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Found 2 results

  1. Hello, Here is my map made with love Download now https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0Bw7cgMEqvaiWbEp4ZHRkWjVON0k?usp=sharing Available in English or French The house is interactive, you can turn on or off the lights, for the rest it's up to you to discover it. Feature: Type: survival Total area defend: 1 Play time: 40 minutes Difficulty: 15 zombies + 15 per waves during 10 waves. Surroundings: night Number of zombies to kill: 825 Developement: finish tag: map, house, vending machine, money, interactive Good game mrblagues
  2. Horrid Mansion James A. Horrid was a sociopathic lawyer with disgusting manners - he lived with his conservative family reclusively from the rest of the world in a manor in the middle of dense woods. Now with zombie hell breaking loose, some survivors can consider the grotesque mansion a new home, at least for a brief period. A medium sized survival map with small sub-objectives. MAP INFO: Zombies start: 30 Zombie increment: 10 p. wave Runners start: 5 wave Kids start: 10 wave Supply Drop: 5 wave Total Triangle count: 15629 SUB OBJECTIVES: - Find a key to open the basement and get the holy relic - the chainsaw - Switch the generator to power up light in some vital spots and enable security cameras - Use welder to cut-open a supply stash - Use an electrical trap to kill zombies on the front door COMING SOON: - moar sub-objectives! UPDATES: v 1.2 BIG update: - fixed the naming issue: now all upcoming updates will change the file names as well - added an electrical trap on front door - added welder use, opens a supply stash - added security cameras in guard's shack, now you can check where zombies are >.< - design and navigation improvement: more clutter and props v 1.1: - fixed cubemaps (weird reflections) and fixed the static props with no collision DOWNLOAD: http://www.pinzdesign.com/nms_hmansion_v1_2.zip MEDIA: