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Found 7 results

  1. I accidentally closed my browser, so I have to write a giant paragraph again, but oh well. To start off, I LOVE YOUR GAME, I simply love it, from the weapons, maps, mechanics, voice acting, and SOUNDTRACK, I bought it on my phone right away. However, there are some things that I would LOVE to see in this game, such as a STORY/CAMPAIGN, the universe seems SOOO interesting with multiple survivors and people trying to create a cure, I WANT to learn more about all the playable characters, and I would LOVE to learn more about the 732-ZH virus. It all seems so cool, there are also some mechanics that I would like to see such as some RP elements, let us customize our characters. Let us shape the character that we play as the most, If we sprint a lot (Me) let us upgrade our stamina, same goes for melee damage, or gun recoil. If we use a gun a lot, and reload a lot (duh, bullets) make us reload that gun faster thanks to experience. When the zombies grab you, how about a little QTE? Where we have to mash the Shove button to get it off of us, or how about we mash R to reload faster? Crafting would also be an awesome mechanic in the game (For a story mode) Or how about, since there are different characters, let different characters have different skills. For example: Roje is an Ex-soldier with a "detective" left eye, how about he has reduced recoil and faster reload speed. Or more melee damage while playing as Bateman, (He's based off of American Psycho, sooooo) I would LOVE to see this. What interests me the most is the idea of a campaign, how about different backstories for the characters? Example: Let us walk around the shoes of Molotov when the outbreak first started, and we build up a story and eventually meet all the other survivors. The possibilities are endless, I would love to see Molotov experience his first zombie in one of his daily Firefighter tasks. So please, if you can, MAKE THIS HAPPEN, this is already one of the best Free-to-Play game out there, and this would make the game skyrocket. Those are just some ideas I popped out of my head. But anyways, thanks for the awesome game!! Cheers. -Loki
  2. The map starts you out hunting , you start out in a truck driving to the hunting destination , the truck is having problems but no big deal (Foreshadowing) , once you park you have a choice between a Bow or rifle (Maybe a crossbow if that gets added) (I know you can't hunt with a bow and rifle in the same season , this is just my idea of a choice.) You walk a little bit and get up in a tree stand , you're waiting and then a deer comes up to the feeding hole . you shoot it and track it , once you get up to the deer there's a zombie eating it , you kill the zombie and depending on if you used a bow or not the gunshot attracts more along the way back , once you get back to your truck you listen to the radio and hear the news about the outbreak. You try to start the truck and it doesn't start so you have to go on foot. You encounter zombies in the forest until you get to a road , the road has a gas station and you can go in for supplies , you continue down the road until you stumble into a town which is pretty overrun but manageable. Not sure what the objective could be after this but I had that idea in my head and thought it would be cool , maybe when I get more time I'll finish the objectives and story parts.
  3. -A steam workshop to push mods maps guns for nmrih. -More character models such as wemon and costum chracters mod implemnted. -A map creator for nmrih. -Solid textures so when throw a grenade u can hide behind a wall and be safe. -Zombies should be able to grab u through the doors or walls. -free or easy server creation. -Basic Ui with health bar stamina bar and infection level bar no black white health system or being able to switch between them. -thirdperson should match up with firstperson animations so it dosent look wierd. -Walking and running animation should be more realistic instead of grandma shuffling when walking or running. -should be a wall animation when comeing in contact with it such as the gun or melee wepone going off screen and hand animations if no gun or melee there. -taking cover on a wall. -zombies should just stand still if they cannot reach such as a ledge or table if there near u. -the looking animation should match up where you are looking like when your looking straight the charecter is looking down. -Zombies should be able to get knocked down. -Zombies should be able to get cut up shuch as cutting an arm off or taking a leg out. -Zombies should be able to continue fighting without a head and where the lines are for the zombie decpation on the head should not be seen. -Many more zombies models such as leapers,runners that can crawl on walls,dogs,brutes. -More guns>rocket launcher,M14 grenade launcher,mini nuke launcher,bb gun AA12-12 Guage A91-7.62x39mm L96A1-7.62mm Ak-47-7.62x39 AMT AutoMag v- .50 Caliber Apache Reevolver- .7mm Aps-5.66x29mm Fn Fal-7.62x51mm Thompson Autorifle-7.62x54mm Thompson Submachine gun- .45 Barrett M82- .50 BMG>12.7x99mm Beretta M1951- .380 Acp Beretta Model 12- 9x19mm M1911- .45 Acp Desert Eagle- .357 Magnum Alien Pistol-Energy Cells Dual Pistols< -More melee wepons>kuni knifes,energy sword,slingshot,ninja throwing stars,Sword< -More Grenades> trip mine, mines, dynimate, smoke grenade, poision grande< >Plz feal free to a more ideas to the list<
