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  1. the zippo is put on f by default (same as maglight). It is not a seperate item, you begin with it from the start.
  2. Many features like host_timescale and such are locked by ssba which sometimes suck.
  3. I feel those colored and fancy objective markers would bring too much HUD elements and be way up in your screen for my taste of nmrih. I agree that if a zone is fucked, it could be outlined gray, but the visual representation of where they are and the audio representation of what zone is taking damage, not to mention the percentage meters always on your screen should be easily accessible and give enough information to help you along. Thats how I atleast went about that map with no clue of where to go or where zones were. The only thing I could agree on would be a dynamic changing system which told you the first times you come to zones with some outline but faded away after youve visited a zone say 3-4 times.
  4. Death of many an aspiring programmer.
  5. Riot gear might have some melee protection but generally sharp/blunt melee weapons applied to head would kill even people in riot gear. Left 4 Dead 2 already has this aswell.
  6. 1. For use with TNT, molotov and a general lightsource. Maybe further use in NMO maps as part of objectives but that will be things to come.
  7. Ofcourse you do... Ofcourse. And Im just going to give myself daedric weapons in Skyrim because I like the way they look.
  8. Think of it as this: The game would have no medkits and you would mostly die, but there are a few. Be grateful there are a few. Hoard them if you can. I always grab the first kits I see more than flashlights or guns. If I come across another one then fuck all and use it on myself if needed. Waste not. Also its nice because if your uber skillz makes you stay alive you can be a gut guy and give it to some poor guy about to have his arse in need of sewing. Why would get one per player when we could just randomly/at set position bump up your health +20 one time during a round. Same effect. The health kits aren't a neccesity, nor a certianty. Play the game as if they didnt exist, use them when they do. With caution.
  9. If we add that we would have a random chance of it being jammed when you pick it up aswell. Could happen....
  10. Normal mode is a more casual mode where you can fire zombies recklessly and still go through. Realistic mode is where its all balanced. (as the title would suggest). Far as I know if you want instakills in normal mode use the Colt. It doesnt require the "aim" mode to onehitkill, and is allround the best pistol in my opinion, because its ammo efficent, common and alround good. With the Glock, it would be the best zombie killing pistol for normal because 17/2 = 8,5 or 9 with full mag, while the colt can take down 7/8 max.
  12. mat_fullbright mat_monitorgamma mat_monitor gamma_tv_enabled All I could find. Not sure if they work without sv_cheats 1, which would make sense since its sorta "cheating" if you change brightness to find items you little....
  13. Click the link... L4D zombies are attracted to players and bots, not sound. The "AI" director which spawns zombies regularly and puts them in random spots when you enter areas likes you to keep moving. Try to sit in a corner making no sounds firing no guns. I would imagine not even waiting 5 minutes before the "screams" sound of a wave coming would be playing and youll be shootin Zs.
  14. Duke Nukem Forever is allready released.