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  1. Thank you very much! I'd already downlaoded GFCScape but I didin't really know what .vpk to open and the other ones I tried to open didn't do anything so I thought something was wrong with the program. Oh well my bad. Once again thank you!
  2. It says it's a .cache file what should I use to open it? The directory I'm in: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\nmrih\nmrih\sound
  3. Yeah I managed to record it and here it is. Any ideas what it could be? https://soundcloud.com/kommandos0/unkown-nmrih-song Sorry for ingame noises.
  4. Der Vampir unfortunately that is not the song. Demo, yeah it kind of does in a way. I'll try record it and upload it for you guys if I can find it again.
  5. I'm looking for the name of a song and from my brief browse through the OST I can't find it. The song is one where a woman is humming at the start (best description I can think of) and it only seems to play when the player is idle and there is no immediate threat. Can anyone help me out here?
  6. God please no. The devs (I hope) will never add a machine gun. I don't think a random citizen could just find an LMG just randomly in a house or off the street. Besides MGs have been discussed as being extremely impractical in the zombie apocalypse (look at Max Brooks' stuff for example). Why have a weapon that needs to fire 5 shot bursts to down a zombie when you could just shoot 1 accurate shot from a rifle? Also the chance of a civilian being able to properly operate an LMG are extremely low. It's a lot easier to understand how to operate a rifle (or most other firearms) than an LMG. Impractical to use, and unrealistic to be in this sort of game. We don't need an LMG. TL;DR don't need LMG, impractical and unrealistic in the context of the game.
  7. What is it then? Level design choice?
  8. This is a pretty game breaking bug and really pissed me off because I was doing so well. Basically once the objective "Find some pliers to cut the lock, you have 3 minutes to get extracted!" pops up, at first I could see 3 compass points. 1 white one which I presumed was the lock and 2 red ones which I also assumed were pliers. But once the 'cutscene' of the helicopter finished playing, all the compass points disappeared. As you can see. Please fix this bug quickly because Clepoas is an awesome map and this bug breaks it by making it unbeatable.
  9. Just an article on the 1.08 update, but any publicity is good publicity, am I right guys? http://www.pcgamer.com/2014/08/21/no-more-room-in-hell-update-adds-new-maps-characters-and-difficulty-mode/
  10. For the "Katniss" Achievement (really guys) what maps have watermelons?
  11. Player Model Molotov, out of all the character he's the one who actually looks like a believable survivor form the zombie apocalypse with his bag full of stuff. Gotta love the bag. Objective Map Chinatown, it was my favourite back in the day when there was only 3 maps, and still is today. The level itself is well thought out, the objectives are interesting, and in my opinion out of all the maps is the most successful in pulling off the true urban feel. Memories of constantly replaying this map in an attempt to try and beat it, made the success of beating it all the more satisfying. I remember at times when the devs were still tweaking zombie numbers (back in 1.02 or 1.03) and there were so many zombies that Chinatown became absolutely impossible. A lot of good memories come with this map, and is imo the NMRiH objective map, if not map overall. Survival Map Northway, this map truly gave me the true scavenging for supplies feel in survival, with tonnes of areas to explore in the overall big map. The well placed defence points also made choosing which area to defend a hard decision to make with each defence points having their advantages and disadvantages. Though what made this map for me, was the gathering of supplies and sorting and organising them in the early rounds, I personally didn't get this experience with other maps because either all the supplies were in a small area together, or there just weren't any supplies at all to begin with, or there were so many supplies it felt unrealistic. Northway got the balance right. The mini-objectives, like getting the welder and unwelding the gun shop and pharmacy as well as finding the codes, are also great. Handgun Aesthetics wise I prefer the .357 revolver as nothing is more satisfying then getting double penetration shots, and pulling back that hammer. But unfortunately in a gameplay aspect it's not as good as its competitors with it having a low magazine capacity, low fire rate and being the heaviest handgun out of all of them. Gameplay wise the Colt 1911 is my favourite, with a reliable sized magazine, one shot head shot killing potential, high fire rate and light weight makes it my go to gun for when I want to actually succeed. 2 Handed Gun The lever action .357 Winchester. With it having the satisfying feel that all manually operated guns have (lever, bolt and pump action guns), as well as the fire rate and damage to back it up. Although it's extremely heavy for what it is (a 16 round revolver), the fact that it uses the common .357 ammo type and has a 16 round magazine (compared to the meagre 6 round magazine of the revolver) makes me pick this gun over all of the other 2 handed guns. Melee Weapon The machete used to be my go to melee weapon but ever since it got nerfed in 1.07 I've started to gravitate towards the crowbar. The crowbar has the advantage of being a one handed weapon (so flashlight use, and light weight), and has one of the highest damages of the one handers, with having a 2 shot kill potential. The swing range means you can stay a decent distance away from a zombie unlike other one handed melee weapons, which was one of the main reasons why I decided to leave the machete (the new animations made it that you had to be incredibly close to kill a zombie, and with a 2 shot kill potential, it's just not viable). Although the crowbar is the heaviest of all the one handed melee weapons (alongside with a maglite this severely impacts your carrying capacity) the range, damage, and amount of stamina it uses more than make up for it.
  12. I'm just wondering, will a feature like this ever be implemented down the development track? So there might actually be an incentive to use melee weapons over guns (apart from obviously not using ammo).
  13. I like the first one more, but maybe get rid of the white border, that would look better imo
  14. I know this is technically a suggestion but (imo) the actual Ideas & Suggestions is more for ingame suggestions so I decided to post this in General Discussion. After revisiting the NMRiH Forums after not being on them for quite a while. I've noticed (and I also started to notice this soon after 1.07 was released) is that the General Discussion subforum is being flooded with gameplay videos of forum users playing NMRiH, and therefore less actual 'general discussion' is taking place. I'm suggesting that a subforum be created that is solely for NMRiH gameplay videos that forum users can use to show off their videos, which will result (hopefully) in the unclogging of the General Discussion subforum. What do you think? Is this a good idea or not? Discuss.
  15. God it's been ages since I've posted something here and this is a question that I've always wondered. Obviously when you take phalanx you're only immune to infection for a certain amount of time and infection comes back after the immunity timer is up. I'm wondering, what happens when you take numerous phalanx while you are already under the effects of phalanx immunity? Does the time get added to the already existing immunity timer or does the timer just reset? I've always thought that time got added on, but I've never really known for sure.