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Found 1 result

  1. seodon't understand that I wrote the ideas that invented TTT (Trouble in Terrorist Town). You guys might not know it, but I like to think, even of alliterations; hence, the name TTT. The idea was inspired by everything: from Half Life: Deathmatch to Counter Strike, and all my game-dream realities I would think up in my own childish mind. It ends out OTHER people are making MY MONEY. This is for real, even if this is one website of No More Room in Hell, a mod I chose to follow full of interesting people. Sure, there are more in other forums, but my poor arse can only make so many choices before SO MANY PUNKS ON THIS SOIL OF EARTH TAKE IT ALL, like how my mom once long ago told me "HAVE IT ALL," when all I wanted to do was negotiate about the time I spend on the computer instead of arguing. They wanted to argue, I didn't. So hate me for being sorry at the same time. The deal is MY MOD: TTT is full of arsehole-admins who ban people they hate. They're everywhere! They also are such sweethearts for their regulars. However, they don't understand my MISTAKES regarding this mod, esp. the OTHER acronym "RDM" (RAndom Deathmatch). I would rant like Hitler about this, and boy did it get bad responses! The idea of karma is supposed to cure the INEVITABLE SIN OF RDM. RDMING should be legal in the game, as karma will lower your attack points if you kill or harm too many people, but instead of using that, the admins ban you. That's not fair and all admin powers are like cheating in a video game; bone-breaking. Banning, cheating, or muting a player shows the person in power can't handle the heat in dealing with people. He simply came across a boonie-black person in school he wishes he could shoot instead of rap-against. That's wrong. THAT'S wrong, I reiterate. If you're not tough enough to face one's great challenges in life: being black or disfigured physically or mentally, you should have lost the battle, too! So here's what I want ANYONE to do, especially if you don't like my social-deathmatch mod of Trouble in Terrorist Town. IT IS MY MOD, even if OTHER people made, because I came up with ALL the ideas the PAID THOSE SUCKERS! NOW, they HOPE I just simply learn how to visit titty bars or fuck these Baton Rouge secret agent pricks who want to be able laugh that I gave in. Instead, let me offer you some fun; something that IS INDEED legal, esp. because it's just a god damn, motherfucking video game. So here's what to do: Go to any of the popular servers and wait for a good time to just shoot the admins. It may sound vengeful, as it is, but it's a video game; thus, an opportunity for YOU to have fun at NO COST. IT will cost me to do this, because I'm already banned for mouthing off against the admins. All you have to do is mouth off, too, and if you get banned, re-purchase the game and just shoot them. If you want to go serial-killer style and kill in secret, I'ma warn you the admins will probably always catch you using their plug-ins like "you were killed by...____" to get you. So all you have to do is try the mod, don't like it? Like it? Either way, having TRUE fun is about FACING YOUR FEARS. ANTI-RDMING RUINS IT absolutely. So just go in there, and do what you want... esp. TO the admins and see what they have to say. You guys don't understand how fun it also can be to be a black person: black guy with an attitude. You can have a lot of fun with these arseholes, and that's what EYE, the writer of TTT DOES WANT YOU TO DO ASAP. Buy CS: Source, BUY Garry's Mod, join a server, and ignore ALL rules regarding "RDM" and be the gangsta YOU SHOULD BE IN A VIDEO GAME... A SIMPLE GOD DAMN VIDEO GAME. ... if you can record it on vise do. I can't be totally totalitarian or full of fire... it would be nice to see it happen. If it really is so bad, it would be nice to see a TRUE sorrowful response to my tyranny. To my secret agents: there's no war for me to surrender to, if I don't know the bloodshed I made. So... Let it rip, guys, have fun!... It should be fun. I think so. OH yeah, and THANKS, NMRiH "angels upstairs" for making it hard for me to type up a thread. It's not like you really prevented me from it. Play TTT, kill ppl esp. the admins, get banned, purchase the game at least one more time on a new account, and repeat. If you can gather a clan to do this, the terror will reign for a long time. If you guys want to form a clan before initiating, we all can make THREE ACCOUNTS of a clan of 10+ of us, who will simply spend a good time killing these motherfuckers and best of all: seeing wtf they have to say abut it. Let's hope they don't read this.