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Found 17 results

  1. hello there. some servers had commands from the game like this command:!guns this is a cheat i started hating the game how i can join server without this comamnds or how i can know if this server not have this command?
  2. Hey, I played NMRiH before and I didn't had any problems, I had a little break and now I started to play it again, but this happened, When i hit a zombie my hands turns red and the weapon turns invisible or black, but it has blood on it It looks like there is a problem with the blood texture but I don't know how to fix this :/ (Sorry for my bad English )
  3. Although it is completely fine while launching, it crashes after I click the button 'join game' This is how it crashes My computer is just hanging like this and there is nothing I can do except rebooting Does anyone know how I can deal with this? I just bought my computer this year, so I am quite sure that it can work normally.
  4. map : nmo_brooklyn My settings. and other maps has the same problem too ... but there are also maps that don't have the texture problem map Zephyr. please halp it hurts my eyes
  5. I've had this problem for quite some time and tried almost everything to get this to work. There are some maps in game servers that cannot be downloaded directly in-game. You must find an external source and download the map files yourself in order to play. That map should show up with your other maps when creating a server. In my case however, it does not show up. I had all three files necessary downloaded directly into my NMRiH map file folder, and yes I did follow the proper steps and the map does not show up, and as well did verify my game cache. Is there anyone that knows my problem and how to fix it?
  6. Hi, whenever I start up NMRiH, it always gives me a dark grey screen with black vertical lines, then when I exit out and go back in, it's a blue screen. I don't understand why it is doing this. It won't even take me to the loading screen, just that screen. I'd appreciate any help. My laptop works just fine with the game but my desktop refuses to launch it properly. If you have any questions about my computer itself, just ask.
  7. Hello there, my name's Ren, and I've been having some texture problems, where certain pieces of texture are just black static blur, and I'm wondering what the root cause of this is. I've looked online and I assume it's not a missing textures sign. I've verified my game cache multiple times but it just doesn't seem to work. Here's some screenshots of my problem: And here's some screenshots of what my settings and advanced settings look like: My Gamma is also scaled all the way to the left, on the brightest option.
  8. Hi, I'm playing the game on Steam running on Windows 7, and the only map that has missing textures/pink square stand in appears is notld, I've tried to fix this by verifying integrity of cache, it doesn't fix it. Should I delete the entire game ? Will that make me lose my achievements ? I'd really like a fix to this problem. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  9. Hello! Since last night I have been working on a custom map for NMRiH. I have the game installed on Steam, and whenever I use Hammer World Editor, I run it through Steam. Anyway, I recently decided it was time to test the map. At first I went ahead and tried hitting the F9 key, to then find out it won't work for this game, as it is "Already running" when using Hammer somehow counts as playing the game itself. I then tried closing the Hammer World Editor after a succesful compile, to then open the game itself followingly. Then I opened the Developer Console and said: "map (MyMaps'Name)" to find the message: "yers set to 2 CModelLoader::Map_IsValid: No such map 'maps/nmrih.bsp' map load failed: nmrih not found or invalid yers set to 2" I then realized that my entity for the player was called: "info_player_start" and changed it to "info_player_nmrih", then I saved and compiled etc. to get the following message upon attempted launch: "CModelLoader::Map_IsValid: No such map 'maps/nmrih.bsp' map load failed: nmrih not found or invalid" -I also tried saying: "Create Server" and running the map like so, but the excact same happened. I am quite new to mapping, so I hoped perhaps I have missed something. Thanks for reading!
  10. Hi there ! I have a problem with this game since I have updated to Windows 10 Home 64bit. Before the upgrade the game was running fine on Windows 8.1, no issue at all there. The problem which appears in the game is the following.. 1. I start the game normally ... 2. I played the game with my friends on my friend's server - everything worked fine for about 30-40min ... 3. After 30-40min the game screen went frozen and weird sound was looping all the time, so the only way to stop the frozen screen and sound loop was to hold down the POWER button of my notebook to completely force shutdown it. 4. After restart, went back to the game and everything was OK for next 30min and the weird issue appeared again !! My notebook runs SLI graphics (dual GTX-755m = 4Gb) and the sound was configured properly and works in all other games with no issues, but only in this game issue appeared. Can anyone please tel me / help me solve this problem, because the game is really good and fun. ??? ** One thing... Im also interested in how to run game (where to find nmrih.exe file in Steam folder) so I can run it with Compatibility settings ??? Thx !
  11. Ok, first at all (sry for my bad English). I just wanted to ask you guys, do NMRiH have a Steam Workshop? Because I searched and searched around but didnt found anything. Just one guys that sayd that it will come soon. Can somebody tell me? Thank you guys! PS: I love this game! I can't belive that this is actually Free!
  12. Is there any possibility to change game resolution outside of the game (config.ini for example). Is there any similar file i can open with notepad and change settings? Or if someone can send me config file with 1920x1080 resolution set and tell me where to put the file. Thank you!
  13. When I download a new map, the game gives me blue screen.. Is there any solution?
  14. (My English is really bad. Sorry.) Hi. I'm came for tell about servers crash when patched 1.09.3 to 1.09.4. 1. I usually open the servers about three servers. Infinite Ammo, Classic (Original), and Nightmare (Hardcore). 2. When this game patched 1.09.3 to 1.09.4, I updated my servers. But, suddenly servers crashed every after 15 ~ 30 minutes. Should I show to you about dump files? Because when servers owners usually upload dump files when they have the problems. (By the way, I don't have dump files.) P.S: SourceMod Version - 1.7.0 MetaMod Version - 1.10.4
  15. When I click play, it shows missing executable, i have Source SDK base 2007, TF2. WHAT IS THE PROBLEM? I want to play very badly...
  16. As the title says, i cant use any healing item, despite of meeting the requirements ( bandages= bleeding, painkillers= infection, etc). I have equiped that healing item, but neither left click nor right click would work. I verified the integrity of the game cache and even reinstalled it, but didnt seem to work. Any suggestion?
  17. I noticed this bug quite a few times now, it affects all items which have usage animations (pills, bandages, ...): For instance, if you have bandages in your invetory, then you equip them and use them. But during the animation of bandaging yourself, you switch the weapon before the animation has finished. What will happen is that the bandages will fix your bleeding, but they will remain in your inventory. You can equip them again, but when you try to use them a second time they will finally disappear. How about disabling weapon switch during those animations?