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  1. Mr. Righteous has been released with Amazon Prime. Please feel free to watch and help support this Indie film by providing a review. NMRiH was featured in this film during a scene with the main two characters. If you want to watch it now, please feel free to search Amazon for Mr. Righteous or go directly to the Amazon link here: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07B3MVTJ6/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_ep_dp_DSFLAbAN70YB2 Official Movie Website - www.mrrighteousmovie.com Thank you again Maxx and the NMRiH team who supported this. We really appreciate this game and wanted to give back by producing this into this feature film. Thank you again to everyone who has supported this project!
  2. A direct scene from the Movie, Mr. Righteous, is now posted on the NMRIH steam community page (look under Videos). This clip features live game footage from No More Room In Hell. You can find the direct link here: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=318227523
  3. Let me know if you want to test using any of the [ZG] Servers
  4. We are running your v6 on our v1.07 Beta Server ( If anyone is interested in checking out and testing the v6 map, please feel free to join.
  5. I can offer up a dedicated server (east coast or west coast) from our Community for official playtesting. Let me know.
  6. See this thread, I dont think you are alone in this: http://www.nomoreroominhell.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=8120
  7. Is this still an issue for people? I reinstalled nmrih on steam today and noticed that I do not cannot see any servers either (only those servers in my favorites). Here are our two community servers to add to the list if this is still a problem: ZombieGaming.org NMRIH Server #1 - ZombieGaming.org NMRIH Server #2 - Any info would be much appreciated!
  8. Fathom, looking great. Let me know when you want to get these on our servers for play testing.
  9. Yes I think we just need to get superlogs ported over and maybe a wstatshelper.inc file put together. Once we do that, I should be able to get it incorporated and tested with all of my servers. In anycase, if there is anyone who can help with this, I think there would be a lot of value for the NMRIH community to have servers that can tracker player statistics and rankings.
  10. Is this a new version of nms_stir? If so, you need to update the version name on it as we have been running this map now on our servers for a while. Just wanted to double-check.
  11. Its been a few months since I first posted this topic, I thought I would try to revive this as it would be great to use HLXCE with the new 1.07 version that will be released!
  12. MADDOG, on the NMRiH FDL links on your original post, can you change to http://zg.serveredirect.com/nmrih/maps The original link on the first page of this forum thread is dead. Thanks! QuaG
  13. Looking great Dan! I am really impressed with what you have done so far. I am excited to get this on our servers to start play-testing.
  14. I agree that supply drops are not needed based on how you have the armory configured. I would recommend less guns and more ammo. Other than that, I am extremely pleased with the map.
  15. This map is now hosted on both of our NMRIH servers: We have our official map testing on Monday. I will be sure to provide you some feedback on this map. Thanks again for all of the hard work!