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Found 7 results

  1. I think it might be off topic- But here is my and a friend of mine's tryout on this map I hope you enjoy it https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m6UTWk2IVEM
  2. Volleyball - Team PvP A simple but deadly volleyball match to challenge random people, throw grenades at opposite players and help your teammates reach victory! Download & Screenshots: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1604833330 >>> Subscribing automatically update & place this map in: ...\steam\steamapps\workshop\content\... Features: - 2 players minimum - Stadium decoration - Small sized arena - Teams of 4 players max - Random teammates - Zombie crowd - Respawn after round end - Grenades & molotovs - Last team standing wins - Round end cinematic Version 2 - 29/12/2018 + Added color to crowd stands + Added grenade dispenser system + Added zombie bots for offline training + Added molotov text + Increased size of field + Fixed critical win bug + Fixed sensor trigger bug + Fixed camera bug + Fixed minor decoration issues * Map created by Ulreth * NOTE: In case of having an empty side then use manual round restart until map randomize player spawn
  3. No more room in hell is a fun game which means that we made our series on Youtube! It's incredible how the game is being played on the Source engine, although i am also impressed of how the graphics differ from many source titles. Thanks for checking them our and please leave your thoughts on how we played on this particular game.
  4. psychological

    It is believed that gene therapy could heal an infection. Yet no one has understood what it feels like to use a gene therapy without actually having experienced it. For the record, gene therapy has not only caused many side effects, and also damages a person's psychological health. Those who survives the effect, restore from infection completely; those didn't, will suffer a greater damage than becoming the dead. This map is a story of a group of crews trying to survive after a catastrophic incident. While it's clear that infectious matters are involved, details about the incident still remained unknown to them. They don't know what is waiting for them ahead. Nevertheless, they decided to reach out for help. After having successfully contacted a rescue team and been told to stay still, they took the gene therapy as a solution for the infection. And that is where the story begins. nmo_dimension_a1================================================ Download: https://www.dropbox.com/s/4ygxfys889lbgmj/nmo_dimension_a1.zip?dl=0 nmo_dimension_a2======================================= Download: https://www.dropbox.com/s/t8wb389nkxolura/nmo_dimension_a2.zip?dl=0 nmo_dimension_b1======================================= Download: https://www.dropbox.com/s/1iswkkqxoz6vfgs/nmo_dimension_b1.zip?dl=0 Game tips: -Your goal is to "expand" the dimension. The higher the dimension is the closer to victory. -Kill zombies to "expand" and secure the dimension. The more this dimension is widened, the clearer the reality will be. -If the number of existing zombies is too high, the dimension will "collapse" and falls. You will hear heartbeats as an indication of the zombie number. If heartbeat speeds up, it means zombie number is increasing. Sustain the heartbeat at a low rate. -When the dimension expands, everyone at the same level will "jump" up together. However, when the dimension collapses, there is no guarantee that people at the same level will go down together and those who didn't succeed the action will be stuck at a temporary dimension fault. The fault happens because you are in an area where the lower dimension does not cover (dimensions are larger than the dimensions below it) . So make sure when the heartbeat gets out of control, you will go back to the area where you dimension-jump up from. If you happen to be stuck at the fault, only survivors who successfully jumped down could reverse the dimension and get back up to meet at the dimension you are stuck at. -See the gun shapes on walls? These are free ammo! (9mm only) Press E on them. Though they have cool-down time of 30 seconds. You are supposed to get an m92fs on spawn. If not, let me know. It'd be a bug. Need help with testing: -If you are stuck in an object after expand/collapse, report the spot you are at. =======================Spoiler alert===================== Known bug: -When you play the map on a server and reach the final dimension, you will see boss npc T-pose. This is normal to servers, because the npc animations are client-sided, you can see the animations only when you play it solo. Therefore I want to address this to all mappers: Don't expect npcs to perform any sort of custom animation on a server platform, they will T-pose! And yes, I did packrat the animation template model which, unfortunately, didn't solve the problem.
  5. Looking for some people to play with on skype add me chance.blake3 or reply on this post
  6. At http://www.teamliquid.net/forum/viewmessage.php?topic_id=355447#16, they were having an intelligent debat on which monitors' frame rate is better without asking this one simple question: If 5ms is quicker, then isn't it better, regardless of the difference? It's like they are chemists who know calculas and physical theories and SOMEHOW 2ms from A monitor using TN panel technology is better. In my point of view, their "deep thinking" is actually questioning: Does 5ms overload your computers ability to process images? In that reality, correct me if I'm wrong, a monitor that has a fast speed is the monitors' independent capability which does not affect the CPU's input on framerate. Therefore, if the CPU's framerate can handle higher, than a faster monitor framerate would be necessary for it. For my newer computer, I would also like to see if the TN panel would give me any fps boost even if it has limited specs. What do you guys think? I've already gave you everyone else's conversation, and what they haven't pointed out yet. So which should be better: 5ms or 2ms, because it's ridiculous to even think 2ms is better, if 5ms is quicker.
  7. Right now the zombies look kinda blah. Sure they are fictional characters and all of that, but I think there should be more animations for them in a way, since they are the main point of the game. Such as, when you shoot a zombie, it should wiggle in a way, like if you shoot it's stomach it flinches, and if its idle, such as no one is around it and it's not going after anybody, it should stay in one spot and just move around that one spot, such as from Left 4 dead, where the idle zombies just walk around a spot oddly. Make them more creepy and scary, more interactive with the enviorment and reactions. I don't like how when I hit a zombie and it doesn't die, it just keeps on moving without any effect, and only sometimes does it get pushed back. Also, the runners, They should actually be able to catch up to you if your walking. Right now you can just keep walking away from them and they don't do anything, maybe add a maul attack for them for when they attack you from behind, they push you to the ground and start biting you. Another thing, I think you should really add something like, when a player dies, the zombies stop down at the player and start eating him, a good way to use the saying or whatever "You don't have to be faster than the zombies, just faster than your friend" or whatever that was. Basically what I am saying is tweak the zombies a bit. Yes, I know animation man power is a bit weak right now but atleast do something that will make them more interactive in a way Also, imagine seeing this in no more room in hell, looking at your buddy, or imagine you being in first person awhile this is happening to you.