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Found 24 results

  1. I recently downloaded NMRiH via steam and started playing it. Everything is working fine but the in-game sound/music. I cant hear anything in the game. No gun shots, walking sounds, zombie sounds etc etc. I tried reinstalling the game but nothing happened. Please help, I really loved this game and wanna have the full experience.
  2. No sound when grenade or tnt explodes. Reinstalling the game, deleting cache, installing sound mods doesn't work. (Also found a fun thing: if you open up console it shows you that sound for grenade throw is missing, I installed some custom 'whoosh' sound and now I can hear it but still no eplosion though) Molotovs and all other sounds work just fine btw. Anyone else experience this problem?
  3. When player out of stamina, and can't make a swing he have to wait to regenerate it, and it is perfectly balanced, but there is a problem. If player crouch (+duck) stamina regenetares x2 or x3 times faster, this cause such over power, for example if you get heavy weapon like fubar or pickaxe or sledgehammer, and hit alot of zombies, you can crouch and regenerate stamina so fast, so you become unstoppable zombie-killing machine! Firearms, tactics, get space behind back for retreatment, who need that when you can just crouch for few seconds and kill another 5 zombies with 1 swing... I wanna know, is there any way to disable it, maybe some sourcemod plugin, any how? There is sm_stamina plugin for nmrih that can make stamina infinite, and if admin set stamina of player less then 5, player can't do a swing or run. Maybe someone can make a plugin for my server that if player use +duck {sm_stamina !self 10} if player use -duck {sm_stamina !self -1} (disable stamina plugin on player) Or maybe there is a console cvar that does not need sv_cheats 1 Any advice? EDIT: Looks like there is no solution for that, but that's ok, since 90% of players on my server is friends, who wont abuse it
  4. For some reason, the in game audio as well as the music isn't playing. Anyone else have this issue?
  5. I added 'Store' plugin which included 'Tracer' - Tracer creates effects on your feet. and I added 'Explosive Effects' - This plugin adds effects when explosives are flying. (Like a Tracer) also... many plugins on my servers. (RPG server's plugins count: 110) When somone played with 'flare gun', and when flare was exploded, all objects were invisible. See this screenshots. and... when I used 'Tracer', specfic players' game crashed. I don't know why but I think it associated with overflow. Anyway, are you guys know these things? I mean CUtlLinkedList overflow! (exhausted index range)
  6. I am testing an set of entity interactions on a test map. I put point_push to push away zombies from its center, but a weird bug occurs where only those zombies standing within left hemisphere are affected and pushed away while zombies on the other half remain unaffected(Every surrounding brush is either "Passable" or "Not solid" so they shouldn't block the point_push). I have tested this entity on another map and it worked properly. I guess this is some kind of glitch? Because a weird bug happened on a game_text as well(showing message of other game_texts), then I solved it by cut/paste the game_text and put it back where it was. Also a glitch on light entities(not lighting up brushes around them, but do light up player/npc), I solved them by doing the same. However this solution doesn't work for the point_push. Any help please?
  7. I just want to say something before my post, can you ask the following question? How do you like this game? Do you like to rate it as 5? 1? If so, what reasons do you have behind your decisions? What kind of fixes that you want for the devs to complete? Maybe suggestions too? Active feedbacks and answers will be appreciated:)
  8. i found new bug , at brooklyn on keypad after we open prison door. the next prison door always open using code 2105 , (always)
  9. Salutations, After a long time searching, I finally understood how to create a dedicated server. This is because I do not speak English (and I apologize if I missed some phrase here). However, one mistake I've never seen before happened, so I was unable to create the server. I made a video to show the error in detail: http://youtu.be/RkThKgDPegY Can anyone tell me if I missed something, or is it because I use Windows 8.1 PRO 64-bit? Thank you.
  10. Steam Profile: http://steamcommunity.com/id/DarthSiph/ As default the key for shoving/bashing was not set, so I set it to different keys. I still cannot shove/bash anything. Edit: I fixed the bug.
  11. Hi I'm new to NMRIH and like a normal player I was having fun. and after a few waves I came along a problem when I wanted to pickup an item I could not soo I let my character die and respawn again and that did not help so then I rejoined the game and that did nothing I haven't tried restarting my computer yet but I'll get to it, But overall I know its "e" to use an item and someone said on the forum that you may have to try clicking "e" on an item at distances or at weird angles but that doesn't work either so please fix this bug soon or I'll stop playing no more room in hell... not saying thats going to do anything. But thanks in advance.
  12. Hi there! I have a big problem with game update to 1.07.9. I run steam and the game as usual, I still have 1.07.8 game version. The newest one is a couple of weeks out but somehow it won't update I can't play anmore cause all of my friends got the update to 1.07.09 and they are not compatible. The game always updates automatically. In the properties I have set high priority to updates. I don't know how to fix this now. When I try to connect to a server, the game says 'error: The server you are trying to connect is running on a newer version.' Need help!
