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  1. ye kinda frustrating to get stuck in that place,a bigger window to shoot the zombies would help in that case
  2. cool map, will u continue working on it?
  3. nice man i am looking forward to it, keep up the good work
  4. really loveley map: nice atmosphere, good fps, awsome light env,didnt had the time to test the gameplay but i'll do that online someday u could improve the map by spreading the decals, props and details abit more around the rooms to get a better mix of them instead increasing the ammount of it,i mean things like the rubbledisplacement, why dont u place a rubbledecal on the floor next to it or some debris props to make it more realistic remeber also,the sound is total missing,but dont worry i have some great ideas expanding metal sounds ,dripping water sounds at the sink,fly sounds at the hanging guy,place some nice naturesounds at the windows(owl.cricket,wind) ? alltogether: its a small diverting crunchy adventure in a creepy atmosphere, cant wait to see the 1.07 upadate with sounds included
  5. yea put it in
  6. thnx man
  7. fighting through a bunch of burning zombies would be a nice ending to me topic:love what u did with ur map, keep it up
  8. i like the atmosphere,but u still could improve it by making it more dirty like in the first picture which is my favorite (it could also be darker for me) looking forward to it greetz
  9. sry for spaming pics ,but its just i love to read ur comments they are sometimes really helpfull and i changed some things btw (forgot to change that grafitti and the the watercolor from the river)
  10. ye man pvp would be cool
  11. lol, ok will change the gaffitis
  12. look at this
  13. thnx for all the posts,i will put more work into it ,i am not statisfied 100% lets see what i can do
  14. update