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Found 9 results

  1. I've got my own dedicated server up and running, it's smooth and works 100% good so far. I have sourcemod installed and everything else I need. But I want to host and play custom NMRIH maps on my server. I've got a 3rd party redirect link, I uploaded the files straight to the host from their website (x10 hosting) I don't know if that may be a problem. I've followed about 10+ tutorials and can't seem to get it right. I compress the map files, put them in my host, and then put the direct url into the server.cfg. And to to test it as if someone new was joining, I join and it downloads all 3 parts of the map really quickly then it disconnects me and gives me the Map Missing error. I would really appreciate any help with getting my custom maps working. I've tried all types of different things and fixes for hours and am just tired of it. I just really need some expert advice. Any help at all is extremely appreciated. Thanks.
  2. Hey, guys. I am searching for a default NMRiH config(.cfg) for dedicated server. Where I can get it? Regards.
  3. Hello, So recently I decided to use the server box I have in my house to set up a dedicated server for me and my friends to play on, rather then have one of them creating a listen server (and also due to his computer not handling over 4 people at once). So I downloaded everything needed and wanted (latest versions of meta-mod and source-mod), did the updates and everything. The server works 100% when I connect to it. (Although you'd expect that due to being connected to the machine via LAN network) But for some reason it won't show up in the server browser for them. They're also unable to directly connect to it. And the same issue if I send them an invite to join it. What I've done is appropriately port forwarded the port UDP 27015 on both the computers FIREWALL (Inbound and Outbound) and the ROUTER. I have also completely disabled the servers firewall and still no luck with that. I am also running Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard. Although, we're able to run the following games on the server box with no problems with others online connecting and finding it. ARMA 3 Terraria Project Zombiod Red Orchestra 2 Also note, this server was set up in the exact process with port forwarding as these needed. And that we were playing on a listen server a friend set up through Hamachi. We are also able to find and join any game on the server browser with no issue. (The main reason is we want to be able to play together without any randoms joining in) And at the moment, both me and my brother are completely out on ideas on why it won't work as we even triple checked everything. So I was wondering if anybody has an idea on what I should try to do next? Thank you, -Waddlesticks
  4. I am trying to get my dedicated server running. I am on Debian 7, 32 bit. I was following the instructions over at- http://wiki.nomoreroominhell.com/wiki/Dedicated_Server_Setup And I was able to trouble shoot some errors which occured first hand. Now I am stuck at the error- ./srcds_run: line 324: 26181 Segmentation fault sleep $TIMEOUT ./srcds_run: line 324: 26182 Segmentation fault $HL_CMD Add "-debug" to the ./srcds_run command line to generate a debug.log to help with solving this problem : Server restart in 10 seconds I tried looking around and found a few threads. But, wherever I found this error, it was accompanied by "version `GLIBC_2.15' not found" error as well. And the discussion in those threads are on fixing the GLIBC_2.15 error and not the segmentation fault one. Edit: Also, I tried using the 'nmrihserver Linux Server Manager'. But with that the script said that Game was started and alive. But I couldnt find it in the server list. I checked around about it and then found that the nmrih-server.cfg file did not have the legacy and heartbeat cvars set in it. So, I added them and tried again, but it did not work. I tried checking with Steam API to see if my server was up and visible to it and this is what I got, { "response": { "success": true, "servers": [ ] } } I believe, I am supposed to get some server details after the "servers": tag, unfortunately I don't. So, I gave up on that, since it was all too automated and I did not know what was going wrong. I started all over and am currently stuck at "line 324: Segmentation fault" as explained above. I have spent the entire day looking around to understand what the problem is, to no avail. So, I felt I might give it a shot asking it over here. Any advice would be helpful.
  5. Got my dedicated server back up and running, and it stays up even when people join now. The problem is, I have a password set, and typing just 'password' into console returns the correct password as the value of that cvar, but on the server list it doesn't show password indicator, and it won't ask clients attempting to connect either. I am at a point where I don't know what else to look into in order to fix this, and due to the needs of the group I am running it for, I can't use a whitelist to limit access either. Any thoughts? PS server ip is to see for yourself if you want... it isn't like I can stop anyone at this point
  6. I have been having this issue since the update. Dedicated server runs for a few hours then drops out. leaving this error message. I am assuming this is to do with a coding error on the actual client that causes the server to crash. I checked the log and nothing of importance or re-occurrence has happened before any of the crashes. If this is a current known issue I apologies. If anyone has any further information regarding this issue please let me know. Images below.
  7. i'm having trouble with the latency on my dedicated server, when there is more than 1 or 2 players or alot of zombies spawn the ping gets to +999ms the same happens on my listen server. this is my server.cfg : hostname "The Jillux Gaming Server" rcon_password "51234" sv_cheats 0 sv_contact "jillux58@gmail.com" sv_region 2 sv_lan 0 sv_practice_transtime 45 sv_preround_freezetime 0 sv_spawn_grace 9000 sv_spawn_grace_objectivecount 10 sv_kills_per_token 20 mp_friendlyfire 1 mp_footsteps 1 mp_flashlight 1 mp_forcecamera 0 sv_alltalk 1 sv_pausable 0 sv_idle_autokick_enabled 0 sv_voiceenable 1 mp_allowspectators 1 sv_minrate 0 sv_maxrate 0 decalfrequency 10 sv_maxupdaterate 60 sv_minupdaterate 10 rate 60000 I have port 27015 UDP forwarded and players can join my server, any ideas?
  8. Can anyone confirm this for me one more? And help me?
  9. Hi there I have downloaded the community maps from here: http://www.nomoreroominhell.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=10623 (Compiled lasdist of 1.07 communasasdasdity maps) My problem is that when I changelevel to one of those, players are just kicked because they don't habe the map. (I remember that in CS the server automatically download dlls, maps, etc when the player didn't have them in their pcs). Is it there anyway to enable this? so that if the players doesn't have the map, they can just download it from the server? Thanks in advanced!