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Found 12 results

  1. Soccer 2020 / Mini-Game Take the challenge and beat your friends in a classic football match! Map ported from CSGO https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1971319798 >>> Subscribing automatically update & place this map in: ...\steam\steamapps\workshop\content\... Features: - Medium size indoor field - 4vs4 - Football with vphysics - Special cvars - Soccer system ported from (CSS KA Soccer) - Goal effects & sounds HOW TO PLAY: Hit the ball with a welder, direction & force will depend on where you land damage in ball hitbox, furthermore, lighter + V seems to get stable results CVARS needed in CFG (some of them with sm_cvar): + sv_difficulty casual (without plugin) + phys_timescale 0.9 + phys_pushscale 800 + sv_respawn_nearby_allowed 0 + sv_respawn_time_notoken 13 + sv_stam_jumpcost 0 + sv_stam_min_move_pct 0.9 + sv_stam_min_sprint_pct 0.7 + sv_stam_regen_idle 40 + sv_stam_regen_crouch 30 + sv_melee_require_stamina 0 + sv_stam_regen_moving 18 + sv_max_stamina 150 + sv_airaccelerate 10 + sv_gravity 750 + sv_infection_chance 0 + sv_bleedout_chance_low 0 + sv_bleedout_chance_high 0 + mv_speed_normal 150 + mv_speed_riflesights 150 + mv_speed_sights 150 + mv_speed_sprint 325 *** Map created by Ulreth *** Credits: --- Soccer System from KA_SOCCER (CSS) ---
  2. How do i install plugins on my LAN server
  3. Hello, we've put up as many free launch servers as we can for now for everyone to use while the community catches up to server demand. JestServers.com is offering them at a discounted rate currently to help with this. Instant Setup, the moment you pay for your order your server starts to install. Once complete you'll get an email with all information and an FAQ email on how to use your NMRIH server. Free Fast Download mirror for your custom content. You can add and remove password protection to your server along with all settings at any time. Have your own server but it's full? You could lock it, kick someone off, and join it then remove the join password if you wanted to for example. SourceMod and MetaMod available with 2 clicks under Game Mods, or upload your own addons. Anything you have trouble installing let us know and we will help you get it working. Free easy to use connect URLs available on request. Use yourname.jestservers.com for example to connect instead of an IP. Free Server Moves so you can move your server and files around as you desire. 10 Locations are available around the world. Order Here All servers run on dedicated servers using the latest hardware which we constantly keep up to date. All of your game files and executable will be running on Intel Solid State drives. Current hardware is the E3 line clocking with Turbo speeds up to 4GHz, 32GB of DDR3 ECC RAM or more, Intel SSD Array, 1Gbit dedicated connection using only the best bandwidth providers in each location. If you find a higher performing host please let us know! We have been providing hosting services since 2006. Default 27015 port for all US locations and generally available in the EU as well so no port needs to be entered when manually joining. www.gsprating.com/awards/ Pro-Rated Refunds always available. At any time, for any reason, receive a pro-rated refund for your remaining time back to your payment source or as credit for another service. Tired of the server half way through your billing period? Get 50% refunded. Locations: Dallas, Texas New York City, New York Chicago, Illinois Orlando, Florida Los Angeles, California San Jose, California Atlanta, Georgia Falkenstein, Germany Paris, France Rotterdam, Netherlands Coventry, UK
  4. Hi there! I have a big problem with game update to 1.07.9. I run steam and the game as usual, I still have 1.07.8 game version. The newest one is a couple of weeks out but somehow it won't update I can't play anmore cause all of my friends got the update to 1.07.09 and they are not compatible. The game always updates automatically. In the properties I have set high priority to updates. I don't know how to fix this now. When I try to connect to a server, the game says 'error: The server you are trying to connect is running on a newer version.' Need help!
  5. First of all, I would like to thank and congratulate the NMRiH developers and the team. Thank you for providing this awesome game, and I think it was a GREAT IDEA to put it available on STEAM, because I found the game through Steam, and it is a very effective way to reach out to the community. 1. Now I went through all the options in the game, and there are no methods to enable "a cursor on hud" I'm not talking about mouse cursors, but the mouse cursors in shooting games, where you use the mouse to move, its in the middle, and when you attack, you hit/shoot there. like I I _____ I *Did you guys, (team) not make it an option to not put it in, make it more realistic, or is it a bug/option you didn't put in yet? THanks! Please reply on this topic in forum
  6. Hello nmrih! I want to suggest a free for all gamemode to this game, with a medium/large sized map with 12/20 players. A lot of open buildings. Zombies Kinda "strongest survives", the last survivor wins. This would be so awesome. ^^
  7. Yeah so I have played this awesome game for a while now but It feels like it is missing something, maybe because I have played other FPS games with Zombies, like Left For Dead 2, Mods in Garry's mod, etc. IMPORTANT I know that game is not fully developed and finished. I am providing ideas/ suggestions, as the forum topic suggests. I would also like to receive feedback from developers/team. I AM NOT COMPLAINING about LAG, GLITCHES, ETC! Vanilla things about the game! The main things that REALISTIC Zombie games have is (WHAT I suggestion/idea for this game. Also stating vanilla problems) (I assume The team wants to make it realistic by the looks of this game already) 1. Larger maps This is very crucial here. For example, In many maps like The one where the survivors are basically stuck in a house with a second floor, I forgot the name. Players want to move around, not be stuck inside a house and maybe a little outside!. HOWEVER, I am NOT saying that it should be like Left for dead 2, where the players ALWAYS have to move around to win. I think players would enjoy the game more if they had more space. Some maps do have adequate space, like the map with the mall and the outside. 2. zombie counts in survival and "zombie number limits" per wave are boring It is sort of difficult to explain what I mean here, but basically in survival mode there is a number of left top corner of game screen showing how many zombies are left. Although it is useful to players, It removes suspense and not very fun, BECAUSE players use flare gun to spawn in more helicopters and loot crate, call for more, etc when they see that there are only about 6-7 zombies left. It will be more fun if team removes it because obviously, it will "force' the players to ACTUALLY MOVE around to find zombies, instead of camping somewhere. Also, zombie count is basically unrealistic, something I hope that the Team is not trying to achieve. [sub topic- Adding a timer for each wave (ex. 10 min to kill all zombies in wave 1).? Forces players to actually move and speeds up process, builds INTENSITY and suspense, which is like the whole purpose of zombie games- to provide players with deadly zeds and make them survive through it. 3. Camping spots Read above. Now before you complain/say something about it, I know that not all maps have camping spots, but I have been in a couple games where the players are above in the roof where there is a good drop point for FEMA helicopters to drop supply crates. You need to go up a ladder, and there are only 2 entrances.No zombies can reach there. WTF! Like I stated in Number 2, it sort of makes the game more boring because the players know that they are safe. DEVELOPERS need to remove these camping spots, EVEN THOUGH they might be "realistic", drives the game very slow. Zombie games should not be like this! For now, these are my current problems for the game. I hope that the developers/team will take these ideas/suggestions, as they are very crucial and important factors of this realistic zombie game. [i will revise this thread as time passes by and updates are placed in steam client. Adding bumps into first reply. Also just might start a new thread if needed. PLEASE LEAVE FEEDBACK! Any hate/good replies are important! support the game!
