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Found 1 result

  1. I took some time during the pandemic lockdown working on an objective map for a game about pandemic. Thus far it’s been fully layout and has most of the objectives implemented. The next stage is to put props and details. Different from my past maps, this map is also to experiment different mapping technique by not focusing too much on small stuffs and hopefully in later stage I wouldn’t be overwhelmed by stress to wrap up a map. Meanwhile I am also implementing the same technique on nmo_dimension, so that will be wrapped up and get polished too. This celestial map will average plays like 30 minutes and probably 50 if you are the first time or being the check-every-corner type players. There are secret rooms at different places. They reward you with special items that I prototyped recently with intricate entities wiring (no they won’t make the game explode, entdata 30% and edicts about 200+/2000 so far, trynna be as vanilla as possible) Just wanna share something here. If any one is still around. Stay tuned and stay healthy.