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Found 2 results

  1. The map starts you out hunting , you start out in a truck driving to the hunting destination , the truck is having problems but no big deal (Foreshadowing) , once you park you have a choice between a Bow or rifle (Maybe a crossbow if that gets added) (I know you can't hunt with a bow and rifle in the same season , this is just my idea of a choice.) You walk a little bit and get up in a tree stand , you're waiting and then a deer comes up to the feeding hole . you shoot it and track it , once you get up to the deer there's a zombie eating it , you kill the zombie and depending on if you used a bow or not the gunshot attracts more along the way back , once you get back to your truck you listen to the radio and hear the news about the outbreak. You try to start the truck and it doesn't start so you have to go on foot. You encounter zombies in the forest until you get to a road , the road has a gas station and you can go in for supplies , you continue down the road until you stumble into a town which is pretty overrun but manageable. Not sure what the objective could be after this but I had that idea in my head and thought it would be cool , maybe when I get more time I'll finish the objectives and story parts.
  2. I see plenty of arrows for ammo but never see a bow anywhere. I've played Chinatown, Broadway and Cabin --never have seen a bow there yet. I've only see a bow one time and that was on a survival map.