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Found 36 results

  1. Sorry to bother you guys, I've been playing NMRiH and looked upon the achievements I can get. I was looking for a challenge when I saw the "PTSD" achievement. I had to play 3 Objective games on nightmare difficulty. After 3 days of trying, today I finally managed to do the 3rd map. But I didn't got the achievement. I did it on the single player mode alone, I set Friendly Fire on, and the time per map to 999. Nothing else I modified. I wasn't using any mods, just 3-4 custom skins as player models. Please if you can, tell me where I was wrong. Thanks for reading.
  2. hello i am playing with friends nmrih i always create listen server when we play and i wonder if i can download some mods for the server, something like command !ammo to get full ammo with cooldown etc, i don't know how to download them and where to put them, if it doesn't work for listen server i can create dedicated server throught steam library
  3. I recently downloaded NMRiH via steam and started playing it. Everything is working fine but the in-game sound/music. I cant hear anything in the game. No gun shots, walking sounds, zombie sounds etc etc. I tried reinstalling the game but nothing happened. Please help, I really loved this game and wanna have the full experience.
  4. so i just download no more room in hell on steam im click played it work then about 20 second on the title screen its exit/closed by itself i dont what the hell happening pls help i installed source sdk but its still not working,i adjusted the resolution its not working either everything is useless !! help me ppls
  5. How to install skins Stable Version of No More Room In Hell: 1- Go to nmrih folder,steam,right click on nmrih,properties,and local game files, 2-Now go,nmrih,and Custom,inside of custom now you have to do a folder called customize,put the skin files (Materials,Models) Done. For nmrih Beta The same thing of 1 step 2- Now is different,just drop the skin in the nmrih folder.
  6. How do i install plugins on my LAN server
  7. Hi, i'm doing some cinematic records on NMRIH and i've been searchin a full list with all the commands, but i can't find more than weapons commands. Does someone have or know where to find a full command list?
  8. I am quite new to mapping, and like many, have learned from YouTube and other tutorials. I started editing an open source map I am using for a server that's a WIP, and have been pasting some buildings in, changing textures, re-designing rooms, etc. Nothing too complicated but not necessarily basic either. My compile log shows a leak, so I went to the entity and loaded the but the line zig zags around and goes through a solid skybox. I tried to delete the entity (obviously, this won't work, as it just shifts to another one) and the problem of course, persisted. I have seen the same line exiting going up, down, etc. I have tried selecting all with the entity origins thing enabled, and there are none. I even at one point tried expanding my skybox as the leaks developed, but they just kept expanding. I also tried enclosing the other 3d skybox in my map's main skybox. Also, the leaks are intermittent. Sometimes the compiler won't report them, but it usually does. (I have been finding false positives, as the leaks persist when I actually load the map up in game, with typical symptoms like water problems being a giveaway) I did also try copy/paste into another vmf file. Leak persisted. Another odd thing is (as you can see, by my odd file name) I have quite a few backups of the map. The leak didn't really show itself until later stages in my map. Odd VMF: http://www.mediafire.com/file/ubzeb9pfklz8z4r/rp_nova_prospekt_v8a-7-test-backup8-2.vmf Compile log ** Executing... ** Command: "E:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\GarrysMod\bin\vbsp.exe" ** Parameters: -game "E:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\GarrysMod\garrysmod" "C:\Users\User\Desktop\rp_nova_prospekt_sources\rp_nova_prospekt_sources\vmfs\rp_nova_prospekt_v8a-7-test-backup8-2.vmf" Valve