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Found 2 results

  1. Well, here are some suggestions that it would be nice if added (sorry for my bad english btw) - Nightvision (Just for dark maps, for example toxteth dark) - Katana - Desert Eagle - CZ858 full auto option - Glowsticks (You can throw them and it lasts 2 minutes or 3) - Spas 12 Also, maybe adding a decapitation animation? And please fix the spectator view, when you spec someone and they shove it gets really buggy Thanks!
  2. Hi people! First say that I'm new in this forum and my english expression is too bad be cause I'm spanish. I have some ideas for the game that might be interesting: - Hard Core Mode: Survival and Objective maps with only fast zombies but low in number. I'm not thinking in Left 4 Dead. I have a idea for a Hard Core objective map. A building based in the zombie movie The Horde. Like this: . When a horde of zombies are surrounding the building. The goal of the survivors is to reach the building sewers and escape.- Characteristics of survivors: I think than survivors can have different characteristics like speed, resistance or force. Everything depends of the character you choose. - Final objective map bosses. A lot of thanks for reading this andsorry for my bad English expression. Good luck with this awesome game! Looks very nice.