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  1. Same thing happens to me with the choppers on Favela but not any other map.
  2. I got it when it hit on Steam. Figured they wouldn't shaft me and since I new what I was in for. It was ok. I like the concept, just can't trust the makers. I even got an open letter tonight from TiT himself. http://gamersyndrome.com/2012/pc/after-steam-debacle-infamous-the-war-z-producer-responds-with-open-letter/ Funny how the Holiday Sale is going on and all the refunds are in credit... Buy Universe Sandbox, it's sweet.
  3. Been playing the game for about three weeks and I really like it. I won't go into a long list of it, but thanks for a great game. Put a Locke character in it, I mean damn, you got Walter. They would make a great team. Any chance of getting a escort mode of some sorts. Get in free the survivors and get them to evac. Thanks
  4. I never get tired of that pic.
  5. I'd just like to see more runners period, in all maps. Just seems like there should be more.