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Found 2 results

  1. Multiple High school voice actors looking for Resume builders: Looking for voice acting work Hi, my name is Alecsander. I am applying for any open male voice acting part. I am a high school student looking for opportunities to expand my horizon for oppotunities for voice acting. So far, I have been in multiple plays in the school, Including phantom of the opera, which sold out twice, and was the best selling performance that we have had to date. Now as you may have read in the title, there are more than just myself. There are 2 others, both female, and in the same position. They are both very talented people, and would gladly send a few lines in to see if you would like us. You can contact us using the following methods: Email: thelevel19magikarp@gmail.com Phone: Inqire via email Facebook: Same as phone Steam: alecsander56 Skype: thelevel19magikarp or this thread would work fine. Hoping to hear a response soon!
  2. Hello, something I've noticed while lurking on these forums is that there is a big demand for female characters ((And I'm sure they're in the works)) but a lot of these suggestions seem to lean to a... Woman with less clothing. Speaking as a female gamer, I thought I should suggest some female characters that could work! And I know a lot of people will say "In the zombie apocalypse people aren't going to be trying to look pretty" but look at the male characters, they don't look like they've been in all of this for all to long to be honest, and besides, all you need to do is rip the side of a skirt, add some dirt to a blouse, put her neatly done hair up into a hurried ponytail and there you go! I didn't really put much thought into personality and such, this is mainly about outfits c: And obviously the ethnicity can be changed. 1. The business woman; Women's business attire can go so many different ways ((Dresses, different kinds of blouses, heels, flats and the list goes on)) so I decided to use an example of what one usually thinks when they think "Business woman" though again, this sort of character can go SO many ways. I also thought of Alyssa Ashcroft for this character type'; 2. The housewife; This is another type of character that can go more than one way, you could go with a vintage 1950s style housewife who's prim and proper ((Desperate Housewives Bree Van De Kamp for example)) or you could go a completely different route all together! I'm going to use two examples from Desperate Housewives and one other, more vintage style housewife; Bree Van De Kamp - An example of the prim and proper housewife, of course she doesn't have to be a red head but this is the sort of outfit I had in mind, pencil dress, cardigan and an apron. Lynette Scavo - This is the type of housewife that dresses for comfort, she has to deal with her children, clean the house and do an awful lot more in between, I suggest a plaid button up mens shirt, over a t-shirt and blue jeans. The Vintage - I looked towards the movie "The Help" for this one, a petticoat here is a MUST! 3 - The teenager; Again, this can go any number of ways, though I'm thinking more teenage angst type, like the L4D mod called "Zoey Teen Angst" 4 - The Nurse; A character you don't really see, well not portrayed as an actual nurse, you know? Anyway, I'm thinking modern scrubs kind of nurse, either just plain ones or the scrubs with lots of patterns. 5 - The older woman; You never see old women in games, I mean, obviously they won't stand up as well as a younger person would in a zombie outbreak, but still.. There are lots of ways this could go, again, but the first person I thought of was... Betty White, I could see her kicking some serious zombie butt; 6 - The elegant one; A thing that's always lacking in games is people wearing formal wear, I mean with practicality in mind, obviously a formal gown wouldn't be ones first choice, but what if that was what you were stuck in? You're enjoying a lovely night out wearing your nicest gown when BAM! Zombies all over the place! I think that whatever type of gown would be used with this character it should be ripped, for this one I thought of Francesca from Ghost Ship, while the large slit in the back makes this gown easier to run in, the length would still be a problem, so that's why I think it should be ripped to just above the knee; 7 - The less than modest one; While a women... In reveling clothing is over-used in video games, it would still happen, women do dress less than respectably so somebody dressed like that should be included, the character I thought of was Amy Brooks from Obscure the Aftermath; Anyway, I think I'm done, haha, let me know what you think about these ideas, and sorry about how long it is!