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  1. Woo! Many thanks for the feed back guys. Will let you know how it turns out.
  2. Hey all! So a while back, before NMRiH was released as a standalone game and was still a mod, it was extremely easy to change voice files with your own recorded ones. Now days, it doesn't seem as easy. Wanting to put my girlfriend's voice in the game, just to show her how cool it actually is Any help will be greatly appreciated!
  3. Aye, I thought that might happen. Luckily this voice pack is at the top of my voice register. So in other words I'm speaking as high as my voice allows me. The next pack I will do will be done with a much deeper tone and will fit in with the games characters more.
  4. Hey all! I am an aspiring voice actor, hard core gamer and general geek. I've been playing No more room in hell ever since I stumbled across it on a you tube video a while back. After playing it I saw an opportunity in which I could help the dev's as well as the community of NMRiH. So I present to you, a voice pack. One of many that will be produced by me. I'm hopping that I will also become a part of the Dev team at some stage in the future by providing voice's for different characters or NPC's in the game. The pack is NOT yet complete. The "Magazines remaining" reload call (1-30) is the only clip I still need record in the ammo section along with the commands (yes, no, are you oatmeal?!), but I'm happy to say they will all be recorded and sent out, all the way onto the interwebs by tomorrow. So with out further ado, the voice pack: ********************************************************************** John Attfield Voice Pack ********************************************************************** ====================================================================== Read me! So for all those who might need a little help digging through your computer to get all the files in the right place, here's a quick and easy guide to get everything in the right place. Step 1: Down load the Voice pack and save it in a safe place. Step 2: Extract the .Zip into a place of your choosing. (E.G. C:\Users\[username]\Documents\VoiceWork\NMRiH Step 3: NB! Shut down steam and NMRiH first! Copy all the folders that came from the .Zip into the "Player" in "sound" in "nmrih" in "sourcemods" in "steamapps" in "steam" in "program files" on the "C:\" drive (E.G. C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\sourcemods\nmrih\sound\player) NOTE: I have a 64bit system thus steam is installed in Program files (X86) If you have a 32bit system your steam will be installed in Program Files. Step 4: Start the game up and enjoy a new voice screaming at you as you run out of ammo. ======================================================================================= Please, do leave me critique. I can only learn if my faults are pointed out. I hope you all enjoy! Get out and kick ass! I'll be auditioning for Voice actor for the NMRiH Dev's once the pack is complete.