Software - vbsp.exe (May 25 2017) 8 threads materialPath: E:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\GarrysMod\garrysmod\materials Loading C:\Users\User\Desktop\rp_nova_prospekt_sources\rp_nova_prospekt_sources\vmfs\rp_nova_prospekt_v8a-7-test-backup8-2.vmf ConVarRef mat_reduceparticles doesn't point to an existing ConVar material "maps/rp_downtown_v4c_r7/wood/woodstair002b_2250_-1322_-140" not found. Material not found!: MAPS/RP_DOWNTOWN_V4C_R7/WOOD/WOODSTAIR002B_2250_-1322_-140 material "cs_italy/pwood1" not found. Material not found!: CS_ITALY/PWOOD1 material "metal/forest_metal01a" not found. Material not found!: METAL/FOREST_METAL01A Could not locate 'GameData' key in e:\steamlibrary\steamapps\common\garrysmod\garrysmod\gameinfo.txt Patching WVT material: maps/rp_nova_prospekt_v8a-7-test-backup8-2/nature/blendgrassgravel001b_wvt_patch Patching WVT material: maps/rp_nova_prospekt_v8a-7-test-backup8-2/nature/blenddirtmud003a_wvt_patch Patching WVT material: maps/rp_nova_prospekt_v8a-7-test-backup8-2/nature/red_grass_thin_wvt_patch Patching WVT material: maps/rp_nova_prospekt_v8a-7-test-backup8-2/nature/canal_reeds_wvt_patch fixing up env_cubemap materials on brush sides... ProcessBlock_Thread: 0...1...2...3...4...5...6...7...8...9...10 (1) **** leaked **** Entity light_spot (-3519.00 2991.67 889.00) leaked! Processing areas...done (0) Building Faces...done (0) Chop Details...done (1) Find Visible Detail Sides... Merged 290 detail faces...done (1) Merging details...done (0) FixTjuncs... PruneNodes... WriteBSP... done (1) Creating default LDR cubemaps for env_cubemap using skybox materials: skybox/sky_day02_09_hdr*.vmt ! Run buildcubemaps in the engine to get the correct cube maps. Creating default HDR cubemaps for env_cubemap using skybox materials: skybox/sky_day02_09_hdr*.vmt ! Run buildcubemaps in the engine to get the correct cube maps. Finding displacement neighbors... Finding lightmap sample positions... Displacement Alpha : 0...1...2...3...4...5...6...7...8...9...10 Building Physics collision data... done (1) (1473713 bytes) Placing detail props : 0...1...2...3...4...5...6...7...8...9...10 Water found with no water_lod_control entity, creating a default one. Compacting texture/material tables... Reduced 6515 texinfos to 3446 Reduced 430 texdatas to 329 (21092 bytes to 16593) Writing C:\Users\User\Desktop\rp_nova_prospekt_sources\rp_nova_prospekt_sources\vmfs\rp_nova_prospekt_v8a-7-test-backup8-2.bsp 7 seconds elapsed 1.049162 -3.207047 0.000000 -1.049033 -3.207047 0.000000 -1.049033 3.206336 0.000000 1.015345 -3.207047 0.000000 make_triangles:calc_triangle_representation: Cannot convert ** Executing... ** Command: Copy File ** Parameters: "C:\Users\User\Desktop\rp_nova_prospekt_sources\rp_nova_prospekt_sources\vmfs\rp_nova_prospekt_v8a-7-test-backup8-2.bsp" "E:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\GarrysMod\garrysmod\maps\rp_nova_prospekt_v8a-7-test-backup8-2.bsp"
  9. help

    OK, so I have a high-end PC with a GTX 980Ti, an i7-6700k skylake processor, 16 GB of RAM. In the main menu, I get near 300 FPS @ 1080p max settings. Whenever I load a game, however, My FPS drops to 3-5 FPS. Why is this? Every other game I play on my PC @ 1080p MAX settings runs perfect.
  10. Okay, so for some reason when I posted my map 'nms_skyhigh' it had seemed to post twice, I don't know if i clicked 'submit topic' 2 times by accident or anything else. But i can't seem to remove one of the posts. Anyone able to help?
  11. Hey, can someone please help me why is it every time I join a new map/ or server my rank resets? Example: I will be and always have been every time it resets... 994 of 8899 tracked players w/ 57 points Then I will eventually get some points for killing zombies or doing objectives. After completing the map and disconnecting, I check "rank" and it goes back to me having 57 points again. Anyone can explain or help me solve the problem to why it does this? I am a competitive person and wish to become number 1 haha!