  4. Hi! I'm posting my ideas in this topic. I'll add more when I get more ideas. 1. Crossbows I know this idea was posted before, but I decided to put it here because it's one of my ideas and is a bit different. The developers probably won't be able to make a weapon use two different types of ammunitions, so two different crossbows will resolve this, I guess. One of these crossbows is like this: (sorry for the humongous image, couldn't make it smaller) and it will shoot normal bolts, and will be a sniper type weapon. It's bolts will be reusable, but with a higher chance of breaking than that of the bow. The 2nd crossbow will be a TAC-15 model crossbow and it'll shoot explosive bolts, but it won't have a scope(but it can still have a low mag scope) It'll be like this:(minus the scope, can have a bipod) These are my crossbow ideas. 2. Backpack System There will be some items in-game that stay in our inventory and make us carry more stuff. These backpacks range from small improvised bags to full-size backpacks. They take some inventory space. When you click on a backpack from your inventory, you can see its contents. It works just like the original inventory (in a circular pattern). To put things in them ,you simply drag items inside the backpack, but don't forget that they have limited space. Also, the more you fill your backpacks, the more slower you will become. Even slower than that of a full inventory when both your inventory and your backpack is full.The backpacks may help you carry more stuff, but they aren't suitable for emergencies. You'll have to wait some time to get items out of your backpack and you can't move in this process. This process works just like opening a box, but faster (I mean you see a gauge while doing it). But be careful though, when you move or hit by a zombie, it cancels and you'll have to start again. 3. Immunity Option (Not absolutely necessary) There might be an option while creating a server that makes players immune to infection. (Because sometimes this infection is really frustrating as it's not permanently curable.)
  5. Yeah so I have played this awesome game for a while now but It feels like it is missing something, maybe because I have played other FPS games with Zombies, like Left For Dead 2, Mods in Garry's mod, etc. IMPORTANT I know that game is not fully developed and finished. I am providing ideas/ suggestions, as the forum topic suggests. I would also like to receive feedback from developers/team. I AM NOT COMPLAINING about LAG, GLITCHES, ETC! Vanilla things about the game! The main things that REALISTIC Zombie games have is (WHAT I suggestion/idea for this game. Also stating vanilla problems) (I assume The team wants to make it realistic by the looks of this game already) 1. Larger maps This is very crucial here. For example, In many maps like The one where the survivors are basically stuck in a house with a second floor, I forgot the name. Players want to move around, not be stuck inside a house and maybe a little outside!. HOWEVER, I am NOT saying that it should be like Left for dead 2, where the players ALWAYS have to move around to win. I think players would enjoy the game more if they had more space. Some maps do have adequate space, like the map with the mall and the outside. 2. zombie counts in survival and "zombie number limits" per wave are boring It is sort of difficult to explain what I mean here, but basically in survival mode there is a number of left top corner of game screen showing how many zombies are left. Although it is useful to players, It removes suspense and not very fun, BECAUSE players use flare gun to spawn in more helicopters and loot crate, call for more, etc when they see that there are only about 6-7 zombies left. It will be more fun if team removes it because obviously, it will "force' the players to ACTUALLY MOVE around to find zombies, instead of camping somewhere. Also, zombie count is basically unrealistic, something I hope that the Team is not trying to achieve. [sub topic- Adding a timer for each wave (ex. 10 min to kill all zombies in wave 1).? Forces players to actually move and speeds up process, builds INTENSITY and suspense, which is like the whole purpose of zombie games- to provide players with deadly zeds and make them survive through it. 3. Camping spots Read above. Now before you complain/say something about it, I know that not all maps have camping spots, but I have been in a couple games where the players are above in the roof where there is a good drop point for FEMA helicopters to drop supply crates. You need to go up a ladder, and there are only 2 entrances.No zombies can reach there. WTF! Like I stated in Number 2, it sort of makes the game more boring because the players know that they are safe. DEVELOPERS need to remove these camping spots, EVEN THOUGH they might be "realistic", drives the game very slow. Zombie games should not be like this! For now, these are my current problems for the game. I hope that the developers/team will take these ideas/suggestions, as they are very crucial and important factors of this realistic zombie game. [i will revise this thread as time passes by and updates are placed in steam client. Adding bumps into first reply. Also just might start a new thread if needed. PLEASE LEAVE FEEDBACK! Any hate/good replies are important! support the game!
