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Found 1 result

  1. Hi! I'm posting my ideas in this topic. I'll add more when I get more ideas. 1. Crossbows I know this idea was posted before, but I decided to put it here because it's one of my ideas and is a bit different. The developers probably won't be able to make a weapon use two different types of ammunitions, so two different crossbows will resolve this, I guess. One of these crossbows is like this: (sorry for the humongous image, couldn't make it smaller) and it will shoot normal bolts, and will be a sniper type weapon. It's bolts will be reusable, but with a higher chance of breaking than that of the bow. The 2nd crossbow will be a TAC-15 model crossbow and it'll shoot explosive bolts, but it won't have a scope(but it can still have a low mag scope) It'll be like this:(minus the scope, can have a bipod) These are my crossbow ideas. 2. Backpack System There will be some items in-game that stay in our inventory and make us carry more stuff. These backpacks range from small improvised bags to full-size backpacks. They take some inventory space. When you click on a backpack from your inventory, you can see its contents. It works just like the original inventory (in a circular pattern). To put things in them ,you simply drag items inside the backpack, but don't forget that they have limited space. Also, the more you fill your backpacks, the more slower you will become. Even slower than that of a full inventory when both your inventory and your backpack is full.The backpacks may help you carry more stuff, but they aren't suitable for emergencies. You'll have to wait some time to get items out of your backpack and you can't move in this process. This process works just like opening a box, but faster (I mean you see a gauge while doing it). But be careful though, when you move or hit by a zombie, it cancels and you'll have to start again. 3. Immunity Option (Not absolutely necessary) There might be an option while creating a server that makes players immune to infection. (Because sometimes this infection is really frustrating as it's not permanently curable.)