  12. I Need help... Im making a campan map for l4d2 and i need someone to help me out to get the bugs fixed i have done two maps safar and even thought the all work there are some things on them that do not work as i what if anyone is willing to help i am on skype after adding me i will send the files and nav so that you can run thought the lvls and see ware the problems are u will also get the hammer files so that you can fix i will give you credit when i relesse the maps im still laerning the system there for some things that i what to do i cont so i may also as for them to be added as well P.s im live in the UK and skype name is sistwocc .... and thank you
  13. Hi! I was making a map when I encountered a weird bug with lighting. Some surfaces on my map are completely black, while other surfaces are normal. Here is the screenshot.
  14. I am currently having trouble making zombies unable to open certain prop_door_rotating entities that I am using for objectives. (when the zombies open the door the objective is completing itself) I also want the zombies to not break the func_breakable entities that I am currently using to board up a door, but they always break the boards before the player can get to them. If anyone knows how to stop zombies from opening certain doors or breaking certain func_breakable entities then please help. (note: players need to be able to perform the stated actions, only the npc zombies need to be prevented form doing them) Thanks in advance for anyone with information.
  15. Hello, So recently I decided to use the server box I have in my house to set up a dedicated server for me and my friends to play on, rather then have one of them creating a listen server (and also due to his computer not handling over 4 people at once). So I downloaded everything needed and wanted (latest versions of meta-mod and source-mod), did the updates and everything. The server works 100% when I connect to it. (Although you'd expect that due to being connected to the machine via LAN network) But for some reason it won't show up in the server browser for them. They're also unable to directly connect to it. And the same issue if I send them an invite to join it. What I've done is appropriately port forwarded the port UDP 27015 on both the computers FIREWALL (Inbound and Outbound) and the ROUTER. I have also completely disabled the servers firewall and still no luck with that. I am also running Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard. Although, we're able to run the following games on the server box with no problems with others online connecting and finding it. ARMA 3 Terraria Project Zombiod Red Orchestra 2 Also note, this server was set up in the exact process with port forwarding as these needed. And that we were playing on a listen server a friend set up through Hamachi. We are also able to find and join any game on the server browser with no issue. (The main reason is we want to be able to play together without any randoms joining in) And at the moment, both me and my brother are completely out on ideas on why it won't work as we even triple checked everything. So I was wondering if anybody has an idea on what I should try to do next? Thank you, -Waddlesticks
  16. Hello, I'm looking for a series of commands and entities for hosting my server. 1. Barricade point spawning? 2. Prop spawning? ---List of useful props too, please 3. Spawning Glowsticks? 4. infinite ammo? 5. Godmode fix? 6. Increase time before first wave starts on NMS maps? help is appreciated, thanks.
  17. Ok, so I have played this game for a long time on my computer, and I introduced my friend to this game recently and he has been playing it a lot at my house, He tried to run it on his netbook but it wouldn't (big suprise) so he has been only able to play at my house. Recently, his netbook stopped working so i decided to give him my old laptop. He has gotten his hopes up about being able to play NMRIH on it so I decided to test it for him. Long story short, it didn't go too well. I averaged between 2 and 8 fps on low graphics at the lowest resolution. I really want to get this working for him so if anyone can suggest console edits or something like that I will be forever grateful. I don't care about graphics at all so ANYTHING would be helpful. Specs: CPU: Intel T2300 2@1.67Ghz GPU: Intel 945GM express chipset (or intel gma 950, same thing)- and yes i know this is the bottleneck but there really isn't anything i can do about it, unless someone here knows how to overclock an igpu. RAM: 2GB PS: please, PLEASE spare the comments about buying a desktop and or a new computer. I/he can't afford that at the time so this really doesn't help anyone, no matter how cheap the components are.
  18. Hi I'm new to NMRIH and like a normal player I was having fun. and after a few waves I came along a problem when I wanted to pickup an item I could not soo I let my character die and respawn again and that did not help so then I rejoined the game and that did nothing I haven't tried restarting my computer yet but I'll get to it, But overall I know its "e" to use an item and someone said on the forum that you may have to try clicking "e" on an item at distances or at weird angles but that doesn't work either so please fix this bug soon or I'll stop playing no more room in hell... not saying thats going to do anything. But thanks in advance.
