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Found 8 results

  1. Hey Let's talk about problems and things you should fix it before i begin i love this game and programmers and i'm sorry for bad english ... let's go Ok let's begin with main Every shooter game has Main For health and Ammo Guys even half life has its own main [/img] BUT , Nmrih make you guess your health and the ammo you will die while you are trying to see it Problem (2) Well its not problem but this matter should be better Switch to other weaopns is traditional and has 1 method to i suggest add another switch method PROBLEM (3) is Hand Yup hand you can't swtich to hand easily And i suggest to add graphics for tree and weather and make it more brightness PrObLeM (4) when you added VAC i got problems casue i'm pen tester and have some tools in my device and i don't use it and its something like portable terminal and procces hacker and injector i programmed it , Not for Nmrih for another things and finally problem (5) ammo is not enough ... And thank's for read all this with my bad english \n Good Luck.
  2. I recently went back on No More Room in Hell, and I suddenly can't hear any of the game sounds (Gunshots, player voices, HUD voices, Zombie Noises, Sound Effects) yet I can hear the music just fine. I've tried testing my mic, and that didn't work. My Game audio is up, it just isn't there. Also, this seems to be associated with a sudden lagginess the game now has. I've looked things up, apparently nobody else has ever posted a problem exactly like this. Nothing is wrong with my computer, I haven't changed anything since the last time I played and it was fine.
  3. Whenever I load up my map, My skybox doesn't load properly, and so the cubemaps have an error causing the shader to break, I changed the skybox and it still has the problem, I'm not sure what's going on, so I was hoping that someone here has some experience. Thanks!
  4. Hi! I was making a map when I encountered a weird bug with lighting. Some surfaces on my map are completely black, while other surfaces are normal. Here is the screenshot.
  5. I know this is a stupid question, but I've been very busy lately and I haven't had time to keep up with a lot of the recent updates to this game. I've noticed a few things, some of my plugins (such as and gun! plugin) do not work anymore. But I've also noticed that when anybody joins my game, a large pink box shows up in which you have to click the 'OK' button to get rid of. When I went to other people's servers, I saw that this box was really just kind of server notice or MOTD. I need to know how to edit this so that I can get rid of the giant pink box that shows up whenever a new round starts/new person joins. Can anyone help me out? Thanks! EDIT:: Another thing, I don't understand why some maps make it so some people can't join, what am I supposed to do?
  6. When I try to compile my map (Which happens to be quite big, i'm not sure if this affects anything though) before it finishes compiling I get the error 'The Command Failed. Windows Reported The Error: "The System cannot find the file specified." Do you want to continue? (YES/NO). Now I checked the Hammer log and it turns out it can't find the (insert map name here).bsp, and this is because it hasn't compiled, but I thought to create the .bsp you had to compile your map?
  7. So, I've been building a map and trying to make it work, but I've run into a pretty big problem, which is when the Supply Drop is ready, the helicopter appears for a second, and then fades away. At this point in time, I don't know why this happens. All I know up to this point is that this appears in the console every time the helicopter appears: Here are the steps I've taken in order to try to make the Supply Drop work: Created a chopper_entryexit_point Made a nav_area_3d Moved the chopper_entryexit_point inside the nav_area_3d Made a wave_resupply_point Moved the wave_resupply_point under the nav_area_3d Spaced the nav_area_3d from the skybox and ground Spaced the chopper_entryexit_point away from the skybox Named the chopper_entryexit_point and the wave_resupply_point Made sure the nav_area_3d's node type was NODE_AIR Made enough space for the wave_resupply_point to hold the Supply Drop If you would like to see the map for yourself, click here. (also get the .nav here, just in case.) Please tell me if I missed something.
  8. Hello. I got problem with my steam or the mod beocuse every time i pressing on the play button on No More Room In Hell northing happens. I downloaded Team fortress 2 becouse the game need some game that uses Valve. I have trying to: Download the game again and re install it = dosen't work Looked at some guys that show how to install= dosen't work Run Steam as administrator = dosen't work I will appreciate the help you will give me! Thanks Mvh Mathex319