will like it
  2. I've got my own dedicated server up and running, it's smooth and works 100% good so far. I have sourcemod installed and everything else I need. But I want to host and play custom NMRIH maps on my server. I've got a 3rd party redirect link, I uploaded the files straight to the host from their website (x10 hosting) I don't know if that may be a problem. I've followed about 10+ tutorials and can't seem to get it right. I compress the map files, put them in my host, and then put the direct url into the server.cfg. And to to test it as if someone new was joining, I join and it downloads all 3 parts of the map really quickly then it disconnects me and gives me the Map Missing error. I would really appreciate any help with getting my custom maps working. I've tried all types of different things and fixes for hours and am just tired of it. I just really need some expert advice. Any help at all is extremely appreciated. Thanks.
  3. Records and display winrate stats for every map played in a NMRiH server, inspired by Dayonn_dayonn, uses SQL threaded queries in order to avoid crashes and solves lots of bugs from before. Code needed to be clean and tidy, so this is a full recode from previous plugin. Download for server operators: https://forums.alliedmods.net/showthread.php?t=326707
  4. You are the sole survivor of a group of people in your apartment block, can you fight your way through hordes of undead to escape this claustrophobic environment? Download: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2051054423
  5. community maps

    Community NMO Map Pack [1.11] hello my fellow nmrih server operators 1.11 nmo map-pack is here with all the best nmo maps to date!! With the new 1.11 update comes with its own community update to pass community map-packs. I'm happy to compile this for server owners so they can find them all in one spot as we all know starting new servers finding adding maps testing them that takes time. Well with this map-pack there is no need to keep on looking for cool community maps to add to your server its all here Community Map Pack ---->>>> http:// https://drive.google.com/open?id=1PMuS66s9uYs2yfQk1b1RFc-C1oxZZuro add me on steam < HecticMorder > for map suggestions and updated map-packs map list: nmo_abandonment_v1 nmo_anxiety nmo_area_51_y9v2 nmo_bad_gas_3009 nmo_boowalk_2018 nmo_cold_black_b001 nmo_corpsington_1502 nmo_condemned_1094 nmo_cod_verruckt nmo_dataplace_y9v4 nmo_detroit_v3 nmo_downtown_v1 nmo_dodgeball_v5 nmo_dimension_b1 nmo_deviation nmo_emergency_2807 nmo_facility_b5 nmo_frostbite_b6_y9v19 nmo_flowingdisaster_b3_mcg_v3 nmo_genex nmo_gmihunt_ep1_v3 nmo_gmi_hunt_ep2_v2 nmo_gmi_hunt_ep3_v2 nmo_galleria_v13 nmo_ghostbuster_v1 nmo_hospitality_v2 nmo_hard_time_0802 nmo_in_the_darkv2 nmo_keystone_y9v3 nmo_khafre_v8 nmo_urbanhazard_v5 nmo_liner_static_v1 nmo_liner_dynamic_v1 nmo_mayday_v1 nmo_mansion_v1_eng nmo_miner_detour_v3 nmo_miner_detour_v11 nmo_miner_detour_v12_final nmo_ocwd_y9v2 nmo_oil_rig_v7 nmo_parish_v7 nmo_panel_0-1-2 nmo_ravenholm_v2 nmo_rockpit_v2 nmo_rigormortis nmo_resident_evil_revelation2_v4 nmo_scream_woods_v1 nmo_subside_v5 nmo_subway_troubles_y9v2 nmo_sweden1_v1 nmo_ug_lab_v2 nmo_vertigo_v12 nmo_xmas_0-1-0
  6. My Letter - "To include in my workshop maps description" This is not a farewell letter, people asked why certain map links from gamebanana concerning to me were down and it is my duty to answer correctly with the truth: Some of you might know that my map titled "Vertigo" was selected to be part of the official update for this game, but without any warning i found out that this wasn't truth and DEV team decided to remove this map without considering the time that i spent on it, the effort i put to it, the changes i made to it (and was willing to keep doing if necessary), so probably everyone would feel betrayed like me at this point. In a certain way i felt that their decision was correct because of the lack of organization and empathy with their custom mappers, so i concluded that i do not deserve a treatment like this. Clearly, if i could go back in time, i would never create a map for this game again, but that is not possible and players that loved my maps were very grateful with me from the beginning so it would be unfair if i remove them completely from any website. Now that this topic is cleared and explained i will return my maps in workshop update to be grateful with those that supported me, my friends, my beta testers and especially Holy Crap. I won't be the last case of injustice in NMRIH, it is easy to criticize mappers like me and their mistakes, but even knowing this i encourage you to create something different, something that makes you feel proud of, a map to cheer other users and collect their feedback to improve the game from your position. I will always be open to any feedback, feel free to insult me, erase this message or joke with this but try to be comprehensive with mappers cause their work is for free and for everyone. Yours faithfully, Ulreth.
