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  1. Hey mate, Post or PM me your steam username. I'll add you and give it a go. I need to brush up on my French anyhow.
  2. Although the idea needs a little tweaking to make it simple enough yet work well as a game mechanic, I do like this idea. It presses the fact that an injured companion is a huge liability. You want to save your friend, but you have to protect them while they move at a slower pace and are distracted from fighting by holding their wound. If you were a more selfish person you would leave them to their fate and save yourself. Perhaps it could be a trichotomy- Move, Shoot, Hold Wound (Slow bleeding). Choose two at a time. Or is this too complex? Also, I have never really noticed, do the zombies generally value a bleeding person as a target more highly than an uninjured person?
  3. So, nmo_Dubai?
  4. Mate, it's been bugging me for a while, but I just wanted to say; Your blasted username and your display pic keep on making me crave going out and stuffing my face with some delicious Nigiri and Maki rolls.
  5. I hope you're ready for people to use bullet holes to draw Hitler moustaches and so fourth on that cat.
  6. I love the little story-telling details like the blood trail in the toilet. Did you change the texture on the fridge over? Or is the distance from it just making it look a bit nicer than before?
  7. Agreed! Please keep us posted
  8. Looks good so far! Wouldn't have known that it was your first map if you didn't mention it. I like your plentiful use of props. It makes the shed and other locations feel used and more realistic rather than an empty representative room. Basing locations on real locations or reference places really does seem to turn out well. For a name, a couple of suggestions: nms_neighbourly As neighbours, we come together to help each other out. Whether it's lending a cup of sugar, a weedwacker, or a hand in the event of apocalypse, it's always the neighbourly thing to do. nms_reminiscence Think back to those early days, back in high school. Feel the nostalgia course through you as you remember the first day of school, that stolen first kiss, or the day that the zombies came. nms_hometown The simplest option (although it sort of breaks the 1 word title rule) but that's what this is to you. I'm sure a couple of people can relate to early days in their parents' house in suburbia. Doing it during the day is great. You're relying upon the map to stand up on it's own rather than using darkness to enhance it or make it feel scary or to hide unappealing exteriors. (However, I'm not criticising night maps, I love those, too!). The screenshot under "Backporch is ideal for sniping in this house" doesn't seem to be loading. Is it just me? I'd love to see it. Please keep working on this map, I'll expectantly keep an eye on it!
  9. Is it not standard procedure to immediately start saying "Runner runner runner!" while panicking and then run into a regular zombie whilst trying to back away and then to get eaten? That's how I deal with them, anyway.
  10. I have some suggestions for zombie types to add: Smoker: A zombified corpse of a person who, in life, had heavy smoking habit. Boomer: A zombie that, while they were still human, was approximately 50-70 years old. We can tell by the boat parked in front of the house we find them in that they enjoyed peak wage rates in their life in the post- World War 2 era. Hunter: A zombie who, while alive, enjoyed trapping and shooting animals for sport. Perhaps they are wearing realtree patterned clothing and have a matching realtree wallet and tuxedo for special occasions. Witch: Not even Ann Coulter survived the zombie apocalypse.
  11. Hooray for NMO! The map seems quite Resident Evil mansion inspired. I think that could lead to some good objectives and a feeling of unknown. Warning: This is going to get nitpicky. I apologize in advance. In terms of the appearance; as you have mentioned, you're already planning to fiddle with the lighting. However, (I think that) some of the textures, also, look a bit off. I think they maybe a bit too bright and almost..plasticy? or synthetic. The wallpaper especially and the colour/ pattern of it. It seems a bit too vivid and could do with some distress and maybe some dulling/ darkening or something. The fleur de lis seems a bit too frequent or busy versus it's size. I would suggest either tweaking it to be more subtle or that you try adjusting the colour scheme in general. I'm not sure. Please do it as you wish but here are some things to try just to see if you like; You could change the walls to something more plain, less busy. Maybe even a solid colour with skirting or wood and creme (depending on the style/ feel you want to go for) and then put some patterning into the carpet instead. Perhaps something like this. Have a look on google for better inspiration, there are a lot of good pictures of the inside of old mansions for reference. I know that this map is in early days still. Just trying to contribute some comments. I'm excited to see what you come up with and I like the sound of the synopsis so far!
  12. Pugman would be thrilled to hear this.
  13. Please come back and share again when you've made some progress.
  14. I do like the use of music here. It somehow adds tension when combined with the frenzy occurring. Players will feel a heightened sense of urgency. This may, however, have been contributed to by your mad firing of the pistol. Still, it was good. I can see what effect you are going for visually. However, I would like to also suggest that the light strobing be edited. If you still want to plunge the players into the dark every now and then, try shortening the time that the lights are off to be a bit more momentary and make it occur less frequently (aka lengthen the time that the lights are on). This will allow you to keep the effect but make the map still a bit more playable. I like the idea you've come up with. Please keep expanding upon it and working with it. Sometimes people seem very critical and it can be discouraging but really they're trying to contribute constructive critical feedback because they want to see your project come to fruition. Keep developing, improving, and expanding the map and it may become quite a classic.