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  1. wow...the details, the atmosphere...amazing! I'll grind this map! IIRC, you've created a radio prop: What if you can switch on the radio and listen a song of 60's? Something that fits in the atmosphere(copyright-free probably).
  2. It works, good
  3. Et voilĂ ! Edit: Does anyone know how to embed youtube videos? I tried everything([media] code ) with no success. Anyone can help? AFAIK Devs can do it: http://www.nomoreroominhell.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=8475
  4. Do they work? Impulse 82 Spawns an armed buggy. Impulse 83 Spawns an airboat.
  5. Lots of missing textures. Close steam delete nmrih folder download the full client 1.06 install it. have fun!
  6. In nms_northway I've found this brand new zombie. The Zombie Healer That's the crate that you find on the (brand-new) lower level: That zombie(walker) got stuck.
  7. This map is also enjoyable, if you play solo. Recommended! I wish there were more map of this kind: it's not only a nmo map, it's designed to encourage to play it single player.
  8. I was wondering if it's doable the implemantation of the workshop for No more room in hell. -Instead of downloading community maps from Moddb or from the hosting server, we could just click to download it form the workshop. Is it doable? have you planned to do it?
  9. 1- Go to ...\sourcemods\nmrih\ and backup everything you consider important(community maps, config files ecc...) 2-Close steam 3-Delete nmrih folder 4-Download the full mod 1.06 ver 5-install it 6-Have fun!
  10. There's no need to use expensive/pirated software, all you need is: Hardware -a decent Pc -a decent mic Software -Audacity (audio editing: use it to polish your commentary and to mix the comm with the audio of the game) -VirtualDub(to render your videos) -XvidCodecs(Because uploading a video on youtube can take ages!) -Fraps or record a demo file
  11. Hi! today I tried to add to the melee weapons section few lines about throwing but I got this: I was using Opera (up to date with cookies on and my ISP gives a NAT-based service). Is it an issue of my browser? Is it an issue of your wiki? I'd like to help you to keep the wiki updated.
  12. The skybox is wonderful! When it will be in 1.07 you'll bask in the glow of your deserved success!
  13. I'd add more "improvised" melee weapons. About the bottles you could create 2 models (entire & broken) like in TF2(Demoman main melee)