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Found 1 result

  1. I got my friend into this game and he has been loving it, recently his computer broke so I'm giving him my old laptop to use, it works great except it doesn't take nmrih too well. When I first launched it at default settings I was getting 2-3 fps, I lowered the graphics to minimum and kicked down the resolution and that brought the fps to 5-7, after that I did some googling and enabled dx 8.1 and mat_picmip 10 (texture quality) and that got the fps to 8-12. This is on the verge of being playable for him but it would be nice if I could get 3 or 4 more frames somehow ( he doesn't give a crap about gfx). Cpu:t2300 2@1.67 Gpu: gma 950 (945gm express chipset) Ram:2gb Ps: I did some research and I found that the gma 950 only has pixel shaders and vertex shaders are done in software(cpu). The cpu during the game is maxed out at 100 so is there some way to reduce the cpu load in order to give the vertex shaders more priority to make the game get higher fps, or another thought is to reduce vertex shader load. If anyone knows how to do this please tell me. P.s.s: idk if this helps people figure out what is wrong but fire makes the fps go down to like 1 fps