  7. Liandri Mining Corporation - PvP Deathmatch Zombie hunters from all over the world have discovered a new way to earn some cash fighting each other. This huge facility has all you need to finish your opponent in the deadliest way possible and only those who are crazy enough to compete in this deathmatch will have the chance to reach true glory. Do you have what it takes to step inside this arena and win the PvP tournament? Download & Screenshots: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1590163738 Features: - Close quarters combat - Open space zones - Dark areas to surprise enemies - Different types of firearms & mele weapons - Health crates and defensive barriers - Weapon dispensers - Traps in specific locations - Periodic spawn of special items - Respawn activated after 5 seconds Version 3 - 13/12/2018 + Workshop publish + Added small details + Fixed minor bugs Version 2 - 15/04/2018 - Added loading screen - Added more space between items - Added props in general - Increased size of tesla traps - Reduced cooldown of ammo dispensers - Reduced time limit - Fixed dynamic light props - Fixed cubemaps issue - Fixed barrel trap bug * Map created by Ulreth *
  8. So, i decided to make a blog, because i can ? i'll just decide to drop some images from time to time in here https://imgur.com/a/dVQ2B
  9. Made by Khalecsi.Modified by yomox9. Downloads : https://gamebanana.com/maps/199396 By the way, I could not upload screenshot.
  10. Hey all, I've been working on a map for NMRIH for quite some time now, and I am proud to say that I have finally decided to release nms_petrol! You can DOWNLOAD the map here via Gamebanana: http://nmrih.gamebanana.com/maps/188970 VIEW THE VIDEO HERE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DdRtPmLokII I appreciate any feedback and suggestions. So please leave your comments either below, on the video or on Gamebanana and I will get back to you! Basic Info: Waves = 10 Difficulty = Medium/Hard Supply Drop = Yes Safe Zones = 2
  11. Nmo_shelter_test_Versions I've been mapping for some time now, about 2 years i'd say which is mainly me just playing around with the tools in hammer. It was actually never my intention to submit a complete community map, as i just saw it as a tool to play around with. After some struggle of real life problems like school and other silly stuff, i've decided to get you guys updated upon my progress of my latest maps. I had played around with 5 other map kinda designs, but i wasn't really satisfied with any of them or how they would've turned out, which lead me to being stuck and not achieving any progress at all. So after 5 scraplings (copat, atex, shelter (first attempt), shelter (second attempt), shelter (final attempt) i hope i will finally be able to release this one as i really put a lot of time in it to get it done. A more detailled topic will follow soon i hope
  12. Hello, Here is my map made with love Download now https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0Bw7cgMEqvaiWbEp4ZHRkWjVON0k?usp=sharing Available in English or French The house is interactive, you can turn on or off the lights, for the rest it's up to you to discover it. Feature: Type: survival Total area defend: 1 Play time: 40 minutes Difficulty: 15 zombies + 15 per waves during 10 waves. Surroundings: night Number of zombies to kill: 825 Developement: finish tag: map, house, vending machine, money, interactive Good game mrblagues
  13. So I'm trying to get the models (eg. the furniture and possibly the main building if I can) for the NotLD map to modify. I've done a bit of research and I can get into NMRiH vpk files using GCFScape, but I don't know where I'd find the files for the NotLD map.
  14. Hello everyone, it's great to join you all in this forum. I would like to know if anyone here got the objectives file in the map penitentiary, I have managed to find the map but not the objectives file and unfortunately the download for the map and the objectives are broken, if anyone here could give me the objective file i would greatly appreciate it, cheers.
  15. First off, This may be my first map, but I want you guys to be rude if necessary! INFORMATION Simple House survival is what it is... A house on a hill with zombies crawling up, now the weather may get in the way a little But overall, the strategy is to keep the house clean of any zombies by any means possible! DOWNLOAD GAMEBANANA CURRENT VERSION: A2 Tell me if you have ANY issues at deadondev@gmail.com! I also need testers, email me or PM! Question: What would you guys like to see in this map?