  13. Just to say I have played this game in the past on the same Laptop and account and it was working perfectly fine, then now its just giving me this problem. So here's my problem, I click play game and the game will run, giving the notification to my friends that I am playing the game. It'll take me to the menu but without the options to find a server, create a server...etc. It'll only show the menu background and the loading icon on the bottom right hand side. Now I know that this isn't an Orange Box Game problem, because I can run Team Fortress 2 completely fine and smooth. And I also don't need HL2 to be able to play this game because NMRIH is a stand-alone game. I also check my system requirements on systemrequirementslab.com and it told me that my Laptop is able to play this game all the way to its full requirements. Here are the attempts on trying to find the solution that i read: - Uninstall and Reinstalling it. Still crashed. - I downloaded the tools "Source SDK Base 2007" and also "Source SDK Base 2013 Multiplier" (now i didn't run them, if that's my problem please tell me if i had too) - I shutdown most background applications (that was never a problem for past games but just incase) - Verified Cache Files. Usually this would be the solution but game still crashed. - Updated AMD drivers, still crashed. - Did the Game Launch Options I used: - -autoconfig - -nosound -window -dxlevel 70 +mat_forcehardwaresync 0 - -nosound -window -dxlevel 81 +mat_forcehardwaresync 0 (I went to no higher than dxlevel 81 if you suggest higher please tell) That's mostly all my attempts I think, hopefully there is a solution and that i don't have to uninstall steam and the reinstall it. Please and Thank you for the help.
  14. Yes, I am new to this game since a friend of mine suggested it to me, but when I started up the game and joined it, I have NO idea what had happened. The other players and enemies didn't even look like such. They just looked like outstretched horribly deformed lines. All the objects around me became vastly discolored whenever I turned. I couldn't even tell if I was being attacked, the glitches were so bad. I couldn't even SEE what was around me!! I'm not exactly sure if I was in spectator mode or not, because all I saw were tons of different colors, mainly red, yellow, and green, then realized I probably broke the game because I was under the game floor. I couldn't even tell if I died or whatever. Once I tried to figure out what was going wrong, the game then crashes on me. Does anybody know what problems I might be dealing with and how I can solve it? It'd be a massively big help, because I really do not know what happened, so I am VERY confused right now.
  15. The achievement for killing 250 zombies with molotovs is not showing any progress. I must have killed a hundred zombies with molotovs but it's not registering at all. Will this be fixed soon?
  16. This game breaking glitch happens to every supply crate. [if this glitch was already reported, Sorry ^^"] I was playing nms_silence and a supply drop have been drop someplace. Two of my team and I went to scavenge it and bring it back to base. I was left behind still looking in the supply crate and notice there was two zombie behind me. They would normally attack but instead they just stand there. It seem that if you stand in middle of the supply crate (which is awkward due to that the crate being transparent to players), they are deem to be invincible. Me standing in the supply crate after gathering a weapon, a stack of ammo, and a tool. Sorry for it being Too dark to see but they are literally standing near me. Not attacking. I can supply more evidence if I have the time. ( Reach to Wave 6 with dedication of survival and teamwork ^^ Then we all crumbled to death x-x )
  17. Hey all, I can't play NMRIH. Every time I play, sometime between 10 seconds and 30 minutes, my game freezes. Everything on screen stops moving, but the audio continues. Then, the only way to exit is by clicking ctrl+alt+delete and ending the process. All my quality settings are at the lowest. I've made NMRIH large address aware. I've even rolled back my graphics driver. To be clear, my system can handle this game. I'm using an i7 3770k with 16gb of RAM and a 660ti. So what gives?
  18. For some reason Random_spawner_controller blocking inputSpawn to random_spawner so why it's not limited item dont spawns...
  19. Survival mode maps Random_spawner dont react on InputSpawn inputs, why? EDIT Problem in Random_spawn_controller... How to fix?
  20. I just downloaded the mod and installed the latest version 1.06 and started it up to see this... (White screenshot is in game in case you can't tell). http://cloud-2.steampowered.com/ugc/902129094422185326/5A10F4F30995AD069E396A533D403178E5147BF9/ http://cloud-4.steampowered.com/ugc/902129094422192175/37D7215ECB9FC81BC5B9195AF482126C50603D1D/ While in game if I press escape I can see clearly what is happening but once I leave the menu it goes white again... http://cloud-2.steampowered.com/ugc/902129094422277500/D553FA773A210DD35E4B346070B8BB5517016B66/ Has anyone else encountered this problem or know of any possible fixes? I have already tried reinstalling the mod but that didn't make any difference. I did have it installed a few months ago until my OS and drivers died on me and had to format everything and it was working fine before so it can't be anything hardware related.
  21. hello, whenever i launch the game it launch half life 2 which i dont have and when i click on the screen the game crash please help me
  22. When I click on "Find Server" on the menu, the game freezes and the menu music is looping on the part before it froze. The game was completely fine before so I don't know why it's acting up now. I'm running version 1.06. Please help! Thank you!
  23. Hi the download at gamefront wont download it says wait 5 seconds for your download to complete...........i waited 5 mins still hasnt started help
  24. OK, so I've been having this glitch with my zombies... they behave really strange. In any map I play, (which is quite limited due to the crashes I seem to always get when playing nms maps...) zombies are very... jumpy. They... almost lag around, even when there is no actual lag in the game. I have a pretty high-end video card, and I am able to run the game on the high settings... but even when I turn the graphics down to medium, or even low, I still get this strange glitch. I tried to bear with it for a while, but it makes it extremely hard to maneuver past hungry zombies, with their terrible grips of death... making for a rageful me, and a shameless ragequit shortly after. I know the game shouldn't run like this, I've played it with friends before, and I've seen Seananners play it. OH, and before I forget, another glitch: I can't seem to walk up or down stairs. I either glitch through them, or if I'm walking down, I glitch out in the ceiling, almost as if I'm slow-motion no-clipping... I really enjoy this game, and I'd like to play it without these bugs. Help?