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Found 1 result

  1. In a remote park of my area there are two fields divided by what they called a crevice in the ground, leading to the creek. This all is located behind the woods in front of the park and baseball area. It is all where we played paintball years ago, and I still obsess with its future. Not just a future of buying a machete and making the woods the once-beautiful place it was before the hurricanes hit, but an organization of paint ball with zombies, hidden audio-ware for all means of horror, BBQ, food, and simply the ultimate paintball getaway. If that ever ends up not being fun to me, it should provide fun to anyone in my city. A lonely walk through that park helped me cook up one story on how it will go without it being stupid... "OMFgosh this sounds a little retarded: paintball with zombies? Who's going to be the zombies?" "I know I'm not going to be a zombie. What do you have to do; try to tag players out while being shot all over your mask?" "Whatever dude, it's going to have food. Plus, I have work at 6. So I can't stay long anyways." The group of boys driving in the vehicle are just miles away from Cedar Park, a baron place recently rennovated after years of people having to look at the old playground; the largest place missing the largest slide. It is their first time heading this way to a place long loved by Joe Mendoza. For what they see in the park is among far more of what Joe once saw there in a period of 20 years of well-adjusting memory. They are friends of friends of Joe. He'd be intrigued, but truly indifferent with new players, as they all come and go with their own fucking important likes and dislikes. There were many times Joe has seen people leave and never come back to such a great place for paintballing. This time, his exposition will get your time's worth whether you hate the guy or not. Give a dog a stick to chew, hate him, take away the stick, but the dog loves to growl. All for now. Ideas to come and clarify what is to be posted. Jeez, I really wish I had shit my way for a good long while now. People hate me, as they still think I should learn to hate, but I provide. I provide, because I know what hatred is. It takes perfection to appeal to haters. Therefore, a perfectionist feeeds from hatred. *Sigh* So many haters, but no money. I'm totally worth that money... I really hope to make that money. It's all about ideas, not doubt; it's sniffing around!