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Found 8 results

  1. Darkening Demise is a singleplayer, open hand crafted world, survival horror, first person, hardcore simulation. If you're sick of the fast 'zombies', zombies using guns, special infected, and animals getting infected, along with the kill on sight (KOS) or be killed on sight gameplay of DayZ and its clones, not to mention hackers and terrible Minecraft gameplay. Then Darkening Demise is for YOU! Darkening Demise is a singleplayer, survival horror, first person, zombie survival simulation exclusive to Windows PC. In Darkening Demise you play as yourself, five years into the outbreak. In a hand crafted open world with no invisible walls. Freely exlpore and do whatever that's possible to you. In this world where the dead rule, you have to think. Thankfully society can no longer blind you of your instincts. With the time that went by, you're prepared. Use stealth, action, strength, and smarts to survive as long as you can. No second chances, no respawns, no hints, no tutorials, no PVP KOS or be KOS. This is where YOU survive. The zombies are a major threat, they shamble as the classic horrors from our Godfather of Zombies himself Romero. These Romero zombies don't give up, they'll follow you till you are dead or they are. With many places to explore and a large ever expanding freely open world, you'll find yourself content. But...how long will you last? No saves, no respawns, just a new game each time you perish. Will you have the skills to survive as long as possible? Will you attempt what the majority of the world couldn't do? Or will you end up bringing forth your own Darkening Demise? Welcome to my game, my outbreak, my vision, and your fate. Darkening Demise is for Windows and is attempting Steam. It is in alpha right now and is looking to join Early Access. If you're looking for a hand crafted, slow zombie infested world where you have perma death and are put to the test 24/7. If you're not fond of running or special or animal infected, if you prefer to play alone, if you prefer being challenged. Then Darkening Demise is what you've been looking for. As you can clearly see, this is different from all the others in its own special little way. In which many have been demanding for years. So I am here to deliver, I'm one of those many, and this is my heart going into this project and I won't go out without a fight. You can bet on it! So follow me on Moddb, and Youtube to keep track of the game's development. I'm pouring my blood, sweat, tears, heart, and soul into this. I no longer care if you don't like my work. I do not care if you think you can do better. Moddb: Moddb.com Youtube: Youtube.com
  2. I got my friend into this game and he has been loving it, recently his computer broke so I'm giving him my old laptop to use, it works great except it doesn't take nmrih too well. When I first launched it at default settings I was getting 2-3 fps, I lowered the graphics to minimum and kicked down the resolution and that brought the fps to 5-7, after that I did some googling and enabled dx 8.1 and mat_picmip 10 (texture quality) and that got the fps to 8-12. This is on the verge of being playable for him but it would be nice if I could get 3 or 4 more frames somehow ( he doesn't give a crap about gfx). Cpu:t2300 2@1.67 Gpu: gma 950 (945gm express chipset) Ram:2gb Ps: I did some research and I found that the gma 950 only has pixel shaders and vertex shaders are done in software(cpu). The cpu during the game is maxed out at 100 so is there some way to reduce the cpu load in order to give the vertex shaders more priority to make the game get higher fps, or another thought is to reduce vertex shader load. If anyone knows how to do this please tell me. P.s.s: idk if this helps people figure out what is wrong but fire makes the fps go down to like 1 fps
  3. Ok, so I have played this game for a long time on my computer, and I introduced my friend to this game recently and he has been playing it a lot at my house, He tried to run it on his netbook but it wouldn't (big suprise) so he has been only able to play at my house. Recently, his netbook stopped working so i decided to give him my old laptop. He has gotten his hopes up about being able to play NMRIH on it so I decided to test it for him. Long story short, it didn't go too well. I averaged between 2 and 8 fps on low graphics at the lowest resolution. I really want to get this working for him so if anyone can suggest console edits or something like that I will be forever grateful. I don't care about graphics at all so ANYTHING would be helpful. Specs: CPU: Intel T2300 2@1.67Ghz GPU: Intel 945GM express chipset (or intel gma 950, same thing)- and yes i know this is the bottleneck but there really isn't anything i can do about it, unless someone here knows how to overclock an igpu. RAM: 2GB PS: please, PLEASE spare the comments about buying a desktop and or a new computer. I/he can't afford that at the time so this really doesn't help anyone, no matter how cheap the components are.
