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  1. i like these ideas , i have no objection to them all they all suggest a great potential. goodjob mate hope they get implemented
  2. hmm i havent seen this or did i just skip it, ill google it
  3. honestly some people in my country cant understand English very fluently , But maybe this thread isnt worth the time to it. i just wanted to give an insight its not really an importance now that you speak of it. i would like you to close this thread, thanks!
  4. Ahahaha damn this is quite funny! like "pedobear is coming for you"
  5. Hello and Good day Forum, I am from the Philippines "some facts from the Philippines Before we Start" The People who reside in the Philippines are Called : Filipino or Pinoy The Main Languages that Filipino's Use are : English and Tagalog those are some basic facts, now lets move on I would like to extend my Helping hand with a Forum for Filipino NMRiH Players. I Would gladly translate Details and Discussions in Filipino. I would like to see this being implemented and would be glad to Help around with the Translations.
  6. this is great! i cant wait for this and the "Special Animations" would make the game standout
  7. i would really like to see this HUD Evolve im expecting great things from this Mod