  8. Ok. I have a problem with all servers. Here's the problem: 'Server uses Different class tables'. HELP!
  9. I'm working on a 2D Horror game with RPG elements. It's in a VERY early alpha state and has been in the works for over a year now. Started it in 9/8/12. I'm seeking assistance in some things I'll edit this when more appears. If I could do it myself I would, but hey, we all have our limitations. -I need someone who can voice a demonic child -I need someone who can voice a child -I need someone who can voice a demon (deep voice required) -I need someone who can voice a woman -I need someone who can voice a crack whore (Not kidding this game is ****ed up) -I need someone who can voice a pimp (any will do so if you have no balls then you may qualify (that means high voiced males included) and like I said this game is ****ed up) Once someone accepts to voice one of the following, if not more, you will need to give an example to show what you got so I can decide if it's good enough. Then I'll contact you with the scripts. You will have no longer than till Christmas Eve, to get them done. Now if you want more information on the project then here it is. Monsters and crack whores and pimps, oh my! RPG elements and demons and 6 kilos of cocaine, oh my! Partying like a rock star and tending to the rose garden and wondering who the daddy is, oh my! Welcome to (place holder title) Tale of Horror. A group of kids that were partying like there's no tomorrow, end up in a new world where the dead wander for eternity. Lost and confused they must fight their way through to remember what they were doing, who they are, and how to get back to their world. But it won't be easy, as the ruler and god of this new world has different intentions for them. Can they escape from this new found nightmare? Only you the player can decide upon that. Features -High difficulty (veterans and hardcore gamers unite and cheer as you will have something to test your skills against once more) -Event changing decisions ( 'For every decision there is a sacrifice to be made.' ) -RPG elements (level up and fight in turn based battles but beware no grinding is possible!) -Highly detailed graphics (they may be 2D but they will be detailed compared to your typical low end 2D game) -Creepy and tension building music (for the p***bags at least and not us vet horror players) -****ed up situation (as explained above this is not a typical horror game with monsters and lanterns) -The monsters chase you (they will come and when they do come it'll be nasty, horrifying, and life scaring)
  10. Someone delete this thread.
  11. I decided to show my zombie game. W.I.P.! Greenlight: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfile...s/?id=93172136 DEMO DOWNLOAD: http://www.moddb.com/games/night-of-the-zombie-2/downloads/night-of-the-zombie-2-demo DEMO SURVEY: http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/DK79N9R Moddb: http://www.moddb.com/games/night-of-the-zombie-2 Finally the sequel to Night of the Zombie is coming. New scenery, new zombies, new guns, new era. -New zombies variety of 9 -Zombies have hit detections (will drop dead from headshot and shooting leg causes them to crawl -New weapons (Going to be seven total) -New era (Taking place on a new planet that is almost exactly like Earth I) -Has a storyline (read intro) -20 (estimated) levels of guns blazing, zombie slaying, puzzle sovling madness -Good Deal: Only going to attempt a price of $4.99! -Adventure: Explore the base and planet to find a way out of the base and off the planet -Action: Go in guns a blazing if you can spare the ammo Intro A viral outbreak has happened upon our base on the newly discovered planet Earth II. There were groups of scientists, military, and civilians. We were here to try and form a new Earth. So the planet was called Earth II. This planet was bigger than Earth I. At least two times it's size. There were more species, even ones we lost on our Earth. It was a strange new world, but also dangerous. That's why we were sent here. We are Earth II's Defense Force. A average size unit of soldiers given the assignment to keep the civlians and scientists safe while also keeping Earth II safe as well. But when this virus came upon us we were forced to quarantine the base and everyone in it. No one escaped, no one made it back to Earth I. For if they did the rest of the human race could be put into jeopardy. Sadly that is what is. I lost contact with my superior officer and the rest of the soldiers a few hours ago. Seeing that I was still fine gave me hope of immunity. A cure. A chance to save the others. But everytime I find someone it's too late and their the mindless rage filled monsters this virus turns them into. They are still somewhat human, a shot to the head takes them down instantly and a few rounds in the chest will put em down as well. Sadly I lost all my equipment when I tried to escape a horde of them. Now I got my fists. It is time for me to escape...somehow.