  6. Hello, something I've noticed while lurking on these forums is that there is a big demand for female characters ((And I'm sure they're in the works)) but a lot of these suggestions seem to lean to a... Woman with less clothing. Speaking as a female gamer, I thought I should suggest some female characters that could work! And I know a lot of people will say "In the zombie apocalypse people aren't going to be trying to look pretty" but look at the male characters, they don't look like they've been in all of this for all to long to be honest, and besides, all you need to do is rip the side of a skirt, add some dirt to a blouse, put her neatly done hair up into a hurried ponytail and there you go! I didn't really put much thought into personality and such, this is mainly about outfits c: And obviously the ethnicity can be changed. 1. The business woman; Women's business attire can go so many different ways ((Dresses, different kinds of blouses, heels, flats and the list goes on)) so I decided to use an example of what one usually thinks when they think "Business woman" though again, this sort of character can go SO many ways. I also thought of Alyssa Ashcroft for this character type'; 2. The housewife; This is another type of character that can go more than one way, you could go with a vintage 1950s style housewife who's prim and proper ((Desperate Housewives Bree Van De Kamp for example)) or you could go a completely different route all together! I'm going to use two examples from Desperate Housewives and one other, more vintage style housewife; Bree Van De Kamp - An example of the prim and proper housewife, of course she doesn't have to be a red head but this is the sort of outfit I had in mind, pencil dress, cardigan and an apron. Lynette Scavo - This is the type of housewife that dresses for comfort, she has to deal with her children, clean the house and do an awful lot more in between, I suggest a plaid button up mens shirt, over a t-shirt and blue jeans. The Vintage - I looked towards the movie "The Help" for this one, a petticoat here is a MUST! 3 - The teenager; Again, this can go any number of ways, though I'm thinking more teenage angst type, like the L4D mod called "Zoey Teen Angst" 4 - The Nurse; A character you don't really see, well not portrayed as an actual nurse, you know? Anyway, I'm thinking modern scrubs kind of nurse, either just plain ones or the scrubs with lots of patterns. 5 - The older woman; You never see old women in games, I mean, obviously they won't stand up as well as a younger person would in a zombie outbreak, but still.. There are lots of ways this could go, again, but the first person I thought of was... Betty White, I could see her kicking some serious zombie butt; 6 - The elegant one; A thing that's always lacking in games is people wearing formal wear, I mean with practicality in mind, obviously a formal gown wouldn't be ones first choice, but what if that was what you were stuck in? You're enjoying a lovely night out wearing your nicest gown when BAM! Zombies all over the place! I think that whatever type of gown would be used with this character it should be ripped, for this one I thought of Francesca from Ghost Ship, while the large slit in the back makes this gown easier to run in, the length would still be a problem, so that's why I think it should be ripped to just above the knee; 7 - The less than modest one; While a women... In reveling clothing is over-used in video games, it would still happen, women do dress less than respectably so somebody dressed like that should be included, the character I thought of was Amy Brooks from Obscure the Aftermath; Anyway, I think I'm done, haha, let me know what you think about these ideas, and sorry about how long it is!
  7. Hi people! First say that I'm new in this forum and my english expression is too bad be cause I'm spanish. I have some ideas for the game that might be interesting: - Hard Core Mode: Survival and Objective maps with only fast zombies but low in number. I'm not thinking in Left 4 Dead. I have a idea for a Hard Core objective map. A building based in the zombie movie The Horde. Like this: . When a horde of zombies are surrounding the building. The goal of the survivors is to reach the building sewers and escape.- Characteristics of survivors: I think than survivors can have different characteristics like speed, resistance or force. Everything depends of the character you choose. - Final objective map bosses. A lot of thanks for reading this andsorry for my bad English expression. Good luck with this awesome game! Looks very nice.