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Found 37 results

  1. Hey guys, check out this awesome video of Ultimamaxx, Me and Soler playing NMRIH! This is a new channel and we would love to get your attention and see if you like our gameplay or sense of humor please enjoy the video like & subscribe to us Thanks! Channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/GamingUndefied?feature=watch Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/gamingundefied
  2. I have tried to install NMRIH 1.06 BETA full, downloaded from this site and installed it to the correct folder. But it does not show in the steam library. I have source SDK base 2007. I have tried to redownload source SDK base 2007 and redownloaded NMRiH. Nothing seems to work, can anybody help me. I'm using windows 8 BTW.
  3. Okay guys, I have a few ideas for NMRiH. One, Modding Support, I Tried To Make A Custom Gamemode, But I Couldn't Find The Gamemode Folder So I Could Modify The Existing Files, So Try To Make That Easier Somehow I Guess? And Another Is A Way To See If Someones Infected, As Sometimes In The Group Of People I Play With Say No Infected In Our Group, And We Kill Whoever Is Infected If We Find Out. Oh Yeah, And A Roleplay Server, That Would Be Nice. I Have One Last Idea, In A Future Update, I Think There Should Be A Gamemode Where No Rounds Or Anything, Zombies Just Spawn Everywhere, And The Devs Make A Giant Map, With Respawning Loot. So Those Are My Ideas, So What Do You Think? P.S. The Reason Every Word's First Letter Is In Caps, Is Because I Like It Like That. Thanks, Overki11.
  4. Anyone knows the molotov classname? item name
  5. Hi, I've recently started a NMRiH server and I have SourceMod installed. How do I make the server change map after every round? Thanks!
  6. Ok. I have a problem with all servers. Here's the problem: 'Server uses Different class tables'. HELP!
  7. So me and my friends were playing NMRiH and we decided to try making a Let's Play... Let me know if you like it http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tqouL5MTolQ
  8. hello comunidad.English is not my native language, sorry I have a very serious problem, and a long time that I have this error, and unresolved since. http://www.nomoreroominhell.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=10238 My idea would be, to make an installer. Exe (not Desura, this program gives me an error when I try to lose huge nmrih), an installer, like the contingency mod, and other mods equal not, whether good or bad idea, all the mods I have, I work great, the only thing that does not work, is the nmrih, I think it would be nice other options to install the mod -download the mod, and direct installation option
  9. hello community, English is not my native language. At issue then, while I play nmrih. I have a very big problem, and for a long time. The game begins in the steam me, I have everything needed to play. 1 - sdk 2007 2 - half life 2 3 - mod nmrih The game, since I opened steam, makes the attempt only. But, if I change the name of my folder / steam / steamapps / SourceMods / nmrih to nmrh, I started the game perfectly but I can not play online, the console says that I have to change nmrh to nmrih, when I try to enter a server. Thus, if you change the default name, restart the steam, I go back to the same,does not start the game. Nose that rarest thing, long before playing online smoothly and anyone has any solution? I am very sad, I can not play online
  10. What is your first name or screenname? Ben What is your Timezone/General Location? US EST URL to Steamcommunity Profile (Link to your steam profile) http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198017430278 Do you have prior Alpha/Beta Testing Experiences? (Not needed but feel free to brag) I've tested Battlefield 3, Firefall, Warframe, APB, (I miss RTW) and hopefully more in the future! What are your computers specs? (ram, processor, graphics card, operating system, etc.) Evga Gtx 590, 12 gigs of RAM, Windows 7, i7 2600, Asus P8Z77 MB, and a spinny chair, (I have a wooden floor so I could spin while testing NMRIH all day.) Have something else you wish to voice? (Optional) I have plenty of free time, and for some reason I love hosting game servers. Whenever I really get into these mods/games like Minecraft and NMRIH, I end up getting deep into server hosting. I help run a decently large gaming community, however I'm not really sure about taking long walks on the beach because the sand is really uncomfortable, and then I have to clean my shoes, and go swimming with dolphins. It's a long and drooling process and I cant say i'm fond of it, so i'll have to tick that off the list. Edit: May I also add that I know what testing is. I understand that testing early versions of video games consist of spending many hours looking for bugs, compiling information, and not being discrete with the bugs you find. Obviously there's a lot more testing in testing then there is gaming.
  11. Help! Whenever i attempt to start No More Room in Hell a window that says "Validating Steam Files" pops up. While this is normal, it's progress makes an unusual jump from 0% to 100%. Immediately after this happens another window pops up that says, "The Steam servers are currently to busy to handle your request, please try again in a few minutes." Note: - I have Source SDK 2007 - I have tried at other times - I have changed my download server location several times I don't know what else to do...any help would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance
  12. Hey guys whats going i come here with this map i just create with survival mode based in town hl2 theres no much to say, i put some rain and an ambients from cry of fear with some easter egg and i extended the map with 3 zones and random spawner and sniper tower for snipers support, some text when the mod haven update to 1.07 i will update the map if the develoment put some more thing for the hammer, and a better AI so.. here are the photos taken by ([ECL] Wheatley [brofist]) in steam here is the download link http://www.mediafire.com/?qtq84646z54o7e4 oh and i forgot to say i create a new sounds system from battlefield 3 if you guys like it can try out ok thats all New changes: -Change skybox for a better one for rain -Added lighting -Add a secret Area have fun guys Twilight out.