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Found 3 results

  1. No sound when grenade or tnt explodes. Reinstalling the game, deleting cache, installing sound mods doesn't work. (Also found a fun thing: if you open up console it shows you that sound for grenade throw is missing, I installed some custom 'whoosh' sound and now I can hear it but still no eplosion though) Molotovs and all other sounds work just fine btw. Anyone else experience this problem?
  2. I recently went back on No More Room in Hell, and I suddenly can't hear any of the game sounds (Gunshots, player voices, HUD voices, Zombie Noises, Sound Effects) yet I can hear the music just fine. I've tried testing my mic, and that didn't work. My Game audio is up, it just isn't there. Also, this seems to be associated with a sudden lagginess the game now has. I've looked things up, apparently nobody else has ever posted a problem exactly like this. Nothing is wrong with my computer, I haven't changed anything since the last time I played and it was fine.
  3. Hey all, I can't play NMRIH. Every time I play, sometime between 10 seconds and 30 minutes, my game freezes. Everything on screen stops moving, but the audio continues. Then, the only way to exit is by clicking ctrl+alt+delete and ending the process. All my quality settings are at the lowest. I've made NMRIH large address aware. I've even rolled back my graphics driver. To be clear, my system can handle this game. I'm using an i7 3770k with 16gb of RAM and a 660ti. So what gives?