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  1. Hahaha it is actually very funny thing is i wanst sure what it was Regarding my animation i sent a video to se7en ... I dont want to make it public to much as it doesnt reflect my actual skill level in terms of animation since its kinda old
  2. Wtf is going on why and no matter how many time I edit my post the word i phone and i pad are changed by cock and tampon ???.
  3. Wwwwwwwwuuutttttt so you,re telling me that i spent 4 month of my life animating a non animated video game on my cock and my tampon Damn .... At least I was paid.... Oh wait I do have an my tampon and a version of jurassic park with all dinosaurs
  4. I guess i forget to mention that im also responsible for compiling and handling blending at work I'll say more about myself. When I was hired I was hired to build a. Pipeline for the whole animation department as well as building a pipeline for morpheme. So i basically had to learn it and build a pipeline to handle blending. I used to know how to do blending in source.... Anyhow when you do know how to handle blending in 1 engine you pretty much knows them all its pretty much always the same thing source... Udk... Morpheme... Just some slight difference but the core element stays the same.
  5. MY name is Fred and I was wondering if the 3rd person character animator position is still open. Basically i'm a pro junior animator, I've been working in the industry for slightly more than a year now. I'm currently working on my 3rd project in a small indie studio ( 40-50 employees). Currently I'm doing the job of a tech/lead animator as I'm responsible for all the integration and blending of the animation in-game as well as supervising another animator. So a typical week look like: I either animate all week or bash my head on the wall in the programmers offices. about my portfolio It's kinda old and I fucked up with the editing last time so some part are missing. still you can see some of my work there ( I didn't work on all those animation): here's a rigging reel instead:http://vimeo.com/40515929#at=0 BEWARE of my mad tiger animation skillz ( that's what you get when you don't spend more than 30 minutes on a basic walk cycle) so yeah basically if you want to see more, just let me know and i'll quickly re-edit something. I basically wanted to know if the position was still open before spending time in editing footage . Regards