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Found 4 results

  1. Looking people for We got This achievement, is there any interested in this?
  2. Sorry to bother you guys, I've been playing NMRiH and looked upon the achievements I can get. I was looking for a challenge when I saw the "PTSD" achievement. I had to play 3 Objective games on nightmare difficulty. After 3 days of trying, today I finally managed to do the 3rd map. But I didn't got the achievement. I did it on the single player mode alone, I set Friendly Fire on, and the time per map to 999. Nothing else I modified. I wasn't using any mods, just 3-4 custom skins as player models. Please if you can, tell me where I was wrong. Thanks for reading.
  3. - Being able to hear the voice you've picked on your character giving a few different things he/(she?) says in the options menu without having to go into a server and hear what the person sounds like,... faster, nicer. - Earning something from an achievement, like an accessory, glasses, hat, idk, might kinda ruin the serious mood, but you know, something like that beating 1000 zombies in a fist fight? that will take a long time... not gonna cut down on that achievement alittle? or idk, whoever wins it gets brass knuckles. infact, u should add brass knuckles as a weapon to make it easier... you know how many punches it takes to kill a zombie... gosh..
  4. The achievement for killing 250 zombies with molotovs is not showing any progress. I must have killed a hundred zombies with molotovs but it's not registering at all. Will this be fixed soon?