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Found 1 result

  1. When people play this game there is a tendency to grab up everything in sight, I.e. ammo for a weapon you don't have, pills, bandages etc. I personally do this to grab up what would otherwise be left behind by my team in order to share with anyone that asks for it in the future, and lastly for my own use. The random weapon and ammo spawn locations really encourage this because nothing is certain. Now one issue I've noticed is constant down time whenever i find something useful to pick up. You are forced to drop many items just so you can incorporate something new, and usually small, into your inventory, which at this point has become buried under the items you were forced to drop to make room. And now you are having a hard time selecting what you want to pick up without first picking up what you just dropped. It's even worse if seconds matter, I.e. picking up some pills or replacement weapon in a hurry while getting chased by a runner or getting surrounded by the walkers. So I propose the following: you can pick up some generous % more then usual at the cost of preventing you from sprinting very far. This allows you the flexibility to manage your inventory, on the run if need be, without having to drop it all on the floor just to pick most of it back up again. It also allows for acting in the support role to transport lots of stuff, but not very quickly (forced to walk most of the way and take frequent breaks when sprinting to allow stamina to recharge). Another useful ability is the temporary use of a weapon you just found but prefer not to carry with you beyond that room like a shotgun, chainsaw, sniperrifle etc. Also note I am against the idea that travel speed be linearly associated with the weight you are carrying. I think walk speed should be the same always (helps keep survivors together). The mod "zombie panic" for example will drastically slow you down with each additional item in your possession, and i think this hurts gameplay (especially in this mod when you have to carry around empty weapons). So i propose there should be 3 speed categories: light weight, medium weight, and heavy weight which determine how much sprinting stamina you have. Also it should be indicated in the ui somehow (perhaps when viewing your inventory to display in the center of the pie menu a stick-figure representation of a athlete/sprinter, or hiker with fanny pack, or hiker with full backpack) so the player is informed of his movement capabilities. If additional nerfing is needed for overloaded players then the turning speed of the character can be determined by your weight, i.e. slower turning when you are carrying more.