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Found 2 results

  1. Glass Valley - PvP Last Man Standing Enter this giant glass arena and eliminate your opponents using everything you can find, trick your enemies using bouncing grenades or destroy some parts of this level to survive, there can be only one winner in this bloody match! Download & Screenshots (workshop): https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1585758816 Features: - Tons of grenades - Breakable floor - Last man standing rounds - Special weapons & items - No zombies - Ending cinematic Version 2 - 8/12/2018 + Workshop publish * Map created by Ulreth *
  2. Anyone else heard about this? It's basically a class based shooter like Brink but with a lot more class customizability/tradeoffs, ie: play as a sniper that can revive players but can't heal them etc or vice versa. There's no class restrictions when it comes to defusing, pushing the tank etc (any player can do all the objectives on their own - but there's "perks/classes" that add bonuses for capturing, defusing, planting, etc etc) which in my mind could sidestep a lot of the issues with class based shooters & pub servers. You can also sign up for a chance to be in the closed beta starting on October 15th. http://extraction.nexon.net/ I'm not keeping my hopes too high since it's going to be F2P & published by Nexon but having played RTCW:ET I'm hoping Splash Damage will pull it together and make some major improvements over what Brink was. The gameplay looks pretty good so far and it looks like they're trying to make something really different for an already saturated FPS market. It's a bit gimmicky but the Echo system they have going also looks pretty sweet, it's basically a hardcore stat system so the developers can balance maps, skills, & weapons while also giving players more info on their performance in-game: In a lot of the earlier interviews they did back when it was named Dirty Bomb Splash Damage mentioned a lot about keeping the game competitive and maintaining a high skill ceiling. There's also a good interview on LinusTechTip's Youtube channel which seems pretty promising (but has a lot of buzzword hype): They haven't added an in-game cash shop to the latest builds yet so i'm hoping it ends up being basic stuff like camos/skins/gun-remodels that don't effect stats. Otherwise they'll run the game into the ground before it even gets released. Mite b cool? And on an unrelated note, I finally brought my old computer parts over to the new city. Still waiting on my new computer case + monitor + keyboard to ship though! (& Yes.. i'm still working on nmo_militarybase, didn't want to bump the map thread though unreasonably since it's nowhere near a playable state & likely won't be until the winter holidays.)