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Found 2 results

  1. Hey , I know most of u have./probably./probablly not played kf. Well for me, the noob filter was nice so i could set some server to Highest lvl of gameplay. Lock out the no0b's out of, until they reach the rank required. This way the gameplay would be more balanced, instead of havin plyrs growing runners at each waves start. I dunno about husing gameplay time cuz u can have a 1000' hrs of gameplay and still be shitty. "\Doubt it could exist but hey, u neva know\" 'Nyways, probably ppls have posted about this or already got somethin' cookin." Hey btw U did well NMRiH DeV team!. Subtopic Quicky for the NMRiH Team U finally reached the gameplay i was searching almost for. Have u ever played "Resident evil Outbreak / Outbreak file #2" ^^ online it was the top noch of gameplay ^^. Cuz it was: Free 0_0 Wow i know its a glitchy some times but .Why would i complain for a game mod that is free and still in dev. U gotta expect some issues but even if some ppls still are totally jerks and would find a reason. // Nothing much to say about the rurvival mode but ... its great Luv it Would contribute for that, definitively.
  2. Survival mode maps Random_spawner dont react on InputSpawn inputs, why? EDIT Problem in Random_spawn_controller... How to fix?