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  1. *Sigh* I miss the old forum, with my 2,000+ post count and 2005 join date. How will anyone appreciate how "veteran" I am without that...

  2. is checking things out, as usual, on the sly.

  3. I must be getting old. Yes, that was a player character. The only one as I recall, and yet I await to be proven wrong again. He certainly will and he was based off of this concept artwork:
  4. It's possible. I suggested a trucker/rough-neck as one of the player character models "back in the day".
  5. Alright, let's here the paranoia. If tomorrow you woke up and found that you had stepped into "Dawn of the Dead", what would you do? Where would you go? Who would you try to save? To mix it up, tell me what would change if say you were at work when this all happened. Would this change your plans? Would sacrifices have to be made or would you try to save other people or go somewhere else in order to survive? Also, feel free to comment on other people's courses of action. You may be able to advise them and keep them from making a mistake that will end their lives prematurely. Well, should there ever be an actual zombie apocalypse that is...
  6. I think most of the interesting historical events has been covered (above), and modesty forbids me from commenting on myself...
  7. The original plan was to have the player drop dead on the group and then rise up as a runner zombie after a few seconds. During the death (due to infection) the player's camera would enter 3rd-person mode and pan around their corpse, and focus on them when they stood up as a zombie before switching to the nearest living player. Of course as animating from a ragdoll collapse is out of the question the collapse would have to be a canned animation. I'm sure people wouldn't be too keen on that, but as it's only involved with death from infection it's not going to be as obvious than if it were applied to the zombies themselves. That said, having a player "turn" while still standing has its own benefits. Keep in mind the amount of damage a runner could cause by suddenly appearing in the midst of players may be troublesome, to say the least.
  8. I haven't seen any player characters, but as there are a limited number of them per map I'm sure the plan will be to make each character unique. For NPCs, there were several I saw when I was on the team. The SWAT officer, the police oficers, and a soldier or two. Of course the military may not be in the initial release.
  9. Cheater! Heh.
  10. Never! Bill would never forgive me! Hmmm. I'll check QuickTime when I get home and see what version I have. All I know is that every time I tried to open it with QT it would only show the command bar, no window, and it wouldn't let me press Play.
  11. I agree. I personally have always considered Black Mesa Source to have the best chance. I mean, I voted NMRiH, but still I was always blown away by what I've seen from them to date. That said, I was always just happy to see NMRiH in the "Top 10 HL2 Mods" back when we voted daily. I think it's obvious that's a joke. And I think this is being blown out of proportion. I remember back when I was on the team (and I say this often enough that I should really just copy and paste it...) and the general rule of thumb was that every zombie mod should work to support each other. I was personally saddened to hear when a zombie mod died, as it was one less game to play. I certainly never considered it a competition, although I support healthy competition to avoid development lethargy, and I even once mainatined a thread that updated people on various other zombie mods, ZP:S included. It seems to me that it really was a last minute deal, as voting has been going on for some time and during all of this ZP:S was still in development. I could certainly see how it ended up like this, and there's nothing wrong here as far as I'm concerned. Seriously? This forum lacks the necessary emote required to help me express my thoughts on that... I was just about to ask why you didn't hold off, but if you promised a release then it's good that you kept your promise. Perhaps there's some confusion, not sure, about what type of voting we're talking about. I agree that voting for the Top Unreleased Mod of the Year is a little more complicated than clicking a link, so that couldn't be it. Mayhaps this is being confused with the Top 100 games list? I recall that only requires a link, but then again, that has nothing to do with the Mod of the Year awards. I suppose I'm only guessing as to the cause of this issue then. I think we can all just let this matter rest then. I know I for one am not bitter about anything.
  12. Not sure why, but both files failed to start, either with QuickTime or when I tried to view them via browser (crashed IE, and then spat in my face...).
  13. Oh, way to reveal "Veteran" status secrets to the uninitiated stabbity style. This is why the Illuminati never invite us to any of their keggers. It's all about keeping secrets.
  14. This may take a bit to find. In the meantime enjoy learning more about zombies...
  15. I have links to everything about zombies...