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  1. sadly i don't know the pipeline but i can sucesfully create textures and bumpmaps to given objects
  2. i took a step ahead and designed a assault rifle for you guys however this could be settled in the midterm and latter of the zombie apocalipse and not in the outbreak is a simple rotating bolt mechanism that works with special 9mm (revolver ones) and .357 rounds (by replacing barrels)it sports a picatinny rail and a tough jet functional construct in the most compact way that a non bullpup frame can deliver also it sports a spiked flame dicipator edgy enough to pierce trough skulls and shit like that
  3. id recomend you to do the 30 sec drawing exercise
  4. hi guys id like to apply as a rookie modeller (props, guns) and a weapons advisor as i know much about them also i know lots about brain damage and genetic mutations due to different situations (radiation, genetic deformity, genetic manipulation, viral influence) im going to leave here my SKYPE direction: Yamikaze.nowolf also im going to leave some textured and untextured works of mine