  19. Hi there! I have a big problem with game update to 1.07.9. I run steam and the game as usual, I still have 1.07.8 game version. The newest one is a couple of weeks out but somehow it won't update I can't play anmore cause all of my friends got the update to 1.07.09 and they are not compatible. The game always updates automatically. In the properties I have set high priority to updates. I don't know how to fix this now. When I try to connect to a server, the game says 'error: The server you are trying to connect is running on a newer version.' Need help!
  20. Long story short, I decompiled the propane tanks from Silence and removed the "Problem Solver" piece of paper from it, and recompiled it as a standard propane tank. However, the issue is it absolutely refuses to use the texture I assigned to it (which was the texture sheet but with the piece of paper part removed and saved as a different name) In the qc I triple, quadruple, and pentachecked that I had "//Model uses material [material here].vmt" And I made damn sure that VMT files had the proper directories for the texture. No matter what I did, I got the purple and black checkerboards. However, once I decided to make it use its original textures (materials/models/gmn/cj_propanetank_diff) it worked just fine. It works absolutely fine if it uses its native texture, but it absolutely refuses to acknowledge that anything else exists. I even just made the vmt to be used "cj_propanetank_diff2" (propane tank texture without the paper) and put that in the qc, but it STILL uses the original one no matter what. Halp? I should also note that I copied and pasted the VMTs a d VTFs, renamed them, editted them with Notepad++, and changed the contents where needed because I kept getting this error if I tried to open it directly. Not sure if that really has anything to do with anything or not.
  21. Thank you very much for your fast answer. So now my question is: where can I download the .vmf file or does anyone have the file and would upload it here? Was looking for it on google but nothing . Maybe someone knows how to edit this map without breaking the textures or fixing it afterwards?
  22. Just to say I have played this game in the past on the same Laptop and account and it was working perfectly fine, then now its just giving me this problem. So here's my problem, I click play game and the game will run, giving the notification to my friends that I am playing the game. It'll take me to the menu but without the options to find a server, create a server...etc. It'll only show the menu background and the loading icon on the bottom right hand side. Now I know that this isn't an Orange Box Game problem, because I can run Team Fortress 2 completely fine and smooth. And I also don't need HL2 to be able to play this game because NMRIH is a stand-alone game. I also check my system requirements on systemrequirementslab.com and it told me that my Laptop is able to play this game all the way to its full requirements. Here are the attempts on trying to find the solution that i read: - Uninstall and Reinstalling it. Still crashed. - I downloaded the tools "Source SDK Base 2007" and also "Source SDK Base 2013 Multiplier" (now i didn't run them, if that's my problem please tell me if i had too) - I shutdown most background applications (that was never a problem for past games but just incase) - Verified Cache Files. Usually this would be the solution but game still crashed. - Updated AMD drivers, still crashed. - Did the Game Launch Options I used: - -autoconfig - -nosound -window -dxlevel 70 +mat_forcehardwaresync 0 - -nosound -window -dxlevel 81 +mat_forcehardwaresync 0 (I went to no higher than dxlevel 81 if you suggest higher please tell) That's mostly all my attempts I think, hopefully there is a solution and that i don't have to uninstall steam and the reinstall it. Please and Thank you for the help.
  23. Hello. I have a problem with starting NMRiH. I ran the game trought steam, game is loading and appered error - Platform Error: bad module 'serverbrowser.dll, not loading :/ Help me please. -thank you-
  24. I am just wondering how I would create a flickering light in a hallway setting. Would create a very dramatic element to any spooky or abandoned hallway. Just a small Tutorial or Link would be very handy. Kind regards.
  25. I have tried to install NMRIH 1.06 BETA full, downloaded from this site and installed it to the correct folder. But it does not show in the steam library. I have source SDK base 2007. I have tried to redownload source SDK base 2007 and redownloaded NMRiH. Nothing seems to work, can anybody help me. I'm using windows 8 BTW.