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Found 10 results

  1. SURVIVOR RESCUE A special survivor is picked randomly at round start, players must cooperate and reach extraction with random survivor alive, otherwise it will be an instant round loss. Download for server operators: https://forums.alliedmods.net/showthread.php?p=2713784
  2. Soccer 2020 / Mini-Game Take the challenge and beat your friends in a classic football match! Map ported from CSGO https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1971319798 >>> Subscribing automatically update & place this map in: ...\steam\steamapps\workshop\content\... Features: - Medium size indoor field - 4vs4 - Football with vphysics - Special cvars - Soccer system ported from (CSS KA Soccer) - Goal effects & sounds HOW TO PLAY: Hit the ball with a welder, direction & force will depend on where you land damage in ball hitbox, furthermore, lighter + V seems to get stable results CVARS needed in CFG (some of them with sm_cvar): + sv_difficulty casual (without plugin) + phys_timescale 0.9 + phys_pushscale 800 + sv_respawn_nearby_allowed 0 + sv_respawn_time_notoken 13 + sv_stam_jumpcost 0 + sv_stam_min_move_pct 0.9 + sv_stam_min_sprint_pct 0.7 + sv_stam_regen_idle 40 + sv_stam_regen_crouch 30 + sv_melee_require_stamina 0 + sv_stam_regen_moving 18 + sv_max_stamina 150 + sv_airaccelerate 10 + sv_gravity 750 + sv_infection_chance 0 + sv_bleedout_chance_low 0 + sv_bleedout_chance_high 0 + mv_speed_normal 150 + mv_speed_riflesights 150 + mv_speed_sights 150 + mv_speed_sprint 325 *** Map created by Ulreth *** Credits: --- Soccer System from KA_SOCCER (CSS) ---
  3. One of my favourite elements of NMRIH is the environment. The world around you really brings this game to life (or death) and is extremely immersive. However, I have one bone to pick... All the ambulances/firetrucks say FDNY, all of the cabs look straight out of a crowded NY street, and then the cop cars... Black and white... Tsk Tsk... (Not really that big of an issue but it started a scratch that I had to itch!) This pack includes four replacements for the police-vic textures that are included with the game. Simply dump the custom folder in your C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\nmrih\nmrih folder and insure your gameinfo.txt is ready to search for mods. https://www.dropbox.com/s/3vdgtp1q9gnkjmh/NMRIH%20NYPD.rar?dl=0
  4. Hi , im new nmrih fan here , yesterday I managed to change player skin now i cant figure out how to change zombie skin server side, no basic tutorial in the forum
  5. recently got into modding NMRiH and did a quick model replacement. This is the "Silverballer" from the Hitman games replacing the 1911 on default animations. Already released this for L4D2 and CSS and it's still one of my favorite models, so why not? Anyway, enjoy! Download This package includes a custom subdirectory, gameinfo.txt and sound script, so be sure to make backups. (It seems the game forces sounds to load from the VPK, which is why I needed the script.)
  6. Okay guys, I have a few ideas for NMRiH. One, Modding Support, I Tried To Make A Custom Gamemode, But I Couldn't Find The Gamemode Folder So I Could Modify The Existing Files, So Try To Make That Easier Somehow I Guess? And Another Is A Way To See If Someones Infected, As Sometimes In The Group Of People I Play With Say No Infected In Our Group, And We Kill Whoever Is Infected If We Find Out. Oh Yeah, And A Roleplay Server, That Would Be Nice. I Have One Last Idea, In A Future Update, I Think There Should Be A Gamemode Where No Rounds Or Anything, Zombies Just Spawn Everywhere, And The Devs Make A Giant Map, With Respawning Loot. So Those Are My Ideas, So What Do You Think? P.S. The Reason Every Word's First Letter Is In Caps, Is Because I Like It Like That. Thanks, Overki11.
  7. So on the 1st of September Underhell chapter 1 was released! As well as an updated prologue. Any one played it yet? If not, go to here. Its defiantly worth your time!
  8. hello comunidad.English is not my native language, sorry I have a very serious problem, and a long time that I have this error, and unresolved since. http://www.nomoreroominhell.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=10238 My idea would be, to make an installer. Exe (not Desura, this program gives me an error when I try to lose huge nmrih), an installer, like the contingency mod, and other mods equal not, whether good or bad idea, all the mods I have, I work great, the only thing that does not work, is the nmrih, I think it would be nice other options to install the mod -download the mod, and direct installation option
  9. http://www.moddb.com/mods/resident-evil-fall-of-raccoon-city Coming home from vacation in Alaska, Dominik Louden finds Raccoon City in the midst of destruction. Zombies, psychos, unknown military, and other threats...the city is falling. Dominik must fight his way through locations such as the RPD and Sewers to escape as the United States Government ordered military to have seal off the city. Will he aid those that are in danger or continue lone wolf as he escapes this nightmare, only you the player can decide this. 7 chapters of classic survival horror and challenging puzzles. NOTE: This is my first actual mod so don't expect something 'revolutionary'.
  10. Hello. I got problem with my steam or the mod beocuse every time i pressing on the play button on No More Room In Hell northing happens. I downloaded Team fortress 2 becouse the game need some game that uses Valve. I have trying to: Download the game again and re install it = dosen't work Looked at some guys that show how to install= dosen't work Run Steam as administrator = dosen't work I will appreciate the help you will give me! Thanks Mvh Mathex319