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Found 2 results

  1. Hello survivors! We would like to welcome you to join our community beyond just these forums! Official Steam Group & Community Hub Join our official Steam group for the latest announcements regarding the game: http://steamcommunity.com/games/224260 Then head on over to our Community Hub for the latest Discussions, Guides, and more from the community (don't forget to visit the Group Chat Room!): http://steamcommunity.com/app/224260 ModDB Follow our mod on ModDB to see new and exciting content before it becomes available! http://www.moddb.com/mods/no-more-room-in-hell YouTube Subscribe to our YouTube channel so you don't miss out on tutorials, feature previews, and trailers! http://www.youtube.com/user/NoMoreRoomInHellMod Follow us on Facebook and Twitter! https://www.facebook.com/nmrih @nmrih https://twitter.com/nmrih
  2. I'm very sorry for the long read but I really hope it's worth it! (Warning: Walls of text. ; ~ This is just a concept for a gamemode, But it would be fairly cool to add a gamemode of a group of.. Lets say.. Twenty people, Ten versus Ten. For the concept there would be four rounds, Each having a different task leading up to the final round where it turns into warfare of the team that had obtained more supplies raiding the other team. Round 1: Gather resources, Combat based around the two groups having to gather as many resources as possible and bring it out to a zone with vehicles they toss the crates into the vehicles and continue the two groups can fight to intercept there should be an invisible barrier to prevent enemy players from entering the other team's drop off area. Round 1 Effect: That team is given more medical supplies and ammunition to start out the next round, And basic civilian weaponry (Pistols, Hunting rifles, Shotguns, Semi-Automatic rifles) Concepts for maps on round 1: Mall/Hotel/Supermarket/Military Barracks/Hospital/Crowded Highway?(Vehicles with supplies strapped to the roof, and incredibly backed up traffic would cause people to get out on food, This would serve well for adaptive close/long range combat and force players to climb vehicles to get from one trench to the next giving snipers a purpose.) Round 2: Crashed helicopter/Destroyed military convoy, There's a crashed helicopter, Or destroyed military vehicles with weaponry and carcasses littering the area, and military supply crates, Almost the same as round 1 but would provide more conflict to capture the supplies. Round 2 Effect: The group is provided military based items, Plate Vests and Kevlar Vests things that would provide defense against certain types of damage, From bullet to melee, Also given few military weaponry such as Automatic rifles, Uzis, Semi-automatic sniper rifles, Grenades. Concepts for maps on round 2 Helicopter: Sky Scraper(The helicopter crashed into the side of a sky scraper), Mall(Helicopter crashed into the roof or parking lot of the mall, This could give for alot more zombies to be present during this map), Forest(The helicopter is crashed in a forest area.) Convoy: Highway(The convoy is caught traffic jam), Neighborhood(Provides alot of cover and buildings players can enter to shoot from, Plenty of zombies too!), Military base(The convoy didn't even escape the military base, There should be obvious signs of a gunfight that occured prior to the current inhabitants coming to take the items.) Round 3: Attack! The team who is lacking supplies will be given an area to set up an ambush in and fortification supplies to block off certain paths, They would be given minimal supplies to start out with, There should be very minimal zombies in this area and the other ambushed team's objectives should be either attempt to make a fight and clear our the enemies or make it to the escape zone, Meaning they have to cut through barriers to progress. Round 3 Effect: If the ambushers win they earn supplies such as weaponry, more ammo, maybe two or three kevlar vests, And some medical supplies. Concepts for maps on round 3: Each map should remain linear as to avoid people getting lost and confused, A neighborhood that progresses toward a sewer, A hospital where the players must escape from the roof to the entrance, Backwoods road where the players are meant to fight their way to their vehicle from a farm house. Round 4: Retaliation! The ambushed team attacks a base with either moderate supplies(Loss) Or plenty of supplies(Win) where they are attacking the main compound of the opposing team, This would give the team being attacked two minutes to fortify the area and prepare themselves and the team that's attacking two minutes to sort of what they'll use. Round 4 Effect: End-Game. Concepts for maps on round 4: Warehouse, Military bunker, Apartment complex, Sewers, Farm house, Bank, Supermarket. For side notes, I would say each round the teams should have a certain number of respawns (30 - 60?) As for the kevlar vests is should be something that reduces combat like.. A plate vest would reduce melee based damage, And the Kevlar vest it's slightly obvious! As for weaponry it should be two classes between Civilian and Military. If you've read the entire thing I appreciate it, Hopefully you enjoyed the concept! ^^