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Found 1 result

  1. Okay I've played this game throughout it's development and I've loved it. The only reason I take breaks is because there is no lag compensation on the zombies. You spend so much time collecting guns with little ammo but when you shoot all your bullets and hit them in the head every time and the zombie is still alive... it makes me just quit the game and uninstall. waiting to play again a month or 2 later looking for a lag compensation added to the game. I understand the reason why you say there is none but lets face it, it ruins the game for skill based players... I would suggest to add an option for server owners to enable lag compensation if they spend enough money on a powerful dedicated server that can handle it. The better idea in my honest opinion if lag compensation is taking too much resources, why not let the client submit that they've killed the npcs and send the data to the server to process. I know it's not the best idea only because of hackers, but since it's a co-op game i don't see a big issue with it. if there's a hacker there will be an anticheat to detect this kind of stuff and ban them after they kill 15 zombies within 2 seconds. I think this will increase the popularity of the game drastically. also i noticed all entities are rendered and sent to the clients even if they're not within your view and are way across the map behind 3 walls... This is really bad for clients fps and network usage.. I've had 10 years of experience developing for the source engine.. I would hope you would take this into consideration and set is as a high priority. Thanks for listening and great work on the game so far!!