  4. At http://www.teamliquid.net/forum/viewmessage.php?topic_id=355447#16, they were having an intelligent debat on which monitors' frame rate is better without asking this one simple question: If 5ms is quicker, then isn't it better, regardless of the difference? It's like they are chemists who know calculas and physical theories and SOMEHOW 2ms from A monitor using TN panel technology is better. In my point of view, their "deep thinking" is actually questioning: Does 5ms overload your computers ability to process images? In that reality, correct me if I'm wrong, a monitor that has a fast speed is the monitors' independent capability which does not affect the CPU's input on framerate. Therefore, if the CPU's framerate can handle higher, than a faster monitor framerate would be necessary for it. For my newer computer, I would also like to see if the TN panel would give me any fps boost even if it has limited specs. What do you guys think? I've already gave you everyone else's conversation, and what they haven't pointed out yet. So which should be better: 5ms or 2ms, because it's ridiculous to even think 2ms is better, if 5ms is quicker.
  5. http://www.moddb.com/games/dementium-fpsc-remake NOTE: THE NAME HAD TO BE CHANGED DUE TO LICENSE ISSUES! BUT I CAN STILL MAKE IT! THANK DIGITAL TRIBE STUDIOS FOR BEING KIND ABOUT THIS MISUNDERSTANDING. THE NAME IS CHANGED TO DEMENTIA: LONE NIGHTMARE. Dementium: The Ward is a Nintendo DS survival horror first-person shooter game developed by Renegade Kid and published by Gamecock. Dementium was released in North America on October 31, 2007. It is now being remade in FPSC. The remake will try to follow as close as possible to the original with some new additions and fixes. All credit to the original developers and their great work. This is and will be a free game for PC gamers.
  6. Hey guys, i just wanted to ask you if you could do a Map for bad pc's .. [*cough*for my pc*cough*] That would be very nice. ps. my pc doesnt lag when im inside of a building Mfg BL4cKy
  7. Hello. My name is Zlatan, and I'm a huge fan of zombie games (such as NMRiH, ZPS, etc.). I don't usually register on forums to ask questions and such, but I must. I literally started playing this game yesterday, I got the hang of it. I'm currently however facing some technical difficulties. I'm having my game CRASH (hl2.exe has stopped working - something like that) like every 4th time I try to connect to a server, or when a server changes the map/level. However thats not the only problem. I'm having some lags (FPS lag) in the game due to too much dead zombie bodies. I want to know how to disable them, I know its possible. I have HL2, CSS, ZPS, and those games don't lag much as this one. I have became such a big fan of this game now, and I want to play it normally, without any lags. I have a nice performance config, I have added bunch of lines to the user launch options in Desura/Steam for this game. I want to know if anyone made any performance/lag tweaks - fixes (configs) example: autoconfig.cfg. I use the one which I have on ZPS it seems to work perfectly.... I just want my game to stop crashing every 4th time I join a map/level/server. Also, when I'm about to quit the game, I wait about 5 seconds and then again "HL2 has encountered a problem". But thats not the thing I'm really worried about. PS. I voted for NMRiH in the site provided on the background image on your facebook page.
  8. I decided to show my zombie game. W.I.P.! Greenlight: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfile...s/?id=93172136 DEMO DOWNLOAD: http://www.moddb.com/games/night-of-the-zombie-2/downloads/night-of-the-zombie-2-demo DEMO SURVEY: http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/DK79N9R Moddb: http://www.moddb.com/games/night-of-the-zombie-2 Finally the sequel to Night of the Zombie is coming. New scenery, new zombies, new guns, new era. -New zombies variety of 9 -Zombies have hit detections (will drop dead from headshot and shooting leg causes them to crawl -New weapons (Going to be seven total) -New era (Taking place on a new planet that is almost exactly like Earth I) -Has a storyline (read intro) -20 (estimated) levels of guns blazing, zombie slaying, puzzle sovling madness -Good Deal: Only going to attempt a price of $4.99! -Adventure: Explore the base and planet to find a way out of the base and off the planet -Action: Go in guns a blazing if you can spare the ammo Intro A viral outbreak has happened upon our base on the newly discovered planet Earth II. There were groups of scientists, military, and civilians. We were here to try and form a new Earth. So the planet was called Earth II. This planet was bigger than Earth I. At least two times it's size. There were more species, even ones we lost on our Earth. It was a strange new world, but also dangerous. That's why we were sent here. We are Earth II's Defense Force. A average size unit of soldiers given the assignment to keep the civlians and scientists safe while also keeping Earth II safe as well. But when this virus came upon us we were forced to quarantine the base and everyone in it. No one escaped, no one made it back to Earth I. For if they did the rest of the human race could be put into jeopardy. Sadly that is what is. I lost contact with my superior officer and the rest of the soldiers a few hours ago. Seeing that I was still fine gave me hope of immunity. A cure. A chance to save the others. But everytime I find someone it's too late and their the mindless rage filled monsters this virus turns them into. They are still somewhat human, a shot to the head takes them down instantly and a few rounds in the chest will put em down as well. Sadly I lost all my equipment when I tried to escape a horde of them. Now I got my fists. It is time for me to escape...somehow.