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Found 1 result

  1. I'm sure the original game won't be update that much as before, or at all. So I had some ideas of what could make NMRIH 2 better? 1. Crafting items, you know. Simple things, such as instead of finding bandages, you can make improvised bandages by ripping off cloth that you find in the game, maybe if bitten you can quickly apply disinfectant on it and apply a bandage, or you can use found water to clean a dirty bandage and so on. It might increase realism of the game as you can do things like that in real life. You can tape some flashlight onto a rifle, or you can remove batteries and apply them into the flashlight. You can sacrifice some time applying nails into a bat depending on the material its made of. Some item will be or not consumable. A hammer for instance, some nails, a wood bat, then you make a spiked baseball bat, so you get a bat and you keep the hammer. Anything that can be improvised as useful during an undead epidemic can be crafted based on a character and their skill sets. 2. Better zombies. The zombies will be the same except they have the capabilities of seeing you through a window and attacking you, you can apply sheets or close curtains so they don't see you, but then you can board windows and minimize the destruction of a window and seeing sight. They have a capability of pushing furniture or breaking door hinges, whatever the hell they do that creates noise will attract other zombies. 3.Weapon durability, for example a pickaxe, hammer, axe would be great, barely break at all. Then smaller weapons such as kitchen knives, pens, something smaller would eventually break down easier, its easy to explain this. 4. Portable storage spaces and more items, You can use trashbags as storage space, you can use a newly found hiking bag, put containers in containers but containers have a size of when somethings better, more items you have the slower you go, you can carry items that would work as tradeables, crafting items, more weapons, items of interest 5. NPC survivor variety. sometimes military and bandits isn't enough. You can maybe find scavengers who might have zero to much loot, lone survivors, traders, rouge police faction? Maybe some zombies apocalypse factions because that can happen, military who will shoot you on sight, give you items or trade with you, lots of possibilities, and varieties such as humans, people guarding shops or places, KOS survivors, NPCS who join you, some who will secretly kill you or steal. Lots of things so can't trust anyone that's alive, that will happen in a real apocalypse. Why not in a game? I'm lazy right now, I'll write a part 2 in the comments or edit it.