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Found 4 results

  1. This isn't a suggestion for new .22 weapons as covered by the weapons thread, but rather some discussion regarding their current utility and potential tweaks to them. I find that the 10/22 feels... well, it recoils, kicks and sounds like a .223 rifle of some kind. It's very strange. The .22 handgun less so, but both seem to hit about as hard as 9mm, maybe 5.56 for the rifle. Please correct me if I'm wrong with that. Given ammo is somewhat rare and the weapons don't hold very many rounds, I feel like they're mainly fluff, adding not much gameplay depth compared to the existing firearms while complicating ammo acquisition, the weapons themselves not being particularly common or often used. They should be a bit more utilitarian given .22 LR is one of the most common cartridges in North America and many other places. The firearms and the rounds themselves are cheap and can be found in generous qualities. You can often buy a box of 500 rounds for well under $30. My suggestion then is: Reduce .22 recoil and power by a significant amount, so they're portrayed realistically - less than a 9mm or 5.56. However, give them competitive power if you stand still and focus (maybe the 10/22 could focus fire as a unique ability as a rifle?) and make the time required to focus for a shot shorter since they are lighter and kick less. Perhaps make the ammunition available in slightly larger quantities and allow more to be carried. There's no reason a 10/22 couldn't have a 25-round magazine, and you can carry several hundred rounds of .22 in about the same space and weight as a box of shotgun shells. A .22 against slow-moving shamblers should do serious damage to the braincase, but a .22 is not generally considered a weapon to rely on for every situation. By having ammo be available in slightly larger quantities and allowing more to be carried, this offsets the low effect of the caliber and provides an interesting weapon for thinning out zombie clusters, if not entirely suited to a general spectrum of situations like a 9mm handgun, shotgun or rifle due to lacking power when not aimed with care. Rather than another generic rifle and handgun similar to the 9mm handgun and .223 rifle. What do you guys think?
  2. The map starts you out hunting , you start out in a truck driving to the hunting destination , the truck is having problems but no big deal (Foreshadowing) , once you park you have a choice between a Bow or rifle (Maybe a crossbow if that gets added) (I know you can't hunt with a bow and rifle in the same season , this is just my idea of a choice.) You walk a little bit and get up in a tree stand , you're waiting and then a deer comes up to the feeding hole . you shoot it and track it , once you get up to the deer there's a zombie eating it , you kill the zombie and depending on if you used a bow or not the gunshot attracts more along the way back , once you get back to your truck you listen to the radio and hear the news about the outbreak. You try to start the truck and it doesn't start so you have to go on foot. You encounter zombies in the forest until you get to a road , the road has a gas station and you can go in for supplies , you continue down the road until you stumble into a town which is pretty overrun but manageable. Not sure what the objective could be after this but I had that idea in my head and thought it would be cool , maybe when I get more time I'll finish the objectives and story parts.
  3. I know this is a survival game, where you should save your ammo for the last waves. But i'm as a recent player see sometimes alot of guns, but you can't find any ammo for them, and the inverse is true too
  4. Hey there! I've been playing NMRiH for quite awhile now and seen there are quite a few weapons but not enough types of weapons i had some ideas for weapons to be put in: -=(Melee)=- Frying Pan 2x4 Wood Stick Police Baton Spike Knuckles -=(SMG)=- MP7 UMP .45 UZI Victor -=(Shotgun)=- Sawn-off double Barrel Shotgun XM1014 Jackhammer AA-12 -=(Rifle)=- M16 Barrett 50cal M4A1 FAMAS L86 LSW -=(LMG)=- M429 SAW