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Found 3 results

  1. So, I'm not normally the type to enjoy those terrible "cabin" maps that are just kill boxes full of ammo, let alone make one, but decided I couldn't resist making one if it was a familiar environment. I'll presume we've all played Resident Evil 4, or at least know of it. Remember that part where you hold up in the cabin with Luis against waves of ganados? Yep, I made that for our enjoyment in NMRiH! Additionally, I couldn't resist making a simple challenge, because while short, this map is pretty tough yo. 1 wave, 225 zombies, 1 zone, very limited ammo Upstairs is not considered part of the zone because it would be too easy to defend, but they come in up the ladders to eat your face anyway. Massive thanks to Dr. Hammer for setting up the navigation on this map! You should go check out his maps too. I only put weapons that were RE4-ish on this map. - M92fs - Sako85 - Chainsaw - Mossberg 500a - Shovel - etc Known Bugs - the shelves need to be cleared of all items before you can barricade the windows - zombies sometimes get stuck while going in through windows, but they get unstuck eventually - if you die, you'll likely never respawn due to the sheer number of zombies right downstairs Download Here SCREENSHOTS
  2. Evil Dead Cabin Here it is, the first map ive ever released for a Source based game. It basically a simple survival map which feature, as you guessed it, the Evil Dead cabin. I took heavy inspiration from the cabin featured in Evil Dead 2 and the atmosphere of the first Evil Dead. The map is still in beta and is subject to minor or major changes in the future. Barricading every entrance is strongly recommanded. Pictures : I would like to thanks Durkhaz for being so helpful and supportive during the making of this map, without him i probably wouldnt release it for a while. Frank (Steam User Name) for being also very supportive during the early beta test that i ran. Version 1.0 is on it way to celebrate the upcoming new show Ash vs Evil Dead. I will finally bring the final touch it needed and it will be closer to my initial vision of the map. Expect a more spooky encounter, a new terrorizing entity that will hunt the players outside the cabin in the later waves. Download : Official Version: http://nmrih.gamebanana.com/maps/download/179197 Changelog: 31 october 2015 1.1 -Removed the safezone in the cellar. No more camping -Replaced the func_rotating brush due to a bug. -Now the saw only work when a log is getting sawn. 29 october 2015 1.0 -Added an Evil Spirits entity that will start spawning at wave 5. -Added more Evil Spirits at wave 7. -Added Smoke effect during the Evil Spirits waves. -Added more spawns to the fruit cellar and main floor. -Added a lock to the shed, need a welder now to access. -Added a welder that have 45 % chance to spawn -A more detailed and spooky fruit cellar. -A real rotating saw. -Real porch beam outside. -Removed the map in the hallway. 02 July 2014 Beta 6 -Fixed the extraction, now it will expire at 60 seconds with a custom text. -Added a text to indicate the real purpose of the portal. -The forest is now more dense. -Optimised the kitchen area. -Removed details on the wall. -Added more details in the main room. -Molotov are back and replace the grenades. -Added a few more molotov with 75% of chance to spawn. -Replaced the ground texture in the basement for something more suitable. -Changed the Initial Spawn from 20 to 30 -Changed Zombie Increment from 8 to 10 -Zombies now spawn on the back on Wave 2 -Zombies now spawn on the side on Wave 4 -Added glowsticks to guide the players to the supply drop zones. -Converted the wood logs from physbox to prop_physics to get proper lightning. 08 February 2014 Beta 5.1: -Replaced the Molotovs with Grenades due to too many crashes 08 February 2014 Beta 5: -Added a woodchipping system, now you will need to find wood logs outside to make boards. -Removed some boards to keep the balance. -Added func_occluders to boost performance. -Removed some fog particle effects to boost performance. -Replaced the mirror by a simple glass texture to boost performance. -Added a moving camera event for the extraction. 03 February 2014 Ez : -Added Tips at the starting wave to help newcomers. -Added wooden planks to three windows, two in the living room and the one in the piano chamber, don't need to barricade them anymore -Removed some fog particle to increase performance and reduce crash. -Reduced the Far Z plane of the fog controller to increase performance. -Removed the mirror and replaced it with breakable glass to increase performance. -Changed the Initial Spawn from 20 to 15 -Changed Zombie Increment from 8 to 7 -Removed the Childs -Changed first Runner wave from 5 to 9 02 February 2014 Beta 4 : -Added a map in the corridor near the bathroom -Added an MkII pistol in the kitchen -Added a Fire Axe in the cellar -Added a Fubar in the cellar -Pistols ammobox now give more munitions. -The Mossberg and Sks in the cellar got one more ammobox. -Added Ash "Groovy" line at resupply waves. -Move the light above the table in the cellar so we can see the shelve. 02 February 2014 Beta 3 : -Added Warning Texts on important Waves. -Added the Evil Dead Demonic Roar at each start of waves. -Zeds will now only spawn on the front of the cabin until Wave 3. -Now Zeds will spawn on the back on Wave 3 -Now Zeds will spawn on the sides on wave 6 -Fixed some exploits in the living room and in the shed. -Added a red light_spot on the raping tree. 28 January 2014 Beta 2 : -Changed the Initial Spawn from 25 to 20 -Changed Zombie Increment from 12 to 8 -Changed First Runner wave from 4 to 5 -Fixed some exploits in the bathroom. -Added Mossberg Shotgun on the table in the fruit cellar -Added a Machete on the ground beside the piano -Added 5 gas can in the cellar -Added more boards near the working desk in the main room. -Added a light_spot on the stairs leading to the cellar. -Rotated the health box in the shed for easier transportation
  3. Hey guys! I don't know if this is the right section to post this, or if it's allowed at all on these forums, but I decided to try at least. Me and a friend started a series of No More Room in Hell, and we'd appreciate the feedback, so that's why I decided to post it here on the official forums. Along the way, we are going to show off bugs, tricks, glitches and etc. as well, so it could also be a good example of the gameplay mechanics and etc. Here's the first episode. =) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A-K0Mj4A-aE ►►► TheSheepBroadcast - http://www.youtube.com/TheSheepBroadcast ◄◄◄ More info, details and etc. in the video's description. Hope you like it! And if you do or maybe you like the idea I have and want to keep progressing, show some awesome support and Like, Favorite, Comment! And of course, if you'd like to see more videos like this one- be sure to Subscribe! It's free and worth it, trust me! Thanx! =) ♦ No More Room in Hell - http://www.nomoreroominhell.com ♦ Check out elfa's perspective over at his channel: http://www.youtube.com/theelfacool ♦ Intro Song by MetalxTongue(http://metalxtongue.newgrounds.com) ♦ Outro Song: Title: Draper - Men & Machines Video Link: http:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=irkaE4ZLUng Beatport Download Link: www.beatport.com/release/men-and-machines/1105628 Label Channel: http://www.youtube.com/Monstercat @official_TSB