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Found 2 results

  1. An abandoned bunker has been discovered by a group of explorers. To their surprise, utilities inside the bunker remains functional, yet the property owners are missing. Before they could further examine details, they quickly find out they are in a hostile situation.- 15 minutes survival- Has custom ending- Self-piloted/player-controlled turrets, 2 machine guns & 1 grenade launcher- Dropped items including better guns, medic kits and turret upgrades Download: https://gamebanana.com/maps/202747
  2. Fellow server operators, I urge you to limit the usage of the guns menu and infinite ammo plugins. While I understand they have a place on fun, modded servers to create a "unique" environment, that uniqueness is quickly dissipating as a hefty multitude of servers are adapting their implementation. I've begun to notice that an increased amount of players will join my server, type "!guns," and disconnect upon the realization that they aren't being handed 'easy mode' access. The problem with these plugins are that it's curbing the overall player experience gain with this game. By handicapping the community through familiarity with these plugins, they lack the ability to learn and grow their skill. Players are developing a dependency upon ammo and find themselves quickly dying on servers who do not spoon-feed them resources. This leads to poor group dynamics and gameplay when running through a vanilla game mode. As I said, enabling these plugins can be great fun on sparse servers, but the usage is becoming much too great and hindering the skill growth of the community. The use of melee weapons and basic zombie avoidance techniques are suffering at the hands of such handicaps. Proof? I have proof: http://postimg.org/image/cffi5m6l7/ This is from a stats database showing player totals of 1187 unique players. Please note, I only run objective maps, so the constant death of survival mode does not impact these totals. It negotiates points based off the following: -20 per death -10 per teamkill +1 per zombie kill +50 per extraction You'll notice that the player average is -10.45 points. This means that on average, players can only kill 10 zombies before they are dead. Sure, you can attempt to argue the point structure as the cause, instead of player skill. With the hefty extraction bonus, plus the per zombie kill, it should not be hard to maintain a positive score in the slightest. 20 zombie kills per death to break even people, come on. Most of the "zero" players were either those who did not have the patience to wait on a round restart, or joined, typed "!guns," and disconnected. It is plainly obvious that the majority of this cross section of players do not have the skill needed to survive. There are only two causes of this: -Being new to the game -Accustomed to playing with a handicap (aka, !guns) I'm not telling anyone how to run their server, as we're all free to make our own choices. I'm simply trying to point out what the influx of this plugin is doing to the community in hopes of preserving a quality game. Once the community turns to mush, experienced players grow tired of carrying them and leave sooner. Perhaps we can re-evaluate the implementation of these plugins in hopes of newer players building the skill set needed to become capable team members on our servers.