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Found 2 results

  1. Hello. I got problem with my steam or the mod beocuse every time i pressing on the play button on No More Room In Hell northing happens. I downloaded Team fortress 2 becouse the game need some game that uses Valve. I have trying to: Download the game again and re install it = dosen't work Looked at some guys that show how to install= dosen't work Run Steam as administrator = dosen't work I will appreciate the help you will give me! Thanks Mvh Mathex319
  2. OK, so I've been having this glitch with my zombies... they behave really strange. In any map I play, (which is quite limited due to the crashes I seem to always get when playing nms maps...) zombies are very... jumpy. They... almost lag around, even when there is no actual lag in the game. I have a pretty high-end video card, and I am able to run the game on the high settings... but even when I turn the graphics down to medium, or even low, I still get this strange glitch. I tried to bear with it for a while, but it makes it extremely hard to maneuver past hungry zombies, with their terrible grips of death... making for a rageful me, and a shameless ragequit shortly after. I know the game shouldn't run like this, I've played it with friends before, and I've seen Seananners play it. OH, and before I forget, another glitch: I can't seem to walk up or down stairs. I either glitch through them, or if I'm walking down, I glitch out in the ceiling, almost as if I'm slow-motion no-clipping... I really enjoy this game, and I'd like to play it without these bugs. Help?