  16. Message for those who haven't played the game and have watched the movies : PLAY IT GOD DAMMIT! Ontopic: So today I finished replaying Resident Evil 1 on my DS and I really enjoyed the now far gone survival-horror which dosen't have you play as Neo from Matrix and run around with Movie size bottom less mags. But even due how great it was there was still something missing and I realized that later, working togheter with friends to get the hell away from the mansion! So what if there was a re-made map of the mansion in Resident Evil 1 and let you try to escape the Spencer Mansion by solving puzzles involving having you finding things spread around in the mansion which requries you to search in every room in the mansion. After puzzling and fighting of zombies you then finally reach the secret Umbrella lab where you are suppose to trigger the Mansions self destruction sequence and then escape the mansion by making the way to the helicopter pad. I do realize that the engine have it's limits but I've seen similar maps made in CSS So is there anyone else than me who love to play this map in Nmrih ? 1st floor of the mansion : http://goo.gl/a9lEBa 2nd floor of the mansion : http://goo.gl/jfBoMf
  17. Okay myself and my partner are new to the game and last night spent five hours (we finished at 6am) running through the map nms_horror_y9v3 for the first time we managed to survive all 15 waves and were elated, that is untill the final objective was shown which was "destroy the door and escape" or something very similar....thing is after 5 hours we were tired and we just couldnt figure out A. Which door? and B. How to destroy it, we saw it must be one of the ones with the van ion the garage doors, but as to how??? PLEASE can anyone let us know which one and how? we are trying to make our way through one map at a time and would appreciate some help, we love this game and only get to play late at night so our minds are not always 100 percent functioning,
  18. Hello guys/team. I made a few changes to the map nms_flooded, mainly secrets ect. it isn´t quite done yet but will be "soon". Is it alright to use the map online to play with others? (Not trying to take the credit for the original map/maker). - iPhylon
  19. i found new bug , at brooklyn on keypad after we open prison door. the next prison door always open using code 2105 , (always)
  20. I remember playing a map which consisted of a few islands and nothing else than some landmarks. This was quite some time ago, in my beginning days so I'm having trouble finding it. If anyone knows the name of the map I would be very thankful to them.
  21. http://nmrih.gamebanana.com/maps/download/177880 My map outpost survival thanks 10. Round Final 6. Round Run Zombie 8. Round Child Zombie
  22. This map was an idea I had for the game, I must say this is my first map I have ever made for this game and I would really like to know what people think about the idea of the map. The name is pretty fast so if the map seems good enough to push further in development it is definitely going change! Screen Shots Right now it is pretty unfinished like there are currently no supply drops, and no extraction, I don't know how much having no extraction would break the map when you complete it. -To remedy no supply drops the map automatically supply's the player with unlimited ammo by engaging the "givecurrentammo" command every fraction of a millisecond! -There is only guns inside the spawn and no health or other supplies right now, so try to not get bit! There are blast doors in the map and they open when you get near them, so the first floor blast doors need to be opened in order to kill all the zombies to finish the rounds, but the second floor blast door doesn't really need to be opened till zones A and B are destroyed so I wouldn't go upstairs till you really need to, unless you don't care about zones C and D. Other then that remember this is pretty much a concept, I would like to know everyone's opinion about the design of the level and the idea of it. If you need help let me know and if you have any suggestions let me know. I do need help myself sense I don't have that much experience mapping for this game, so if there is any info about anything that would be nice to know I would much appreciate. Download
  23. Hi everyone!! I'm a new mapper and I hope you like my first job is a map of survival based on a large mansion in northern Spain became a court has guaranteed scares and new elements as a complex fully functional elevator made to give an alternative way of escape. Remember that it is a first version and ire gradually improving and updating, and will correct the bugs you may have. I hope you enjoy ... Saludos a la comunidad Española y de habla hispana de este magnífico mod que entre todos auparemos a lo más alto... os traigo un mapa terrorífico basado en un pueblo de Asturias con una gran mansión que hace las veces de juzgado y que he incorporado sustos de mi cosecha a cambio de recompensas, ya sabeis ;-), también tiene elementos avanzados como un ascensor que es una alternativa ante acorralamientos sobretodo en la planta superior. Suerte y espero que os guste ya lo iré actualizando... https://www.dropbox.com/sh/550tekacs3t8ip2/AACW5pHsfyZGfsR2tAgpToF_a by nerofonte
  24. Title: Filthy Hope Type: Survival Players: 8 Plot: Survivors hold up underground with the filth in the hopes of escaping what walked upon the upper world that was once ruled by the living. Little did they know that they just cornered themselves in a filthy hope that shall soon be shattered. Difficulty: Easy Waves: 10 Supply: N/A NG: N/A Runner: 5 Child: 5 Start Zombie: 20 Increase Zombie: 10 Max Zombie: 80 Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5csXMlYxkrw&feature=youtu.be Screenshots: Download: TBD Note: I need a mod or something to move my old thread NMS_MallofDecay to the finished map section as it's done please, thank you. Note: This current map is still Work In Progress! Note: This map has lack of firearms and ammo as well as no supply drops due to being underground. The dead walk and rule the Earth now, mankind is struggling to find new places in an attempt to carry on their existence. Note: Avoid the edge with a huge opening, you'll be pushed by a current and then pulled underwater to drown!
  25. Thank you very much for your fast answer. So now my question is: where can I download the .vmf file or does anyone have the file and would upload it here? Was looking for it on google but nothing . Maybe someone knows how to edit this map without breaking the textures or fixing it afterwards?