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Found 6 results

  1. No more room in hell is a fun game which means that we made our series on Youtube! It's incredible how the game is being played on the Source engine, although i am also impressed of how the graphics differ from many source titles. Thanks for checking them our and please leave your thoughts on how we played on this particular game.
  2. youtube

    We are Comrads Gaming, and we're making Gaming videos! But in the future, we're making some distinctive stuff if we got the guts to do it (Such as vlogs, etc.) We're originally from the Socialist Republic of Romania (Mostly born after the revolution). One of us has a real communist distinct from the past while the other one is a fascist since WWII (didn't like communism, so he stuck with fascism instead). For now, our Channel has two people in it, one that is Communist and one that is a ''filthy'' Nazi. But for now, we're focusing on Gaming which most of them are multiplayer/Co-op and even the single player games that have modded multiplayer (if it's necessary). We just started a couple of weeks ago, and we're going fast! IF someone supports us (a lot), we will do the same to you, becoming a true comrade! Our second series is about this Game, No More Room In Hell. Both of us were stunned how awesome this game was due to it's comparrisons of graphics and animations (Since the game was made on the Source engine). So far were focusing on approximately 10-15 episodes/parts. Here's our channel and please! Share your thoughts about our series! Stay safe https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWJTA6EtQr0Md00k7btH_qQ?&ab_channel=ComradsGaming
  3. my brother sends me to psihiatry so i got dissability you will not charry cheap shit like me but i got problem to people understands me seriouclly so i will tell you my rules right now and finish my job allready to some of your next updates follows:: intro. time of l4d2 allready passed in deep coop expirence couse im marian people knows me from the games like enchanced aim tobias cs1.6 cswarzone (gameplayer) cs2d with aimbot and seriouce covering of multiple homie dedicated as one of the verygood - when it will be - marijans cs2d dedicated now allready falled games in multitephtautocomparing tohuweabohu deadmatch gameplayer of team fortress and it explicit talker over and there with codename cure and now no more room in hell gameplay expirience suggestion after l4d2 comparinison in no fun or fun what to compite in more fun nesessery or not in will to copare you what you miss and is cheaplly replaceble by will of my choice to bring player like me as well alien swarm nice healer in games 4coop slef hosting gameplays 1st,, l4d2 gots allways run and only crouch for better aiming and no more room in hell what allready many call lame couse style of late 70s horror movies with sucking zombie bones in elevator here fails as your player is tired after noying pressin unessesery shit to run and tired... l4d2 has - enjoy m16 allready filled with 75 bullets clip to autoreload but not semi automatic m16 that reaload letter r on tastature after 20 30 shots to to compite that you could have 90 bullets clip couse its arcade game and after l4d2 fails on vac bans on community maps what you have to use as very boring main maps after 400 playes in circle... and very expancive for descent uk mature man 20 dollars excep 20 pennys for vac ban on community map addon so ... to compite l4d2 arcade action that beats beatemup you need 90 bullets clip (im thinking infinite ammo) less recoil m16 then current that runs even on rightclick with bigger zoom then current and... autoreloading with r thats my job for you that you should cheaplly solve and its not done couse i got comparnison to you with cs2d aka counter strike 2d which if you didnt played before you will not couse its zero popularity due to freeto play 3d source or just mtasa game for people that need free something to play and if you wanna spare your nes classic cup of couple mintues copy read what cs2d further with all numbered gots is sentry placing and medic armour set of that game in 2d is mind blow to you couse it got flamer - nemesis rpg , granade louncher and laser and shit but im not lover of laser but it got at least medic shield that regenrates you so by the missing bullshit of items allready on default map make this allready spawing in start to player spawned with m16 in head with numbered options in this post in previouce text you are inteligent man so you prior extract of this post as your 1982 marian male coop source player and near similar (if you got me) what you player wants is my job couse if you didnt help in coop before and does not mean why im here to search for another game this post is job for you couse i see you got nothing to offer to retarded narcoleptised real schisophrenic that as rest of banning society (even games crashers) you will not listen so ill finish my dream job rest with following lines thank 