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Found 1 result

  1. So, I'm not normally the type to enjoy those terrible "cabin" maps that are just kill boxes full of ammo, let alone make one, but decided I couldn't resist making one if it was a familiar environment. I'll presume we've all played Resident Evil 4, or at least know of it. Remember that part where you hold up in the cabin with Luis against waves of ganados? Yep, I made that for our enjoyment in NMRiH! Additionally, I couldn't resist making a simple challenge, because while short, this map is pretty tough yo. 1 wave, 225 zombies, 1 zone, very limited ammo Upstairs is not considered part of the zone because it would be too easy to defend, but they come in up the ladders to eat your face anyway. Massive thanks to Dr. Hammer for setting up the navigation on this map! You should go check out his maps too. I only put weapons that were RE4-ish on this map. - M92fs - Sako85 - Chainsaw - Mossberg 500a - Shovel - etc Known Bugs - the shelves need to be cleared of all items before you can barricade the windows - zombies sometimes get stuck while going in through windows, but they get unstuck eventually - if you die, you'll likely never respawn due to the sheer number of zombies right downstairs Download Here SCREENSHOTS