66times weaker zombies , no friendly fire , (FUN! BRO! FUN! XDDDDDDD!!!!) LIKE IN L4D2 EASY MODE ZOMBIE DAMAGE PER PLAYER HEALTH AMMOUNT ON 3 RISINGS FROM GROUND pardon caps you see im 33y old 12y neurolepticised forced to assigned schisopheria couse my younger brother that i feed now many years by my social earnings to that that nobody listen couse is schisophrenic but its not important fairlly everybody bans me every day 50% wherever and thats global expirence and what expirenced coop player needs to that and what more important to compite l4d2 in their vac failure per price of addon playing couse boring map couse it beats this game up to 30x in behaviour of and speed zombies and ... players itemsharing mean to players demand for classic ness ciggarette time at morning to worth loss day on this l4d2 failure planet for coop gamplay is by the way good concept to idiots do not rush in safety room by fastrun but what about to make it more szone stalker zone from steam free to play and open invizible borders and ammount of players to its 32 default every of those steps are important and if you dont fun one no metter how infinite you will whait one franch guy to pay what you miss in tears all together (after l4d2 community server vac ban - no more room in hell what you got? no one 2 miss and add 512 other gameplay basis reasons to not miss nice house base is allready there as cheap guy you conventionaly realised its enouph for base as itself as missing 32 guys in open map of current in border of invisible nontrasspassing to cornfield and widerange of willage you allready gots and didnt used as well of bunch of items as weapons dropped allready at hall at uptairs rooms crossroad was lighted in house mean in some center of house drop bunch of 7-3x repeated m16 and aka mech tech n shit ........ remove vac policy on coop missing 16pl or 32 cheap shit what about maket it free of vac security in personal dedicated in games folder to pop at serverlist so i can host sv_cheats 1 in internet couse internet in scrds pops in lan by message you are unsecure that wouldnt load but you must restart game in order to play secure..... to me not need to say that if case.... yes im schiso and tripping ego balls im 33y im schiso and you know nothing about in which circumstance me are that in case you are not and how on this world... like worst hipotesis of afgan gunja in albania so please take me seriouclly couse i give you promiss my word this shit of copy is not fun if you not make and exploit freedom of your score to up reach 3bases spawn point in 32coop to auto m16 runninglly with rightclick noreload even infinite ammo would be excelent idea to allthat phh shit or autoreload after 120bullets m16rigle autorapidfire allineed in startofgameinhand listen boy l4d2 gots batery lamp on every weapon whatsthat infinite enabling opening turning roll of battery lammp and gun in dar only gun without clip loaded 3hours till dead banned by strange crash or no cooment vote of 3 russians in game or ill not play your game if you played with me ever you got your duty now and dont trip balls cheap shit you do it by yourself if you ban this my seriouce work and job i repaeat if you ever played with me seriouce coop as marian 1982 player in your team thanks ah i attend to say dont kick like croatian teen ingame couse two russians were on server (mean this post) saw name marian_33_m and thinks that will not save me couse im pretending blonde netherland girl and if you got me what i attend to say seriouce real balls tripping avoid due to man im really 33y old and im trying to play speak and consider conversation in main public crew like ever grown and fair coop should releaf fromm missing tumor thanks
  4. I just want to say something before my post, can you ask the following question? How do you like this game? Do you like to rate it as 5? 1? If so, what reasons do you have behind your decisions? What kind of fixes that you want for the devs to complete? Maybe suggestions too? Active feedbacks and answers will be appreciated:)
  5. Hi All Myself (Pugman) and Chippants would just like to say a quick thank you to the NMRiH team for not only an impressive update to an already amazing game, but also for allowing us to be included in that update. It was fun and an absolute pleasure. You guys did an amazing job on the voices. lol! .. Chippants wont shutup, she really thinks she is a badass now! Special thanks to ThoughT for your guidence! "You sir, are the dogs bollox" XD Pugman & Chippants http://youtu.be/QduQYvqDPkw
  6. Hey everyone. I have received key for early access of 1.07 today. I decided to make a playthrough, mainly because I wanted to show the new feature of the game - dynamic music which I gotta admit is an awesome addition to the game. However, it's my first two videos I have ever made ( I have no video editing programs to put it into one =D ). Any suggestions or feedback are welcome. Thanks for watching P.S. - Framerate was messed up because I was recording the video.